What Are The Best Murphy Beds To Buy? (Solved!)

A Murphy Bed gives you a comfortable place to sleep without sacrificing floor space in any smaller-scale home.

This is because these types of beds are meant to fold up flat against the wall when not in use. This also allows you to have the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and entertainment!

However, choosing the right Murphy Bed for you can sometimes be easier said than done.

What is the best Murphy Beds to buy?

The best Murphy Bed for you is going to depend on your space and home. A verticle bed will work better in a larger space, while a home with little to no extra floor space will benefit from a horizontal bed. For the best bed, the Lori Bed and the BESTAR Nebula Full Wall Bed are our picks!

Here is everything you need to know about the best Murphy Beds for sale as well as where you can find the one that is right for you.

How Do I Figure Out Which Murphy Bed Type Is Best For Me?

The first thing you need to figure out is what type of Murphy Bed you need.

The biggest decision will be how you want the bed to fold away.

When it comes to Murphy Beds, you have two main options:

  1. A verticle folding bed
  2. A horizontal folding bed

Here are the differences between the two as well as the perks each one has to offer for your specific living style:

Verticle Folding Murphy Beds

A verticle folding Murphy Bed is one that pulls down from the foot of the bed to touch the ground.

A verticle folding bed is better for homes that have more floor space because once folded down; the bed will occupy most of that floor space.

Also, since the bed will be folding vertically, you will be able to have open space on either side of the bed.

Horizontal Folding Murphy Beds

A horizontal folding Murphy Bed will unfold down from the side.

This is a great option for homes that have little to no extra floor space.  This will help to open up the room since the bed won’t lay vertically in the space.

However, with this type of bed, you will be sleeping with one wall to your side.

This can be a problem for some people who don’t like sleeping in tight spaces.

But, if you can comfortably sleep this way, you will love the amount of space you can save.

What Are The Best Online Stores for Murphy Beds?

Here’s a list of the online stores we recommend:

StoresPrice rangeMurphy bedsVisit
Wayfair$-$$179Visit here
the Lori Bed$-$ (!)4
Visit here
Expand Furniture$$-$$$35Visit here
Amazon$-$$$+200Visit here

Once you know what type of Murphy Bed you want to buy, its time to do some shopping!

Murphy Beds are not like traditional beds in one big way: you will not be able to find them easily in standard furniture stores. 

Your best bet for finding a great Murphy Bed is to use to the internet.

If you’re worried about the gamble of buying furniture online, have no fear – we’re here to help!

Here are some of the best online stores where you can find a great murphy bed to buy!

The Lori Bed

The Lori Bed is a great resource because they specialize in Murphy Style beds.

Here you can find both vertical and horizontal Murphy Beds in different sizes and styles.

You can find their bed systems and prices here.

This means that no matter how you want your bed to open, you are highly likely to find the best one for you here. Best of all, the Lori Bed offers high-quality beds at an affordable price.

The reason why the beds here are so affordable is that they don’t need anything extra to make them work!

This is because these beds are meant to lift and close without any extra lifting mechanisms.

Usually, this extra cost is one of the main reasons why other retailers drive up the prices of their Murphy Beds.

Expand Furniture

Expand Furniture is one of our favorite resources for furnishing tiny houses.

This is because they specialize in multi-functioning pieces that are meant to save space in your small-scale home.

Naturally, they have some amazing Murphy Beds as well!  They have almost 100 Murphy Bed styles for sale ranging in many different prices and sizes.

They even have more unique beds like bunk-style murphy beds as well as ones that double as other pieces of furniture like sofas.

I especially love the styles that feature a bookshelf on the other side so that your room can completely transform when you are not sleeping.

For more tips and resources when it comes to finding the best Expand Furniture Murphy Bed – Check out our link here!

How Much Should You Pay For A Murphy Bed?

One thing you want to keep in mind when shopping for a Murphy Bed is how much you are willing to spend.

You also have to consider what the average price is for a Murphy Bed so you can make sure to get the best deal.

So, how much should you pay for a Murphy Bed?

Pricing & Features:

This will depend on the style and size of the bed you want.

Larger frames like full and queen will have a higher price tag compared to the standard twin-sized bed.

The average price for a twin-sized Murphy Bed is anywhere from $1k to $1.5k.  While this may seem like a high price tag, you have to consider that traditional bed frames cost much more.

However, this doesn’t mean that you won’t end up paying less than the average.  Keep an eye out for good deals and do your research before pulling the trigger.

This way, you are sure to get not only exactly what you need, but you can get it without blowing your furnishing budget.

For more tips and resources when it comes to finding the best Murphy Bed – Check out our article on 9 Affordable Murphy Beds that Just Work!

What Is The Best Murphy Bed?

Once you have done all of your research when it comes to style, size, and budget, you are ready to buy your Murphy Bed.

The Lori Bed

Sometimes, there is nothing better than an original.

Check their solutions here.

The Lori Bed is the signature Murphy Bed for this store and is still the best seller to this date.  This is a verticle style folding bed that pulls down from the foot of the bed.

Once folded down, there is a set of shelves revealed from the back.

This is not only a great place to store items, but it also offers an interesting design feature to your room.

One of the best things about this bed is that it comes in both twin and queen sizes meaning that you customize it to your specific needs.

Also, the price of this bed is below the average for twin style Murphy Beds at just under $800.

Plus, since it is a Lori bed, you won’t need any extra mechanisms to make it work, which helps to keep the price low.

For more tips and resources when it comes to finding the best Lori Wall Murphy Bed – Check out our link here!

Wrapping It Up!

Truthfully, the “best” bed for you, is always going to be subjective.

While we have a soft spot for the Lori Bed, you should always be looking for the best Murphy Bed that will fit your specific needs!

Some things to keep in mind are the size, style, and safety of the bed you need.

Once you know the direction to look in, finding the right bed for you will be a breeze.

Especially if you focus on the best online stores, we have mentioned!

This way, you can save time searching through hundreds of furniture stores and spend more time filling your house with amazing furniture that will save you space and sanity.

Good luck!

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