13 Amazing RVs With Extra High Ceilings (With Pictures)

High ceilings on an RV are a must for taller people looking to stand up in their RV.  Even if you aren’t very tall you may still want to own a camper with high ceilings.

High ceilings make rooms feel less claustrophobic and they give you more room to store gear.

They also help with the management of condensation since you have more volume to work with.

The problem is in finding an RV with a high ceiling.


After doing our research, here are the best RVs with high ceilings.

Travel Trailers With High Ceilings

Travel trailers can come in models with under 6′ of headroom and can go all the way up over 8′ of headroom.

Typically, you’ll find more headroom in longer travel trailers.

1) The Airstream Classic

Airstream classic with more headspace

The Airstream Classic is a large travel trailer with an exterior length of 31’3″ and an interior width of 8’1″.  This camper has an interior height of almost 6’8″.

Although this model does not have any slideouts, it is large enough and long enough that most tall people will feel quite comfortable in it. 

Another advantage of this camper is its aerodynamic shape.

Even though the camper is larger, it is less susceptible to wind resistance because of its shape.

This gives people towing an Airstream classic better gas mileage and less trailer sway than people towing other large travel trailers. You can read more here on how to avoid swaying.

The main drawback of this camper is its price.

People looking to buy a brand new Airstream Classic can expect to pay over $150,000.00.  Some tall campers may be willing to duck down in a shorter camper before paying the additional money for an Airstream.

You can read more here about 14 things to consider before buying an Airstream.

2) Dutchmen Aspen Trail 2050QBWE

Aspen Trail with high ceiling camper

This RV is shorter than the Airstream and comes in at 24’10”.  Its width is the same at 8 feet and it also does not have any slide outs.  However, with the Aspen, you gain an additional 2 inches in height.  This camper has an interior height of 6’10”.

An advantage to this camper is that even though it is long and tall, it only weighs 4,230 pounds.  This means that even people with 5 and 6 cylinder trucks can potentially tow this RV.

In fact, many people with larger SUVs will also be able to tow this camper.

The Aspen sleeps four people and has a full-size bathroom with a separate shower as well as a nice dinette and full-size kitchen.

You’ll save a lot of money by buying this RV over an Airstream as this camper is priced out at only $16,000.00.

3) Premier Ultra Lite 19FBPR

Premier Travel Trailer

The Premier Ultra Lite 19FBPR is even shorter than the Aspen and yet has an additional inch of interior headroom.  This camper is 24’3″ long and has an interior height of 6’11”.  It is even lighter than the Aspen as it only weighs 4,353 pounds.

One great advantage that this RV has over the previous two campers is that it has a nice sized slideout.

The dinette slides out which helps to expand the kitchen and dining areas and gives the RV the ability to have a rear bathroom.  The kitchen has a double-sink for washing dishes and the bathroom has a full-size bathtub to relax in at the end of a long day of camping.

For this camper, expect to pay around $30,000.00.

The camper trailers from the Venture RV company also look a lot like the model above.

4) Sandpiper Destination Trailers 385FKBH

Sandpiper camper trailer

The Sandpiper Destination trailer has almost as much interior headroom as a standard home does.

The interior height is a whopping 7’10” tall!   

You’ll also find four different slideouts and sleeping room for seven people.

This travel trailer is as close as you can get to having a real house on wheels.  In fact, the living room even has a ceiling fan.

The bathroom has a full bathtub and the second bedroom can double as an extra living room as the bunk can actually turn into a sofa.

The drawback to this travel trailer is that it can only be towed by large vehicles.  The dry weight is over 10,000 pounds and the hitch weight alone is 1,615.  Fill up the 60-gallon freshwater tank, the 104-gallon gray water tank, and the 52-gallon black water tank and you’ll have more weight than most small and mid-size trucks can even handle.

Even if you can tow this travel trailer, you may not be able to find a place to park it.  This travel trailer is 40 feet long and almost 13 feet high.

It is eight feet wide without slideouts but both sides have the slideouts which mean you’ll need at least 14 feet in width to park it. 

Also, don’t think you’ll be able to use it with the slides in as one of the front slides blocks off the back of the trailer when it is closed.

This travel trailer is priced at about $40,000.00.

5) 2019 Forest River Cherokee 274DBH

Cherokee high ceiling camper trailer

The Forest River Cherokee camper is a two bedroom camper with a dinette and a separate sofa.  The bathroom is large and holds a separate tub.

The second bedroom features a loft bed overtops with plenty of sleeping room for two people.

This camper has a luxurious interior with stainless steel appliances.  The length is more manageable than the Sandpiper as it is only 32′ long.

Also, the width is eight feet, but you only have one slideout to work with so you won’t be almost doubling the RV’s width when you open it up.

This travel trailer will give you an interior height of seven feet and you’ll only pay in the neighborhood of $20,000.00 for it.

Smaller Travel Trailers with Head Room

If you’re searching for a small travel trailer with lots of headroom, you’ll probably have to go with a custom build or a popup camper.

Some popup campers can extend all the way up to seven feet inside but you’re unlikely to find them in a hard side popup model.

Hi-Lo and A-liner models offer over six feet of standing room inside at certain points but not much more.

Fifth Wheel Campers With High Ceilings

Fifth wheel RVs tend to have the highest ceilings of all RVs.

Often-times, they’ll even be tall enough to stand in after you’ve walked up steps to go into the area above the truck bed.  The way these RV’s are designed gives them more stability over their travel trailer counterparts even with the increased height.

6) Forest River Sierra 3350BH

Tall model from Sierra Fifth Wheel

The Forest River fifth wheel camper has an interior height of seven feet.  Its length is almost 42 feet and its width is eight feet.

The weight of this RV is 10,000 pounds so only larger trucks will be able to safely tow it.

The rear of this camper has two slideouts which give it the ability to comfortably hold a set of bunk beds a dinette and a trifold bed.

One of the unique aspects of this RV is that it has 1.5 bathrooms. 

This is nice as the bedrooms are separated by the kitchen so campers in different bedrooms won’t have to wake each other up when using the restroom in the middle of the night.

You can buy this camper for around $35,000.00.

7) The Jayco Pinnacle 38FLWS

Jayco fifth wheel with tall ceiling

This fifth wheel camper is a luxury fifth wheel camper with an interior that is better than most people’s homes.  It features a walk-in closet, a king size bed, a 36″ wide shower and a kitchen with a residential fridge.

The kitchen has a large hutch and pantry as well as an island.

The living room has two separate tri-fold beds as well as theater seating.  You’ll even find a large fireplace and a nice ottoman within the living room.

The dining table comfortably seats four people and the camper has two different entry points.

In the bedroom, you’ll find two separate dressers and a washer and dryer for doing laundry.  This luxury camper sits underneath nine feet of interior headroom in the common areas and almost seven feet in the bedroom.

With all of this headroom and luxury, you can expect to pay more than what you’d pay for the average camper.

The Pinnacle prices out at around $100,000.00.

8) The Grand Design Solitude 372WB

Solitude 372WB fifth wheel

This fifth wheel RV has a large walk-in closet, a double sink in the bathroom and a large shower with a skylight and a seat.  The kitchen has a large 19 CU.

A residential refrigerator as well as a double sink and a kitchen island.  If the indoor kitchen isn’t enough, it also has an outdoor kitchen as well.

The dinette is free standing so you could replace this table with an office or whatever else you’d like.

There is also theatre seating in the living room as well as a fireplace and a trifold sofa bed.  The entertainment center is telescoping so you can hide it away when not in use.

This RV has a length of 41 feet and a height of 13’5″ on the outside.

Its weight is almost 14,000 pounds and its fresh water capacity is 93 gallons.  The interior height of this RV comes in at over 8 feet tall.

For all of this, you’ll end up paying around $73,000.00.

9) The Dutchman Atlas 3382BH


This RV is 37 feet long and 8 feet wide.  It has three slideouts with two on the driver’s side and one on the passenger side. There is theater seating in the living room and a free-standing dinette in the dining room.  The living room features a fireplace and the kitchen features an island with a double sink.

The bathroom has a full-size tub and the rear of the RV features an outside kitchen.  The back bedroom has a standard bed with a fold-down bunk overtop of it.

This RV weighs only 8,848 which is lighter than the previous fifth wheel RV we mentioned. 

This being said, you’ll still need a full-size truck to be able to tow this RV.  The exterior height of this RV is a bit shorter than your average fifth wheel but you’ll still get over 7 foot of interior height inside.

This RV sells for about $40,000.00 brand new which is a bargain for how much RV you get.

10) The DRV Luxury Suites Mobile Suites 44 Memphis

tall camper fifth wheel

This camper is a 44′ long luxury fifth wheel camper featuring a large king size bed, a full-size tub, a washer, and a dryer.  The kitchen has an island, double sink, and a large residential fridge.

Alongside a free-standing dinette is an office desk perfect for doing work on the road.  Past this is a living room with two recliners, a sectional, and a large fireplace.

There are four slides on this camper – two on each side.  This makes this camper both long and wide and at over 8 foot tall inside it makes it tall as well.  The additional height gives the manufacturer the ability to put a ceiling fan in the living room.

While you get a lot of headroom as well as a lot of luxury with this camper, you do pay for it.  Expect to pay around $140,000.00 for a brand new Memphis 44.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are similar to travel trailers in headroom.  You can find toy haulers in models with a lot of headroom and some without much headroom at all.

11) The Winnebago 32SC

Winnebago tall model

This toy hauler camper has a queen size bed with built-in nightstands as well as an overhead cabinet overtop of the bed.  It has a full-size bathroom with a large tub and a kitchen with a double sink.

The rear has to sofas that fold up into the wall for toy hauling and the rear hatch can fold out into a deck.  These sofas can fold down flat next to each other to form a large bed.

A queen size overhead loft bed could also be placed in this space as well.

The GVWR on this camper is 13,825 pounds and the dry weight is 9,940 pounds.  This gives you almost 4,000 pounds of additional weight that you can add to the toy hauler.

The exterior width is 8’6″ which technically makes it illegal to operate on some U.S. roads and just within the limit on others.  The interior height on this toy hauler is 8’2″.  This makes its interior height taller than many homes.

You can expect to pay around $60,000.00 for this camper.

Class A Motorhomes

Class A motorhomes will almost always have the highest interior heights.  Expect class A motorhomes to start off with ceilings of at least seven feet.

Luxury models will be even taller and you may even have enough standing room to comfortably install a ceiling fan in your class A.

These are the best motorhomes for taller people looking for a rig to full-time in.

The increased height does not cause a decrease in stability in crosswinds as the truck is long enough and heavy enough to counteract the additional height.

Driving these huge busses does take some getting used to. Here are our very best tips on how to learn to drive a large motorhome.

12) The 2020 Cornerstone by Entegra Coach

Entegra coach with much headspace

This class A motorhome has 2 large slideouts and 2 smaller slideouts.  It has two sofas in the living room and a full-size fridge in the kitchen.

The bedroom features a king size bed and the master bathroom features a washer/dryer combo.

There is also a half bath located just off of the kitchen.  The dining table is small but it can be expanded to fit more people.

the weight on this vehicle is 54,000 pounds but since it’s a motorhome you won’t have to worry too much about this.  The exterior length is 45′ and the width is 101 inches.

You’ll get an interior height of seven feet in this motorhome and an exterior height of almost 13 feet.

Any higher and you wouldn’t be able to legally drive this on the highway. You can see more here about how camper height is measured.

Class C Motorhomes

A class C motorhome can sometimes offer high ceilings but sometimes it will not.

13) The Winnebago Vita 24F

This class C motorhome is 24’7″ and has a width of only 7’6″.

Although this RV isn’t very large, it still features a full-size bed, a dinette, and a full kitchen.  The bathroom shower is separate from the toilet and has modest dimensions of 24″ x 32″.

To offer more room between the kitchen and the dinette, the dinette slides out on the driver’s side.

While this motorhome might not be the most spacious, it does offer 7′ tall ceilings.  This is especially noteworthy considering the entire motorhome is less than 12′ including the area over top of the cab.

For those of you looking for a modern and easy to drive RV with a lot of headroom, the Vita might be your best bet.

These campers are built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis and have large windows and backup cameras as well as proximity sensors on the back.

These campers are easy to drive solo but can sleep up to five people comfortably.  This being said, there are only seatbelts in place for four people.

This motorhome sells for around $120,000.00.

Class B Motorhomes

If you’re looking for a motorhome with at least 7 feet interior height, you’ll probably want to stay away from a class B.  Through my research I was not able to find any class B motorhomes with high ceilings.

Expect most class B RVs to have around 6’3″ interior heights.

You can read more here about the differences between class A, B & C motorhomes.

In Summary

If you’re looking for an RV with a lot of headroom, your best bet is to buy a fifth wheel camper or large travel trailer.

For a motorhome with a high ceiling, you’ll probably have to go with a class A motorhome or a class C motorhome.

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