9 Class B & C Motorhomes with Fine Toilets (With Pictures)

Campervans are great for touring.  They are easy to drive, easy to park, and can fit into spaces that larger campers and motorhomes cannot.

The problem is that many of them do not offer as many amenities as some of the larger motorhomes.  One of these amenities is a large toilet area.

Through my research, however, I did find quite a few campervans that offer large bathrooms with big toilets.

Here are the best models I found!

Before We Start…

You should never use regular toilet papers in a campervan (or in nature). You need toilet paper that dissolves easily.

We have a link to a REALLY good bulk-deal on this list of must-haves for RVers (scroll down to item number #5 on the list).

Class B Campervans with Toilets

Many class B campervans only have portable toilets and some don’t have toilets at all.  Fortunately, there are some manufacturers that make great class B campervans with big toilets and even showers.

1) The Nugget Plus

The Nugget Westfalia with big toilet

The Nugget Plus is a Westfalia based off of the Ford Transit platform.

There is a standard version and a plus size version based off of the long-wheelbase version of the Ford Transit.

The Nugget Plus offers its own private bathroom which is rare for a campervan and non-existent on most Westfalia campervans.

This bathroom is tucked away at the back of the camper and can be accessed from the camper itself or from the back doors.

The location of the toilet allows campers to take advantage of the back of the camper when the toilet is not in use.  In fact, the bathroom sink is on the opposite side of the toilet and it folds up when not in use.

This makes it easy to store large objects like bikes, scooters, and large camping items while in transit.  When you get to your location, you can unpack the back and have full access to a nice size toilet and bathroom sink.

Safely tucked behind the toilet is a small closet with room for hanging shirts and jackets.  Next to the toilet hangs a ladder so no area of the bathroom is wasted.

The combination of gray water and the black water tank is 11 gallons as well as the freshwater tank.

2) Pleasure Way Plateau TS

Campervan with toilet

This campervan has a large wet bath located just behind the driver’s seat.  The long wheelbase of the vehicle allows it to have a longer bathroom with a shower built into it.

While the bathroom isn’t large enough for a comfortable standing shower, it does provide a large toilet with a 12-gallon black water tank.

In addition to a large bathroom, Plateau owners get a kitchenette with a fridge, stove, and kitchen sink.

A foldout table provides extra space so that the passenger seat can be used as an eating surface.  The rear of the camper has a nice size dinette that folds down into a large bed.  There is also a large television mounted to the back side of the bathroom so that campers can watch television seated at the dinette or while lying in bed.

The black water tank on this camper is only 12 gallons and the freshwater tank is 24 gallons.   The largest tank is the gray water tank and it has a capacity of 35 gallons.

This camper is available now and has an MSRP of $144,000.00.

Just for fun, check out these RVs with bathtubs!

3) The RoadTrek Zion SRT

Zion campervan with shower behind the drivers seat

This campervan also has its bathroom located behind the driver’s seat.

This allows for a large bed, a dinette, and a large closet to be placed in the back of the camper.

Across from the bathroom is the sliding door so campers can come in and out to use the bathroom without disturbing people still sleeping in the back.

This camper features a large sink, a stovetop, and an overhead microwave.  The pantry is located across from the microwave and slides out for easy access.

One of the great features of this campervan is that its exterior length is only 19’7″ and its width is only 6’11”.  This means that this camper can fit into a standard parking space.  In fact, many crew cab trucks will actually be longer than this camper van is.

The exterior height is only 9’5″ but the interior height is 6’2″.  Taller people may feel a little cramped because of the ceiling height but most people won’t’ have to duck when they walk around.

This camper is built on a Ram ProMaster 2500 chassis and it starts out at $90,509.00. 

It has a 36-liter black water tank.

4) The Winnebago Era 70C

Winnebago with bathroom

The Era comes in three different floorplans:

  • the 70A
  • the 70C
  • and the 70X (has a bathroom)

The 70C is the model you want if you want a large bathroom.  This camper has a rear bathroom that takes up more than 25% of the camper’s length.

Devoting this much space to the bathroom allows for it to have a toilet, shower, and sink that are all separate from each other.

You’ll also find that you easily have enough room to dress in a camper bathroom that is this size.

Next to the large bathroom is a wardrobe area and a storage area.  This makes showering easy as you can grab your clothes on the way into the bathroom.  Once you’ve crossed out of this area, you’ll be in a small kitchenette area.  While this area isn’t very big, it does have enough room for food storage, a refrigerator, a stove, and a kitchen sink.

The living room has a slide-out section that houses the sofa sleeper.  In front of this sleeper, a pedestal table can be mounted for easy eating.

The downside to this class B is that it is long, which means you will need to learn to drive this motorhome if you are not used to long vehicles.

You’ll have an exterior length of 24’3″ which is longer than a standard 20′ parking space.

The camper is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Chassis and it prices out at over $100,000.00 brand new.

You’ll find a blackwater tank level of 22 gallons on this version of the Era.  Buy either of the other two Era models and you’ll only get a 10-gallon black water tank.

5) The Winnebago Revel 44E

Winnebago motorhome with spacious toilet

This campervan by Winnebago has an all-in-one gear closet and a wet bath.  The toilet actually turns depending on which way you’d like to face while sitting on it.

The kitchen and dining area is tiny but you’ll still get a small sink, refrigerator, and stove to work with.  This leaves room for a large garage area in the back of the campervan.  The garage area has a bed that lifts up into the ceiling making the back a small and cheap toy hauler while in transit and a nice sleeping area while camping.

The drive train on this campervan is 4 wheel drive which is rare in a campervan.  It is built on a Mercedes Sprinter platform and runs off of diesel fuel.

With the additional off-road capability comes an additional cost.

Expect to pay around $150,000.00 for this campervan.

The toilet on this camper is a cassette toilet with a 5-gallon holding tank.

Class C RVs With Spacious Toilets

Class C RVs tend to have much better bathroom options than class B campervans.  This is because these campers are not just longer, they’re wider too.

Also, a class C is easier to put a slideout in than a class B so you gain additional space there as well.

Here are some class C RVs with big toilets.

6) The Winnebago Cambria

RV with bathroom

At first glance, the Winnebago Cambria has a small bathroom.  Then you notice that the Cambria actually has actually two bathrooms with each serving a different function.

One bathroom holds a large toilet and a sink while the other bathroom holds a 32″x32″ shower.

This setup offers a couple of different benefits.  The first is that it ensures that the toilet area doesn’t get wet when you shower.

The second is that one person can use the bathroom while the other person showers.  Try doing this in a wet bath and you’ll have some serious issues.

What I like about the shower area is that it opens up into the bedroom.  This means you don’t have to worry about dragging clothes into the bathroom as you’ll be able to change inside your bedroom when you’re done showering.

The front of this camper has an open kitchen with a dinette as well as a separate sleeper sofa.  These areas are separated from each other by being placed on slideouts.

Combine this with the queen size bed in the back and you easily have sleeping room for six!

Not only this, but this campervan actually has seat belts for six people as well.  This means you can legally and comfortably take your family of six on a nice cross-country trip.

The Cambria has a blackwater tank of 34 gallons.  It’s priced out at around $100,000.00.

7) The Sunseeker TS2370

The Sunseeker comes in three floorplans but the 2370 model has the largest bathroom.  This campervan has a bathroom in the back that features a bathtub, a sink, a toilet, and a closet area.

Immediately after the bathroom is a set of twin beds that can be converted into one large queen bed.

After this is a galley kitchen with a loveseat that slides out to provide extra space.  This loveseat has seat belts for two people.  The length of this campervan is only 26’1″ which is small for a class C RV.  It’s exterior width however is 87″ and its exterior height is 10’5″.

The black water tank is 28 gallons so you’ll get a lot of use out of your toilet before you have to drain the tanks.

This camper has a black water tank capacity of 28 gallons and a freshwater tank of 35 gallons.

The Sunseeker can be had for around $90,000.00 to $100,000.00.

8) The Jayco Redhawk 31XL

This campervan is for those that want a large bathroom without having to have it take up the entire back area of their campervan.  After all, the best views can typically be found at the back of the campervan so why waste them on a bathroom?

The back of the Jayco features a small bedroom with a queen size bed.  This bedroom is made larger through the use of a slideout that holds the closet and the dresser. 

Sliding these areas out gives the occupants more room to walk around the bed.  This is great for couples who don’t want to climb over each other each time they head to the bathroom.

The area after this holds the bathroom which is large enough to offer a big shower, toilet, and bathroom sink.  Directly across from this is a set of bunk beds which slide out.  This is great for a young family of four as everyone has their own sleeping area and the living room and dining areas remain open for those that are awake.

The living area has a kitchen with an 8 cubic foot fridge, an oven, a double sink, and a microwave.  There is also a small sofa and a separate dinette.

Freshwater capacity on this campervan is 47 gallons but the black water tank capacity is not listed on Jayco’s website.

You can get the Redhawk for less than $75,000.00 new.

9) The Dynamax Isata 31DS

Dynamax with toilet in campervan

The Isata is another campervan that separates the shower area and the toilet area.

This gives them the ability to offer a large bathroom sink and a big toilet as well as a large shower with a built-in linen closet.

The back of this campervan has a large bedroom with a bed that slides out.  This area has windows on three sides and a nice television mounted in front of the bed.

At the front of the camper is a sleeper sofa a large kitchen and a dinette.  There is also additional sleeping space above the cab of the camper.  The sofa has seat belts for three and the dinette has seat belts for one.

There is also an option to change the sleeper sofa into two theater seats.

The black water tank on this camper is massive and you’ll get 42 gallons of storage in it before you have to empty it.  With a freshwater tank of 51 gallons, you’ll be able to enjoy many days out off of the grid before you have to head back to civilization.

The drawback to this camper is that it is 32’10” long and 11’6″ high.  This is large enough that you’ll have to think twice before going under bridges and you may not be able to park in certain states and national parks.

This camper can be had for just over $100,000.00.

10) The Coachmen Orion P24RB

This camper is short for a class C and its water capacity is only half of that of the Dynamax Isata, but it still has a large rear bathroom with a full-size toilet and shower.

Check out more about the Dynamax RV brand in our article here.

There is also a nice closet and a bathroom sink in the bathroom as well.

The living area is unique in that it has two swivel chairs, a flip-up table, and a jackknife sofa.  However, the sofa isn’t really needed as a full-size queen bed actually comes down out of the ceiling.  This setup allows the camper to have a large kitchen with a pantry and an entryway that is located at the rear of the camper.

This makes the rear entry convenient to the bathroom and the kitchen areas.

The seating is a nice leather in a chestnut color which gives it a nice high-end appearance.  For this high-end styling, you’ll pay in the neighborhood of $75,000.00.

The black water tank on this camper is 32 gallons and the freshwater tank is 28 gallons.  This is a good size for a campervan this small.

How To Avoid (Too) High Water-Pressure

Many campgrounds will have hookup systems for your RV.

But people often forget to insert a water pressure regulator to make sure the water pressure isn’t spiking (and breaking the pipes).

Make sure to bring this little bandit to avoid leaking pipes and broken tubes inside your RV!

We can recommend this good and durable water pressure regulator that works well. It’s item #14 on our list here with must-have items for RVers.

Buying a Campervan With a Big Toilet

Remember when buying a campervan with a bathroom to look at its black water tank capacity.  This is because the capacity of your black water tank will determine how many days you can use your campervan’s toilet before having to return to a dump station.

If you feel like you won’t often be able to visit a dump station, you may want to consider buying a campervan with a big cassette toilet. 

Many manufacturers are now offering cassette toilets with removable cassettes that can be dumped in any standard rest station or home toilet.  This toilet will give you more options but may be less convenient when you’re camped at a place with full hookups as you won’t be able to take advantage of the sewer lines with a cassette toilet.

If you’re really looking for a large toilet, you might want to look into buying a large class A motorhome.

While these aren’t small enough to be considered campervans, they do offer many of the same benefits and offer many different bathroom options.

In fact, class A motorhomes like the Fleetwood Pace Arrow LXE 38N have two full bathrooms inside of them.  These bathrooms are high-end with toilets and showers that rival those of many homes.

This motorhome has a black water tank capacity of 50 gallons, a gray water tank capacity of 75 gallons and a freshwater tank of 100 gallons.

For tips on how to drive a large motorhome, visit our page on motorhome driving tips.

In Summary

It’s always easier to find big bathrooms with big toilets in larger campervans but it is possible to find them in almost all sizes.

Some class B campervans have toilets big enough to rival some of the class C RV toilets and the only restriction you may have then is the size of your black water tank.

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