Are Murphy Beds Practical For Everyday Use? (Solved)

Many people use murphy beds in guest rooms. This helps them save space when the rooms aren’t in use.

They are also great for tiny living, but they would need to be used on a daily basis.

Are murphy beds practical for everyday use?

Murphy beds can be practical for daily use depending on how you utilize your space and what kind of Murphy bed you need. If you are good at making up the bed every morning and putting it away, it will be a perfect space saver. If not, you may need another solution.

Consider whether or not you will be able to take down the bed every night and put it away every morning.

Also ask yourself whether or not the extra space will actually be useful for you.

Let’s take a deeper look at murphy beds so that you can decide for yourself whether or not one would be useful in your everyday life:

The Stiles Murphy Bed

The Stiles Murphy Bed is a simple vertically mounted murphy bed made by Zipcode Designs.

This murphy bed sits inside a large cabinet that comes in brown, gray, or white.

You have your choice between a queen-size bed or a full-size bed.  Both options weigh over 300 pounds in total, but the bed’s lift mechanism makes the bed easy for any adult to open and close the bed.

This murphy bed has a simple design, and you’ll have to decide what you want to do with when the bed is not in use.

Also, when you don’t want to use the bed, you will have to remove anything taller than 9 inches from in front of it.

For more information and prices on Stiles Murphy Beds, check out a few models!

Online stores with Murphy beds

StoresPrice rangeMurphy bedsVisit
Wayfair$-$$179Visit here
the Lori Bed$-$ (!)4
Visit here
Expand Furniture$$-$$$35Visit here
Amazon$-$$$+200Visit here

The Lori Bed

Check their solutions here.

The Lori bed is similar to the Stiles Murphy bed in both design and style.

The first big difference is the price.  You’ll pay from 35% to 45% more for a Stiles Murphy Bed than you will for a Lori Bed.

Of course, the reason for this comes from the second major difference between these two-bed styles.

This difference is in how the Lori Bed lifts up and down.  You’ll find that the Lori Bed is more difficult to lift up and down when compared to the Stiles Murphy Bed.

This is because the Lori Bed does not have a lift system tied into it.  Because of this, you’ll have to lift the entire weight of the bed and the mattress each time you use it.

As a result, I think you’ll find that this bed is less useful for everyday use.  This being said, it could be possible for somebody to use it every day if they were to use the extra space to work out in.

For example, you could lift the bed up and then use the space to do weight training or yoga.

In this case, lifting the bed up before working out and then putting it back down after working out really wouldn’t be a big deal.

For more information and prices on Lori Murphy Beds, click here!

Expand Furniture Murphy Beds

Expand Furniture makes multifunctional murphy beds that already have a dual purpose in life.

For instance, their Minima Queen Murphy Bed combines a leather sofa with a murphy bed.

This sofa sits in front of the murphy bed, and it doesn’t have to be moved before bringing the murphy bed down into place.

While this model might not be a good everyday bed for all users, I do think it could be very useful for people who live in tiny homes or studio apartments.

Another dual-purpose murphy bed offered by Expand is the Compatto wall bed.  This bed combines the murphy bed with both a desk and a set of shelves.

Because the shelves rotate out of the way, you don’t even have to empty them before pulling the bed down. 

This means that this bed could turn a one-bedroom apartment into a one-bedroom apartment with an office.

Both of these murphy beds are easy to open and close as they come with lift mechanisms.

For more information and prices on Expand Furniture Murphy Beds, check out a few models!

Additional Questions on Murphy Beds:

How Long Does it Take to Make and Flip-up a Murphy Bed?

Murphy beds don’t really need to be made and remade each night.

However, you will need to take the pillows off and put them on each time you use the bed.

Even so, it won’t take more than a minute to take the pillows off and to flip the murphy bed up.

How Long Does it take to Fold a Murphy Bed Down at Night?

Folding a murphy bed down each night shouldn’t take more than a minute or two, depending on the design of the murphy bed.

A murphy bed that serves more than one purpose may take a bit longer to take down than one that does not.

How Hard is it to Lift a Murphy Bed?

As we mentioned earlier, any murphy bed with a built-in lift mechanism won’t be hard at all to lift.

On the other hand, lifting a murphy bed without a lift system will be hard for people with limited strength and possibly a minor inconvenience for those with superior strength.

An automatic lift system will be more costly, of course, but that might be crucial for a user who needs it.

Final Thoughts:

Murphy beds aren’t quite as easy to use as beds that are out all the time.

However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t practical for everyday use.

People who don’t mind doing a little bit of extra work each day for a little extra space will find murphy beds practical for everyday use while others will not.

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