11 Tiny Campers With Beds ANYBODY Can Tow (With Pictures)

Do tiny campers with just beds exist?  If so, what is their purpose?

When a friend of mine mentioned he’d seen a neat camper with just a bed, I set out to find the answer to these two questions.

A tiny camper with just a bed is really just a bed on wheels, so it begs the question, why not just sleep in your vehicle?

After finding a few of these campers, I had my answer.

Tiny campers consisting of just beds give you more storage space and control your climate better.  For example, some of these campers have ventilation fans built into them, and some of them even have air conditioning units connected to them.

Also, not everyone has a vehicle large enough to be slept in.  This is especially true for people driving motorcycles.  Buy a small enough camper, and you can tow it with a motorcycle, which is great for bikers looking to make long-distance trips.

In this post, I’ll talk about some great inexpensive and easy-to-tow tiny campers with just beds.

Examples of Tiny Campers With Just Beds

Tiny campers with just beds can be purchased in hard-side models as well as popup models.

You’ll find that each of these models has its advantages and disadvantages so take a look at them all before making any judgments.

There are several common problems that you can read more about here in this post about opus camper problems or in this article about issues with cub campers.

1) The Towblazer Solace

Tiny camper with only a bed

The Solace is a foldable motorcycle camper that goes from 31 inches tall when towing to a full 6’7″ tall when open.

When fully set up, it offers a bed that is over 6 feet long and over 4 feet wide.

This camper only takes about five minutes to set up, and it only weighs a few hundred pounds.  It even offers additional storage so you can stow some of your gear in it while towing.  The camper works by folding out on either side, which dramatically increases its width.

The bed is supported by a raised platform with legs that are reminiscent of a foldout table.

The combination of canvas, aluminum, and fiberglass makes this camper extremely light and easy to tow while still offering the owner room for two people to sleep.

This camper doesn’t cost much either.

You can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $3,000.00 for a brand new Towblazer Solace.

2) The Escapade Camper

Tiny camper with a bed

This camper comes in a few different footprints, but the smallest one is their 5×8 model.  You can buy this model without a kitchen, so the extra area in the back can be used as a larger entryway.

In fact, with the Escapade, you’ll have side doors as well as a rear door.

This camper has a four-foot interior height, so you’ll have enough room to sit up but not on a chair.  You’ll get 4 large windows as well as a dome light and some outlets to work with.  Air conditioning and heating systems can also be added.

Many options are available with this camper, so you can have as many or as few amenities as you like.  For example, you can add solar panels, awnings, and even a rooftop tent to the Escapade camper.

The tires on this camper are meant to take campers off-road, and there is even a full-sized spare mounted to the camper.  Brakes can also be added for additional control while towing.

Although this camper is small, it still weighs in at 900 pounds.  This is certainly light enough for almost any vehicle to tow, but it is almost as heavy as some of the larger fiberglass campers.

Without any options, you can get this camper for around $5,000.00.  However, if you decide to go with all of the options, this camper can end up costing you well over $10,000.00.

3) The SylvanSport Go Easy Camper

Go-easy camper tent

The Go Easy is a super lightweight popup camper that can be used as both a camper or a trailer for hauling all sorts of items you might need to bring on your trip.

This camper has an aluminum frame with a diamond plate deck and 220-denier ripstop nylon fabric.  The wheels and axles on the trailer are cast aluminum and are made by Dexter.

Unloaded, the Go Easy Camper weighs in at 840 pounds and has a 48″ x 84″ floor space.  In camping mode, the standing height is 77,” and the trailer size is 154″ x 124″ x 108″.

People looking for a tent camper can also double as a small toy-hauler will probably want to consider the Sylvan Sport Go Easy.

Expect this to cost a high price of around $8,995.

4) The Mini Mate Camper

Mini mate camper with sleeping area in tent for bikers

The Mini Mate is a small motorcycle camper that folds out on one side to create a small sleeping area.  It also features a front awning that can be added to provide additional outdoor space.

The bed on this camper is 6’5″ x 4’5″ and comes complete with bed cushions. 

This camper even features 15 cubic feet of storage that can be accessed through the rear door.

For people looking for even more space, a canvas room can be added to the outside awning.  Inside the camper is 6’4″ of headroom with even more headroom offered in the outdoor room.

The exterior is made from fiberglass, and luggage racks have been added to the top for additional storage.  Mini Mates are great for motorcycles and small vehicles as they weigh in at only 265 pounds, with the tongue only weighing 25 pounds.

You can buy this camper without the awning or room for around $3,000.00 but expect to pay another $3,000.00 for the additional awning and added room.

5) The Runaway Cool Camp

Tiny camper hitch style

This camper consists of a bed with a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit.  It has two tinted windows with screens and a power strip consisting of 6 outlets.

The Cool Camp is made from aluminum, and it is 11’4″ long and 66″ wide.  The camper’s height is 65″.  Inside, you’ll get a width of 46.5″, a length of 66″ and a height of 65″.

The weight on this camper is 687 pounds with the AC unit installed.  For an additional weight reduction, you could pull the air conditioner out in milder weather.

Anyone who is truly looking for a “bed on wheels” should consider this camper.  You’ll have a nice box to transport camping gear in and a nice climate-controlled area to sleep in when you get to camp.

This camper is made in Florida and can be purchased for $3,495.00.

However, there are also known problems with Runaway campers.

6) The Runaway Slice

If the above camper is too big for you, consider getting it’s smaller cousin, the Runaway Slice.  This camper is built by Runaway and has an interior of just 46.5″ wide and 77″ long.  The exterior length is only 9’6,” and its empty weight is just 520 pounds.

This camper is light enough that you could really pull it with a motorcycle.

7) The Hitch Hotel

The hitch hotel is literally an expanding box that is mounted to the back of your vehicle.  It does not have any wheels and sits on top of your hitch like a cargo carrier.  This box has two windows and extends out long enough that you can easily sleep in it.

This camper can also be used as a cargo hauler, and the founder actually created it so that he could have a camper that can also be used to transport his bikes. 

Landing gear comes out of the bottom of the camper as you pull it out, so you don’t have to worry about the back of your vehicle being overwhelmed when weight is put inside of it in the extended position.

The Hitch Hotel can also be dropped off when parked, so you’ll still have access to your vehicle should someone decide to sleep in.  When on the road, you’ll get 60 cubic feet of space, and when parked, you’ll have 135 cubic feet of space to sleep in.  Crack the windows, and you’ll be able to have a condensation-free sleep.

The weight on this camper is 230 pounds unloaded, and you can put an additional 150 pounds into it.  Just keep in mind that many small vehicles have hitch weight restrictions, so you’ll need to make sure you don’t go over these weights or risk harming your vehicle.

This camper was originally a Kick Starter campaign, and it was in production for years.  It is finally ready for sale, and you can buy it now for $4,199.00.

We have written a more in-depth article on the Hitch Hotel here.

8) The Liberty Outdoors MyPod Standard Model

This camper is a small aerodynamic fiberglass shell with two side windows and one large window built into the back door.  It comes equipped with a stereo system, a television, and an air conditioner.  There is also a roof vent with a fan in it for warmer weather.

On top of the camper is a roof rack for hauling kayaks and luggage.  At the tongue of the camper is a 12-volt battery for powering the interior lights and electronics.

An optional screen room can be purchased for the rear of the camper.  This gives owners a place to stand up and get dressed before and after bed.

The inside width is 60″, the outside width is 72″, the inside height is 37″, the exterior height is 62,” and the overall length is 139″.

This camper’s length is only 12 feet in total, and it weighs only 630 pounds with a 110-pound tongue weight.  This means this camper can be pulled by almost any vehicle.  In fact, the manufacturer even says that a trike could easily be used to pull it.

You can buy this camper in silver, red, or black but expect to pay around $11,000.00.

9) The WeRoll Camper

This camper is basically a small cargo trailer with a nice sofa bed inside of it.  Additionally, you’ll get a small shelf, a television, and an air conditioner inside to add to your comfort level.

One of the big benefits of this camper is that you get more headroom than in some of the other hard-sided tiny camper models.  Another benefit is that you can take the bed out and use the camper as a toy hauler, cargo trailer, or even storage space.

This camper comes in several models, with the Classic being the original model.  Its dimensions are 5′ x 8′ with 66″ of standing room.

Anyone taller than 5’6″ will need to hunch over to move around in this camper. For tall folks, we have an article here about campers with extra height.

The camper is built using tubular steel frame construction, and diamond plating protect the camper’s front and bottom sides.  A roof vent is included, and there are three windows located inside.  Two 110 volt outlets are built into the insulated walls.

The weight on this camper is only 980 pounds, and you can tow it with a 2″ ball.  Expect to pay around $4,000.00 for this camper with $2,000.00 billed upfront.

10) The Aspen Classic

The Aspen Classic is another folding tent camper.  It is 47″ wide x 72″ long x 38″ tall when closed up.  When opened, the camper expands to a length of 150″, a width of 72″ and a height of 86″.

The bed on this camper is especially important to note as you get a full king size bed with dimensions of 72″ wide x 84″ long.

The camper’s body is made from fiberglass, and the tent poles are made from galvanized steel.  This makes the camper extremely light, and it weighs in at only 350 pounds.  In fact, this camper is so small and lightweight that you could transport it in the back of a van.

Expect to pay around $6,000.00 for this camper.

Expanding Your Options

While owning a bed on wheels has many benefits, you may find that you get more options when considering a camper with an attached kitchen.  Many teardrop and folding campers will have small outdoor kitchen areas that do not take up much space.

These campers are often off-grid campers that consist of a small sink, a gas stove, and an area to store a small cooler.  This can also be neatly tucked away under or over the bed so you won’t have to sacrifice any space inside.

An example of this would be the Luna Lite.

11) Luna Lite

This camper can be towed by most cars and small SUVs as it only weighs 1,500 pounds.  It has an interior height of 4’6″, an interior length of 6’10”, and an interior width of 5’9″.  The exterior height is only 6’8″

This camper has a massive window in the front with windows on either side.  Both sides also have doors.

Inside there is also a fan, an air conditioner, and a television.  A stereo is also included with two speakers inside and two speakers outside.

The rear of this camper has a hatch that opens up to reveal a kitchen.  This kitchen has a small sink and a small stove.  There is space for a cooler as well as some cabinets for storage.  The LED lighting is also included back there, so you won’t have to worry about cooking by flashlight.

Towing a Tiny Camper

One thought to keep in mind when towing a tiny camper is that some vehicles just aren’t meant to tow anything at all.  Before buying even a tiny camper, check with your manufacturer.

Also, remember that you’ll still need to get a hitch properly installed on your vehicle before you can tow anything.

Some campers will also sit too low or too high to tow them with your current vehicle comfortably.

For example, if you’ve decided to buy a motorcycle camper to go with your crossover, you may need to buy an attachment for your hitch to be able to tow it.

Do I need brakes installed on the camper?

Since these campers are so tiny, you probably won’t need to have brakes installed, but this will depend on your vehicle.  For instance, if you are towing with a motorcycle, you’ll probably want to have brakes installed on your camper.

The same goes for towing with a tiny car.  A Honda Civic can realistically tow a 1,000-pound camper, but it wasn’t built to do so.

Because of this, the Civic’s brakes may have trouble stopping both the trailer and the vehicle.  It is always best to be cautious and add additional trailer brakes when towing with a small vehicle.

Some camper manufacturers will offer the option to have brakes installed on them, and others will not.  Even if you get a camper with standard trailer brakes, you’ll have to make sure your vehicle is equipped to activate them.

Campers with hydraulic braking systems won’t need any additional help functioning. 

However, electric brakes will need the use of a brake controller to activate.  U-Haul, as well as any standard mechanic, can install a brake controller for you.

See our post titled “Do All Campers Have Brakes?” to learn more about trailer brakes.

Where to Get a Hitch Installed

You can get a hitch installed on your vehicle at many places.

Most body shops will do this for you, and most U-Haul stores can do it as well.  In fact, you can buy a hitch for your vehicle from U-Haul and have them install it for you.

In Closing

Tiny campers with just beds definitely have their place in the camping world. They are gorgeous, and they enable a lot more people to go camping.

Just remember that even small campers will require proper towing procedures.

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