Are Murphy Beds TOO Noisy? (We Checked)

Murphy beds are built to be functional and comfortable.

However, with all the lifting, folding, and storing, you might assume that there are creaks and groans to go with that bed.

Furthermore, when sleeping on something with so many springs, its only natural to worry that you might be kept up from the noise.

Are murphy beds noisy?

Some murphy bed builds are noisier than others. Piston lift mechanisms are whisper-quiet, while regular spring lift mechanisms are going to creak and be noisier. They also may require maintenance or oiling to keep them quiet. Beds without mechanisms to lift – manual ones – are less quiet but heavy.

Are Murphy Beds Noisy When Being Moved Up and Down?

Most Murphy beds are very easy to fold up and down.

Their lifting systems are made to help the user easily store and sleep during their daily routine.

Did you know that Murphy beds have different lifting systems and materials that they use to make this happen?

There are two most common hardware options that murphy beds are made with Piston and spring lift mechanisms.

Piston Lifting Mechanisms:

Gas piston lifting mechanisms use high-pressure gas or air on a piston head to provide motion for the bed to raise and lower in a quiet, slow and safe fashion.

They also have locking systems that hold the bed in place no matter what kind of tension or pull you put on the bed. This is great to prevent the bed from accidentally falling or flipping back up.

However, if pistons require maintenance or become damaged over time, or even just lose their strength, you will have to entirely replace the mechanism, rather than a single spring.

While pistons are quieter, they don’t last as long, and they are more expensive.

Spring Lifting Mechanisms:

Spring mechanisms are more likely to maintain their strength and last longer over a lifetime of use.

The springs, unlike the gas pistons, use their taught force and resistance to hold the bed in place and gently raise and lower it.

Without a gas mechanism, the system is a little more manual and robust and is, therefore, less likely to wear down or break, but it does require a little more manual labor to use.

Furthermore, if your spring system does wear down, replacing one or two springs is much easier than replacing the whole piston gas system.

However, springs are noisier, especially after a few years of use.

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Are Murphy Beds Noisier than Regular Beds When you Sleep?

Depending on the construction of your bed, the squeaking of your mattress might be louder or quieter.

Spring murphy beds are more likely to be a little bit louder, but that’s usually during the folding and storing moments of use.

If you are in bed, the mattress itself might be a little creaky, but the frame of the bed should be relatively silent.

Murphy beds are build to be strong and durable, especially because of the wear and tear they go through, but if you are worried about tossing and turning all night on a loud bed, you shouldn’t hear more noise than a regular bed.

However, wood or metal beds will eventually result in a noisier atmosphere after years of use when they begin to loosen or wear down.

If you are worried about it, be very gentle with your bed and make sure to tighten or oil any hinges or springs to prevent any noise.

For more information on what kind of Murphy Bed to buy, check out our article: What Is The Best Murphy Bed To Buy? (Solved!)

How Do You Make a Murphy Bed Completely Silent?

Murphy beds are considered to be completely silent when you can fold them up and down and sleep on them without any noise.

No bed is ever going to be completely silent, but you can get it pretty close with the right materials and maintenance.

If your murphy bed isn’t as quiet as you’d like it to be, it could be the result of a few things:

Lifting System:

If you’re looking for a murphy bed like that, consider investing in a piston lifting system.

Piston lift systems always include reviews about how “whisper-quiet” they are, and customers tend to shell out the extra money for piston hardware over springs.

If you have a piston lift system already, consider keeping up on maintenance and replace any that aren’t as strong as they used to be.

They will lose their resistance, and that can get incredibly frustrating for some users who can’t get their bed to lock in place the way that they want them to.

Bed Materials:

Wood and metal are both strong options when it comes to building a bed, but over time those materials are going to creak and moan if not properly taken care of.

As we mentioned before, if you are buying a murphy bed frame made of metal, over time, that metal is going to squeak or loosen or rub against itself and rust.

If that’s the case, you’ll want to get ahead of that immediately and make sure to oil and maintain it as best you can.

Furthermore, wood can fray or thin or creak if the hinges or bolts become loose or stripped.

Properly caring for your furniture material is crucial to helping it last a long time, so if you think your bed could wear down over several years of use, just try to be gentle and maintain it as much as possible.


Murphy Bed Spring Mechanism vs. Piston Mechanism: What’s the Difference?

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