Campervan Storage Cost: 3 Helpful Examples (Explained)

Often, when buying a campervan, the van’s cost is not the only cost you will have to consider.

When it’s time for your campervan to be stored, it’s important to know the storage options available to you and the costs involved – especially if you are a seasonal camper or live in a place that gets very cold very quickly.

How much you will pay for storage will depend greatly on where you decide to store your campervan and if you will require additional or special amenities:

Here Is The Average Cost For Storing A Campervan:

The average storage costs will vary depending on where you store your campervan, your campervan size, and the amenities you will require. Outdoor storage can range between $30 to $100 a month, and indoor storage can range between $50 to $450 a month.

Average Cost For Campervan Storage (3 Storage Types)

When it comes to storing your campervan, you have predominantly four options available to you.

Each of these options will have varying prices.

The four main storage types are, storing at your home, outdoor storage, indoor storage, and heated indoor storage:

1. Campervan Home Storage

The cheapest and most affordable option available to you would be to store your campervan at your home.

Should you have a garage or a carport, then this option could be ideal for you. If you reside in an area with favorable and stable weather conditions, you might be able to even store your campervan in your driveway or on your lawn.

There are minimum costs involved when it comes to storing your campervan at your house. You may have additional electric costs if you plan to keep your campervan stored in your garage with the heat on.

If you stay in an apartment, you might have to pay for additional parking space for you to store your campervan in the building.

However, it isn’t always possible to store your campervan at your house due to some neighborhoods’ rules and regulations. You may also not feel comfortable keeping your campervan where you live as you might have fears of vandalism or theft.

Therefore if this is the case, you should consider alternatives.

2. Campervan Outdoor Storage

When it comes to campervan outdoor storage, many facilities offer this service.

You will be able to hire a unit or parking space to store your campervan. Most of these storage facilities offer paved, gravel, or lawn storage placements.

If you aren’t too concerned about weather conditions, then an outdoor storage facility for your campervan might be an option to consider.  However, should you have some weather concerns, don’t disregard outdoor facilities altogether as some of these facilities will offer covered parking allotments.

Importantly you should note that often you will have to pay more for this option as it affords your campervan more protection.

Outdoor storage is usually more affordable, and depending on the location, you can look to pay between $30 to $50 a month for just the parking space.

If you want amenities like security and sewerage dump stations, then you could pay between $60 to $100 or more.

Moreover, the cost of your campervan storage space will be determined by the size of your van.

3. Campervan Indoor Storage

Indoor campervan storage is probably the most expensive option available.

As you are storing the campervan in an indoor facility, there are additional costs involved. Indoor facilities offer various amenities, and how much you pay for this option will depend on if you choose to do shared storage or private storage.

With indoor shared storage, it is cheaper than private indoor storage. This is because you will be storing your campervan amongst other recreational vehicles owned by other tenants.

However, you will have your own reserved spot in the facility.

Indoor campervan storage facilities are more expensive as they are often safer, and they provide more protection from climatic elements than outdoor campervan storage facilities.

Indoor private storage units are the most expensive storage option, but this is because you have various premium amenities at your disposal.

You can opt for indoor heating, CCTV camera systems, battery charging, valet parking, and numerous other options.

On average, depending on your campervan size, and if you’re choosing a communal indoor facility or a private storage unit, you should expect a difference in pricing.

Indoor communal storage without premium amenities and heating will cost you, on average, between $50 to $125 or more a month.

Should you choose to use a private heated storage unit or choose to include other premium amenities, you can expect to pay $100 to $450 a month.

What Are The Cheapest Option For Storing A Campervan?

Depending on your budget, the cheapest options available to you would be to store the campervan at your home or an outdoor storage facility.

Storing your campervan at your home can be inexpensive; however, you should keep in mind that there may be additional costs if your property needs extra security. As we mentioned previously, you might also have to pay, depending on where you live, additional parking fees.

Many outdoor storage facilities are affordable, and you can expect to pay a low fee of roughly $30 a month for a parking space.

This is inexpensive, but you will be sacrificing on amenities that could prolong the use you will get out of your campervan.

How Do I Find Cheap Storage For My Campervan?

When looking for cheap storage for your campervan, there are a few methods that you can utilize.

Below we have listed a few:

Social Media:

In America, there are numerous campervan Facebook groups.

You will likely have no issue finding and joining a group dedicated to campervans. In these groups, you will often find storage facilities or advertised specials of storage sites.

Some of the people in the groups could also guide you on the best and cheapest storage options near you.


The organization CaSSOA is a UK based organization created to keep campervans, camper trailers, and RVs safe.

Through the use of a CaSSOA site tool on some campervan websites, you will be able to find cheap storage.

These will often be caravan sites, but they will allow campervans; you will have to confirm with the site you choose.


The Australian based website Spacer might be an excellent avenue to pursue when looking for cheap storage.

Spacer connects people who have storage available to people who are seeking storage.

You’re sure to find a cheap campervan storage solution when utilizing this website.

What Should I Look For When Looking For Storage For Campervans?

When you’re looking for a place to store your campervan, you should consider a few factors.

Below we will be introducing to you a few important factors that you should take into consideration:

1. What Is The Security On Offer?

When looking for a storage site for your campervan, it’s incredibly important to consider if the site has adequate security measures in place.

Many campervan storage options will have CCTV cameras, alarms, 24-hour security site patrols, and are fully fenced.

Some of these storage places will also have a mandatory sign in and sign out sheet to ensure a record is kept of all visitors. Additionally, some of the more expensive campervan storage facilities will have pin code access controls.

These security measures will make sure your campervan is not damaged or stolen.

2. Campervan Storage Location

When searching for a campervan storage facility, location is key.

It would be beneficial to choose a campervan storage facility close to where you reside, which is also close to travel and transport routes. By doing this, you can get to your campervan easily if there is an emergency.

You will also save time by being closer to travel routes.

You will have to choose a storage location that will accommodate the size of your campervan.

Another factor to consider in terms of location is choosing a campervan storage site that fits your budget.

3. Fire And Flood Risk Assessment

When choosing a place to store your campervan, you should note how close the storage placements are to each other.

Closer placements present a greater fire hazard risk. You will want to choose a storage site that has proper placing standards between campervans.

Flooding is a risk in some climates and areas. When considering a storage facility, your campervan, be sure to check if the area is susceptible to flooding. Most storage sites will, however, have insurance against flooding.

To avoid potential damage to your campervan, it would be best to assess and choose a storage site with minimal fire and flood risks.

How Is The Storage Site Typically Calculated For Campervans?

Campervan storage sites are calculated based on your campervan’s size and what type of amenities and features you require.

If your campervan is larger, you will have to pay a higher storage cost. Should you require significant security features or want your campervan stored indoors, the cost will be higher.

Indoor private heating storage units will also cost you more, as will amenities such as battery charging stations.

Ultimately you should choose a storage site that suits your budget and your requirements.

Are Campervans More Expensive To Store Than Camper Trailers?

Campervans can be more expensive to store depending on their size and the conditions you want your campervan stored.

However, some camper trailers are larger in comparison and will cost more to store.

In most cases, the pricing will depend on the size of the campervan or camper trailer.


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