What Do These Flags On Houses Mean? (13 Types Explained)

Flags have historically been used to represent the ideals of one group or another – nationalism, freedom, political orientation, etc.

Flags are also be associated with cultural or social causes, such as environmental protection or humanitarian issues.

And when it comes to property, little colored flags indicate utility lines – and the rule here is to call the 811 One Call hotline in your state before you dig.

In this article, we break down the nitty-gritty of what each flag means.

Close up of the front door entrance to a large two story blue gray house with wood and vinyl siding and a large American flag.

What Does a Solid Black Flag Mean?

Some might argue that the black flag represents that a family is in mourning. Or, we might be tempted to think it means it’s a pirate’s house.

Based on our research, a solid black flag is traditionally linked to the concept that “no quarter shall be given” – a symbol of territory protection and the idea of not surrendering to one’s enemies.

In today’s increasingly polarised society, it can be a message of more conservative folks not being prepared to give in to the ways and thoughts of liberal Americans.

Questions have also been asked about black being integrated into the US flag. People have seen neighbors with flags that are black with stars and stripes.

Some have argued that this has links to anti-Covid vaccination groups and other far-right extremist groups.

What Does a RED Flag Mean on a h=House?

The use of the color red in flags traditionally represents revolution, power, war, or domination.

However, these days, if you see a red flag outside someone’s house, it usually has to do with the fact that utility lines are located at the property.

Red utility flags indicate:

  • Power Lines
  • Conduit Lines
  • Lighting Cables

If you are unsure of why these red flags are in your own property, its a good idea to call your local electrician or electricity supplier to ensure there are no dangerous issues you need to be aware of.

Take note that when discussing “red flags” regarding property sales, this phrase means to be aware of potential problems of a property or neighborhood. This particular phrase does not refer to literal red flags.

Please also read our article about boats and flags.

What Does a BLUE flag mean on a house?

If you see small blue flags in your yard or a neighbor’s yard, these indicate:

  • Water
  • Irrigation
  • Slurry Lines

A slurry line is a pipeline system used to remove ores such as coal or mining waste.

You can contact your local water supply company or plumber for more information, as these flags could mean that an excavation is planned at the site.

What does a BLUE and YELLOW flag mean?

A blue and yellow flag means that there are both water and/or irrigation lines AND gas lines or other flammable materials located at the property.

It could indicate that there is a problem or planned excavation.

Remember, you must call the 811 Call-Before-You-Dig Hotline to verify if your property is located on any of these utility lines. You can find out more about the One Call hotline system in the list of links at the end of the article.

What Does an ORANGE Flag Mean on a House?

Orange flags signal that there are telephone or alarm lines or fibreoptic cables underneath the ground.

You can call your telephone or TV Cable company for more information.

If you value your Wi-Fi connection, please remember to call the 811 hotline before you begin any home renovations!

What Does a Black and White American Flag Mean?

Historically, the black and white American flag was created during the American Civil War as an alternative to the white “surrender” flag.

Confederate army soldiers flew this flag to indicate that they would give in or surrender to their enemy – rather that they would be killed than be taken as prisoners.

However, today, the meaning is quite different.

To some, a black and white American flag represents hope and unity. These flags symbolize a commitment to racial and social justice regardless of racial or ethnic background.

What do Backwards Flags Mean?

Some people regard a backward flag as a sign of disrespect.

However, according to our research, a backward US flag is displayed on military uniforms, space or aircraft.

“The flag must always be positioned to look like it is flying forward, so it’s really all about perspective”

[Source: AirandSpace.Si.Edu]

Of course, when a flag on a flag pole is backward, it could simply be a mistake.

What does hanging a flag upside-down mean?

An upside-down US flag usually signifies a sign of severe distress and that someone requires urgent assistance.

What Does an All-Blue American Flag Mean?

A black and white American flag or an all-dark blue American flag with a thin blue line is associated with law enforcement.

It is a symbol of morale and camaraderie among police men and women.

It has been used to represent a police officer who has lost their life. The use of this flag has been controversial in recent times.

What Does an All WHITE Flag Mean on a House?

To many, an all-white flag is a symbol of surrender. However, in most US towns, where you see an all-white solid flag on a large flag-pole this would usually symbolize “peace”.

Though, be aware that there are also white utility flags that may be placed on properties. White utility flags indicate proposed excavation parameters.

If you are house-hunting and you see a white flag, it’s best to contact your local town planner or real estate agent for more information.

What Does a GREEN Flag Mean?

Green utility flags are an indication that there are drain lines, sewers or stormwater systems beneath that location.

However, green flags are also associated with environmental activism. Usually, these flags will also have some kind of organization emblem or logo.

What does a GREEN American flag mean on a house?

Based on our research, we haven’t been able to find concrete information on an entirely green American flag.

It is possible that it has some association with the US flag with a thin green line.

What Does a Green line on the American flag mean?

The American flag is a symbol of patriotism to many US citizens. And, the addition of different colored lines on the US flag serves to represent a specific group of Americans – usually men and women in some kind of national service role.

A green American flag or American flag with a thin green line could represent any of the following:

  • Border patrollers
  • Conservation personnel
  • Park rangers

It is associated with personnel involved in protecting the US environment and ecology.


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