Are Boxabl Homes Safe & Hurricane Proof? (Checked)

While nothing is “hurricane-proof,” some houses and structures can withstand high winds.

These houses are considered hurricane-resistant, and even though some cosmetic damage can occur, most houses can stay standing in large storms.

Are Boxabl homes considered hurricane-resistant? In this article, we aim to find out:

Here’s How Hurricane-Resistant Boxabl Homes Are:

Research on hurricane testing for the Boxabl Casita model is limited, but according to Boxabl, their Casitas are hurricane rated and can handle “the worst wind conditions in North America.” Casitas are made from steel and concrete with structurally laminated panels for the walls, roof, and floors.

What Materials are Boxabl Homes Made of?

According to the Boxabl website, Boxable homes are made of steel, concrete, and EPS foam.

EPS foam is a type of insulation that is made from expanded polystyrene. EPS foam is commonly used in construction projects to reduce heat loss.

Boxabl’s walls, floors, and roof are made from structurally laminated panels. Boxabl claims that these are stronger than the average building materials, so they are more likely to withstand storms.

Also, Boxabl does not come with a foundation – meaning that the company does not provide a specific foundation to accommodate the house before installation. Instead, the owner must provide their own means of getting a foundation, utility hookups, permits, and more.

So, while the Boxabl is made from strong materials like steel and concrete, it is unclear whether these materials alone are enough to withstand hurricane-like conditions.

Are Boxabl Homes Hurricane Tested?

The Casita model has been rated for hurricane-speed winds. According to Boxabl’s site, the Casita can handle the “worst wind conditions in North America.”

Boxabl also claims that their materials “are less likely be damaged by water, and less likely to grow mold,” because they are not made from common lumber or sheetrock.

However, the testing evidence on Boxabl’s site is very limited.

Usually, to determine if a structure can withstand hurricane-like conditions, engineers must test the structure in a controlled environment.

They would then simulate a hurricane using machines to form wind tunnels, getting as high as up to 130 miles per hour in some cases.

Other materials for the house could be tested for flooding or how easily they take on water damage.

Boxabl does not include actual test results or any more information on how it is rated for hurricanes, so we can only speculate that Boxabl homes can withstand wind and flooding.

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Does Boxabl Come with a Warranty or Guarantee?

According to, Boxable does offer a standard warranty with every unit.

Dwellito also states that Boxabl offers another warranty for an upsell charge, which would extend more coverage to the home.

However, the details of that warranty are not as of yet clear. There is no evidence of a warranty on their site at this time.

It may be that only interested parties can read more about the Boxabl warranty or those who are already on the waitlist and are in negotiations to get their Boxabl home.

Since there is no written warranty on the site, it is hard for us to state whether or not Boxabl offers a guarantee. Because of this, it is suggested that any interested future. Boxabl owners contact them directly for more information.

Does Boxabl Offer Hurricane-Resistant Add-ons or Additions?

Now, it does not seem like Boxabl offers add-ons or additions to make their homes more hurricane-resistant.

Add-ons such as hurricane-proof windows, roofing, or siding are not mentioned on the website in their FAQ regarding hurricanes. Because of this, we can conclude that Boxabl does not offer these additions at this time.

Perhaps in the future, Boxabl will sell add-ons with their models for interested parties.

Instead, you can protect yourself with a few hurricane-resistance tactics because it is important to outfit your home with any possible reinforcements needed to protect yourself from a hurricane.

“Hurricane-proofing” your home may not protect it from damage, but it can help keep your family safe and reduce the risk to your property.

Some simple hurricane-proofing measures include installing hurricane shutters, reinforcing doors and windows, and clearing gutters and downspouts.

In addition, you should create an emergency kit that includes food, water, and first-aid supplies.

Is Boxabl Safer than Traditional Homes?

Boxabl homes are compact, made of steel and concrete, and can stack together on a sturdy foundation.

For those reasons, most reviewers (and the company themselves) claim that Boxabl is a safe housing option. Able to withstand winds, flood, snow, and other weather concerns, Boxabl should be a good investment.

However, it is too soon to say whether or not Boxabl homes are safer than traditional houses.

Because they have not been around long enough and are largely unavailable to most buyers, we don’t yet know if the average person is safer in a Boxabl home than in a traditional one.

We also don’t know how long they can last since not enough homeowners have had their Boxabl home for a decade.

Once more information comes out, and more reviews from average buyers are revealed, we can determine the safety rating of a Boxabl home.

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Does Boxabl Have Good Insulation?

Boxabl home insulations are made with EPS foam. EPS foam is made from expanded polystyrene, which is a lightweight plastic material.

EPS foam is often used in construction because it is an excellent insulator. It is also easy to work with and relatively inexpensive.

However, EPS foam does have some downsides. It is not as durable as some other types of insulation, and it can be difficult to remove if it needs to be replaced.

In addition, EPS foam can release harmful chemicals if it is burned.

Most of all, it helps keep you warm during high wind and rain. While EPS foam can’t prevent flooding or damage, it should be able to help keep some of that wind out.

Does Boxabl Withstand Damage?

Also largely untested, it is unclear if Boxabl can withstand high amounts of damage.

However, because they are a cube structure, made of concrete and steel, and are relatively low to the ground, they would likely be able to withstand damage.

Damage caused by wind, rain, and flying debris, in particular, can be very harmful, but if a Boxabl home is as sturdy as Boxabl claims it is, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

Remember, round houses are considered best for hurricane resistance since wind doesn’t buffet against their sides as easily as it does against a square house.

Are Boxabl Houses Easy to Repair?

Because Boxabl houses are built according to the manufacturer’s plans, it is unclear whether you will easily be able to fix any damage to your home.

For example, if one of the walls were to become loose or even fall down, would you have to call the Boxabl company to repair it?

As we mentioned, Boxabl offers a limited warranty, but that most likely does not include damages caused by weather like hurricanes. It is more likely that the warranty covers any manufacturing or structural issues that the homeowner discovers shortly after receiving their home.

Furthermore, if Boxabl does not offer repair services to its customers, you would likely need a third-party contractor or construction company to repair your home.

Since the Boxabl style and design are such a niche, it is possible that a third-party company may not know how to repair your Boxabl home. If that is the case, it is probably very difficult to repair cosmetic or structural damages to your Boxable home.

Therefore, I would estimate that it might be quite difficult to repair the damages to a Boxabl home without the manufacturer’s assistance.

Do Boxabl Homes Qualify for Hurricane Insurance?

It is hard to insure a tiny home with a standard home insurance policy.

Since Boxabl homes are quite small and compact, they will most likely qualify under “tiny home” labels in most states or with most insurance companies.

Instead, most states or companies will only allow you to insure your tiny home under a mobile or manufactured home insurance policy.

In this case, mobile home insurance can sometimes offer hurricane insurance regarding high winds. However, that does not mean that it will include flooding or other damage insurance.

Depending on the state you live in, your insurance company, and your Boxabl home, they may not qualify for most hurricane insurance policies.

Since Boxabl houses also come with a flat roof, it is possible that insuring them might be more tricky. Roofs are helpful with keeping snow from weighing down your house, so most insurance companies take roofing into account.

You can order a roof from Boxabl if you wish, though!

It is important to find out from your insurance company just exactly how they will insure a Boxabl home – or if they will insure it at all.


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