12 Great Boats With Trailers Included (With Pictures & Prices)

When you buy a boat, it goes without saying that you will also need a trailer.

A trailer is necessary for taking your boat back and forth to different locations as well as launching it and taking it out of the water.

Most people who store their boats also do this on a trailer.

So you might find yourself wondering: What are some great boats out there that are sold with a trailer?

Buying A New Boat?

When shopping for a new boat, you will likely be looking at three separate purchases.

One of these will be the boat itself, one will be the motor, and one will be the trailer.

Oftentimes, this can all be accomplished at the same dealership and is included in one deal.

Because of the nature of each of these items, they are all separate pieces of a transaction and all three parts of the deal will need to be insured and will either need a Watercraft Title or UCC filed.

If you are looking to purchase all three of these things at once, so you can leave the dealership with a fully functioning vessel, you will want to look for dealerships that are maybe offering a Boat Motor Trailer deal, or BMT deal.

Boats That Can Be Packaged With Trailers:

There are many boats that come with all three aspects sold in the same place or dealership so that you do not have to hunt around at different locations to finish fitting out your boat.

The most common types of boats that are available to be packaged with a trailer are:

  • Bass Boats
  • Runabouts
  • Deck boats
  • Cruisers
  • Pontoon Boats

This is something that you will want to consider when buying your boat from a dealership since it is likely to be more cost-efficient.

Tracker Boats That Come With Custom-Made Trailers:

There are not very many boats that come with trailers since they are often manufactured by different companies.

One company that does manufacture both boats and trailers is Tracker.

Tracker offers a wide variety of boats and trailers to come with them.

Some of these boats made by Tracker include:

1. Tracker Pro 170

This boat is an aluminum bass boat that is loaded with specialty fishing gear.

This boat is 16′ 8″ and can seat up to 4 passengers.

This boat can be sold with a trailer with a starting price of $14,695.00.

2. Tracker SUPER GUIDE V-16 SC

This boat is a nimble aluminum deep V boat that is also geared for fishing.

This boat is 16′ and can fit up to 4 passengers.

This boat is also sold with a trailer for a starting price of $15,195.00.

3. Tracker GRIZZLY 2072 CC Sportsman Kicker

The Tracker Grizzly 2072 CC Sportsman Kicker is an all-purpose Jon Boat.

This boat is 21′ 5″ and has seating for 5 passengers.

This boat is sold with a trailer for a starting price of $35,695.00.

Other Boats That Are Sold With Trailers:

If you are looking for a boat that is not a small Tracker Aluminum boat than you will want to consider used boats that are sold with the trailer that their previous owner purchased.

Some great used or new boats that are sold with a properly sized trailer include:

4. Wellcraft Excel 24′

This boat is a 1996 Wellcraft that includes a walk around cuddy, a 200 horsepower Johnson 2-stroke outboard motor and comes complete with a 1999 Venture Tandem Axle trailer.

This boat is currently being sold with its trailer for $5,495.00.

5. Bentley Pontoons 240

This boat comes with a single outboard motor. The hull is made out of aluminum pontoons.

This pontoon boat is 24 feet overall and it comes with a Honda 150 horsepower engine that runs on gas instead of diesel.

This boat is currently being sold with a 2019 Zieman, Tandem Axle Trailer.

You can buy the boat, motor, and trailer for $43,394.00.

6. Veranda VP25HTS

The 2018 Veranda VP25HTS is a tri-toon pontoon boat with a lot of great features.

This boat is made for entertaining with a length of 25 feet and a veranda on top.

Also included is a waterslide off the top deck veranda, plenty of seating space on the main deck, both shaded and out in the sun, easy access ladders, and the power from a 2018 Yamaha single outboard motor with 250 horsepower.

You can purchase this boat, complete with trailer, GPS, depth sounder, and other entertainment features for $79,900.00.

7. 1992 Sea Ray Weekender 23

The 1992 Sea Ray Weekender 23 is a power boat, or express cruiser, that is 23’ in length and has a fiberglass hull.

This vessel is equipped with a 1992 Mercury 350 horsepower motor.

This boat is used but has been meticulously cared for.

This boat comes with an Aluminum, Tandem Axle trailer and sells for $19,500.00.

8. Tidewater 220 C/C

The Tidewater 220 C/C is a center console vessel that measures 22.2 feet in length.

This boat has tilt hydraulic steering, fresh water shower, live well, underwater lights, digital gauges, a swim ladder, and other entertainment features.

This boat is being sold with a Magic Tilt Fitted Tandem Aluminum Trailer with brakes.

You can buy both the boat and the trailer for $57,500.00

9. Chaparral 227 SSX

The Chaparral 227 SSX is a used 2017 bowrider that is 23 feet in length.

This boat runs on a gas engine that is a Mercury with 250 horsepower.

This boat also comes with a custom bimini top, cockpit and bow cover, cast folding arch tower, and an aluminum, tandem axle trailer with aluminum wheels.

This boat is being sold with the trailer for $49,900.00.

10. 20′ Johnson C Scow

The 20’ Johnson C Scow is a high-performance sailboat that is made for day trips.

This boat is a used 1984 and is being sold with 2 mainsails as well as new cables, jack stayes, and main line.

This boat was built for speed and racing.

This boat is being sold with the trailer for $1,500.00.

11. 20′ Com-Pac Horizon Cat

This boat is a 2014 sailboat that is built for speed but also has accommodation in mind.

This boat is being sold with a barely used trailer for $27,950.00.

12. Whittley CR 2600

The Whittley CR 2600 is a boat that is about 28 feet in length. This boat is ideal for fishing, leisure cruising, or even overnight travel.

This boat has a cabin with a sink, stove, and fridge. There is a dining area that converts into a bed.

This boat also comes with a fully equipped private bathroom with a shower, toilet, and basin.

This boat is being sold with a  Mackey trailer for the price of $134,950.000.

Places to Get a Custom Trailer:

If you are trying to get a trailer for an already existing vessel there are options that allow you to get a custom made trailer.

You should keep a few things in mind when you are searching for a trailer after the purchase of your boat.

These considerations include:


When looking for a boat trailer you should give great consideration to size.

You will need to know what length is required when searching for a trailer. This is an easy consideration to make.

Another factor in size is weight. When calculating the weight of your boat, you will want to factor in the weight of the engine, the weight of fuel, water, and additional gear.

The weight of your tongue should only be between 10 and 15 percent of the total boat and trailer package.


If you have a smaller boat, you will want to look for a trailer with only 1 axle. If you own a larger boat, you might need a trailer with multiple axles.


You will also want to consider brakes for your trailer. Often there are size requirements and rules in place for how many axles your trailer should have, but there is not a general rule for how many brakes you must have per axle.

This rule varies state by state. Make sure you have the proper amount of brakes per axle to comply with the rules of your state.


There are a few material options you can use for your boat trailer. Painted steel trailers are fine for freshwater and can be painted to match your boat making it look more custom.

If you plan to boat in saltwater, you should look at a galvanized steel or aluminum trailer.

Bunks vs. Rollers:

When buying a trailer you have to make a decision between bunks or rollers.

Bunks are more supportive and are often topped with carpet and plastic tops to make it easier for the boat to slide on and off.

Rollers make it easier to slide the boat on and off but are not quite as stable as bunks.

Other Necessities:

The other things needed for your boat trailer are a hitch as well as rearview lights.

Overall, a trailer is a necessary accessory for your boat and there are many ways you can acquire one. Whether this is a package deal with a dealership, a custom made trailer or even a trailer sold with a vessel.

Why Do I Need A Trailer?

It is possible that you are wondering why a trailer is even necessary. For some people, not having a trailer seems like a completely valid decision.

Some arguments against having a trailer can include:

  • They keep their boat at the same marina or dock all season long.
  • They do not have the proper vehicle to tow their boat on a trailer.
  • They do not believe they will ever want to take their boat to a new body of water.
  • They keep their boat somewhere that travels to a different body of water that can be accomplished without removing it from the water.
  • The cost and maintenance and storage of the trailer is not an expense they need.

These are valid concerns and with some marina or storage facilities being full service, it is highly likely that they can get by without a trailer of their own.

But should they?

There are many reasons that having access to a trailer will make your boat ownership easier.

These reasons can include:

  • The freedom to launch your boat in whatever body of water you would like.
  • The ease of keeping the bottom of your boat clean by taking it out of the water when not in use.
  • The saved expense of not renting a slip or dock at a marina.
  • Not having a private dock to have your boat moored at.
  • The freedom to take your boat anywhere you want to get serviced.
  • The freedom to take your boat anywhere you want to store it.
  • The ability to take your boat out of the water if the weather is undesirable and you want to prevent possible damage.

There are also many reasons that you should buy a trailer for you and your specific boat instead of borrowing or renting one.

One main reason that you will want a specific trailer for your vessel is that there is a growing trend in unique hull designs.

Because boats are now featuring a large variety of different lengths and designs, there are more trailer options out there than there were before.

This means that companies that offer trailers for rent or are otherwise full service, have to buy more trailers to keep up with the variety. Because they might not have the room or the money to do so, you might have a hard time finding a place that can work with you or your vessel.

If you have a unique boat, you might find a hard time finding a service that has a trailer to fit your specific vessel.

This can not only make dealing with your boat more difficult, but it can also affect the retail value of your boat.

If the new owners want a trailer for your boat and it is hard to find, you might lose a potential buyer.

Having a trailer specifically tailored to your boat can also provide safety when the boat is being moved.

If you use the wrong trailer type or size, you can risk damage done to your boat or its hull.

For these reasons, when shopping for a boat, you should invest in the proper trailer right from the beginning.

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