How Much Do Boxabl Homes REALLY Cost? (5 Examples)

Boxabl homes prefab homes. They’re often seen as an affordable alternative to traditional homes, but they can come with additional costs that can add up quickly. We’ll dive into how much Boxabl house costs.

These additional costs can make buying a Boxabl home much higher than expected, making it difficult for many people to afford.

By being aware of these additional fees and budgeting accordingly, Boxabl homeowners can avoid unexpected expenses and ensure that their home remains affordable in the long term.

Here’s How Much the Boxabl Casita Costs:

Although the cost is currently unlisted, previous reports had it somewhere around $50,000-$60,000. However, additional fees associated with Boxabl homes include the cost of the land, utilities, permits and inspections, insurance, property taxes, and maintenance.

Let’s dig deeper.

1. How Many Models and Configurations are There?

Currently, the Boxabl Casita model is the only one available at this time. The Boxabl buildings have a flat roof (not pitched roof). You will have to get on the year-long waitlist, though. It’s a design by founders and ceo Paolo Tiramani and Galiano Tiramani.

The Boxabl Casita Model is a compact living space that can be assembled quickly. It’s suitable for small families or solo homeowners who want to downsize! You can easily install amenities such as:

  • dryer
  • washer
  • dishwasher
  • bathtub
  • hvac
  • (full-size appliances)

You can even use solar panels for utility hookups so you won’t lack anything.

The home features a full-sized kitchen with all the essentials and a full bathroom with a deep shower/tub and a sliding glass barn door for extra space.

The living space is 375 sq ft (square feet) and comes with high ceilings, large doors and windows, and wide plank composite flooring.

The company claims that Casita’s insulation technology and included LED lighting will save you money on utility bills.

If you’re looking for a permanent move to a smaller space, the Boxabl Casita Model might be worth considering.

When will the Casita Model be Available?

The first Boxabl homes were expected to be available for sale in early 2020, but customers must currently sign up for the company’s year-long waitlist to be eligible to purchase one. The current housing crisis has put focus on cost of homeownership, cost of land, and requirements of building codes.

Due to the high demand for their products, the company’s manufacturing capacity is insufficient to accommodate all orders.

Additionally, Boxabl is still in the setup phase, which involves looking for investors and managing their waitlists.

As a result, the wait time for a Boxabl home can be significant, and it may take over a year for customers to receive their homes, depending on where they are on the waitlist.

You can reserve a house through their waitlist on their website. There are three options for pre-ordering and joining the waitlist:

  • Free Version – Reserve at the end of the line.
  • $200 Deposit – Get on the waitlist and be reached out to by their online services.
  • $5,000 Deposit – Early access to the Casita model.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose the waitlist option that works best for you!

Get more information on the Casita model and Boxabl Availability here!

Cost of Boxabl’s 2-Story Design (Casita 2.0)

We have seen some really interesting 2-story designs lately from the Boxable company but we haven’t yet seen how much they’ll cost. However, based on what we’ve heard so far and the cost of the Casita model, we assume it will be at least 2x the cost of the standard Casita.

Our best guess at this point is that the Casita 2.0 will cost around $100,000.

But we have to wait for the actual price.

2. What is the Cheapest Boxable Option?

The company reported the cost of the Casita (fully furnished) to cost around $50,000. It’s not just “disaster shelters” but a good layout with a dining area, gutter system, thermal bridging, and nice details such as a backlit mirror, and eps foam.

Boxabl’s mission is to produce pop-up rooms and houses from the Las Vegas-based company, with affordable loan options and layouts that cater to different zoning rules and local inspections across different areas.

However, the site now says they do not offer a transparent outright, as inflation and your property’s specifications can adjust that cost.

The Casita may actually cost somewhere between $60,000+ due to inflation, not including the shipping and additional setup costs.

Still, $60,000 is a relatively low price for a home. This is because the median home value in the United States is currently around $223,900!

So, even with some additional costs, the Casita is quite cheap.

3. How Much is the Shipping Cost?

According to the Boxabl website, shipping one of their homes from their Las Vegas location is approximately $3-$10 per mile.

If you live in Portland, Maine, and need to have a Boxabl home delivered, the shipping cost would be about $28,000 at the highest rate of $10 per mile for the 2,814.1-mile trip.

This cost would be crazy high if you were hoping to invest in a tiny home like the Boxabl Casita, especially since you will pay about half the home price just to ship it!

Now, if you lived closer to the Las Vegas location, this cost would be much lower, but make sure to do the math before you buy!

They are, however, starting another buildign factory:

4. What Other Expenses Should you Factor in?

A lot of additional expenses are put on top of the Boxabl Casita when you buy it, so don’t get comfy with that $60,000 price tag.

For example, when the Casita model is transported to you by Boxabl, it has to be unpacked by a certified 3rd party company that knows how to do it. That means being connected with a contractor or construction company near you that can do the job by Boxabl.

If Boxabl doesn’t have a 3rd-party partner who can do the job near you, you might have to have someone travel to you, which could get expensive.

On top of that, there are general requirements for building any tiny house or small home.

Other expenses can include the cost of the foundation, such as a concrete slab or a set of piers, as well as the cost of heating and cooling the home, such as a mini-split system or a wood-burning stove.

Other potential expenses can include the cost of plumbing, electrical, and other utilities and appliances, furniture, and other interior finishes.

However, the Boxabl home is reportedly fully furnished and ready to use, so it may still be a good option regardless of the additional costs.

Additionally, the cost of insurance and property taxes should be considered when building a tiny home. Furthermore, you should consider the cost of permits, inspections, and the cost of the land!

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5. Can You Come and Pick it up Yourself?

Because a Boxabl home has to be delivered on a semi-truck and unboxed with a crane, it is unlikely that you could pick up the house yourself. You won’t have to travel to the commercial offices or and international builders show (like previous) as they are aiming for state level delivery across North America.

However, you could rent a semi-truck or hire a moving company to do the work for you – but the shipping costs will likely be the same.

Still, you can shop around shipping prices!

Many rental companies offer semi trucks for rent, and some even offer specialized trailers for hauling prefabricated homes.

Before renting a semi-truck to haul a prefabricated home, it is important to consider any state or local regulations that may apply to hauling oversized loads.

It may also be necessary to obtain a special permit or hire a professional hauling company to transport the prefabricated home safely and legally.


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