3 Great Fifth Wheels For Families With Kids (With Pictures)

You should consider a fifth wheel above all others if you have a family with children.

Choosing a fifth-wheel RV will give you all the space you need to foster a healthy family environment, whether you live in an RV full-time or plan on traveling on holiday.

Since finding a fifth wheel worth your money can be challenging, we’ve found a few of the best we think you should consider:

Why Is A Fifth Wheel Perfect For Families?

Fifth-wheel motorhomes have plenty of space and numerous sleeping accommodations depending on the type of fifth-wheel RV you buy and its floorplan.

For the most part, fifth wheels sleep between four to 10 people, with comfortable sofa beds, king and queen-sized beds, and bunk beds featured in most.

The middle of the fifth wheel is usually spacious, with enough space for children to play during rainy days if they are kept indoors. The center usually houses the television and lounge, so you can easily pop on a movie for your kids or let them play with toys.

Most fifth wheels have decent-sized kitchens, which are crucial if you need to make meals for a large family. Besides having loads of countertop space, most fifth-wheel motorhomes are equipped with all the modern residential-sized appliances you could need.

Another great feature fifth wheels have that other motorized motorhomes lack is plenty of indoor and outdoor equipment storage.

If you and your family enjoy spending time outdoors with dirt bikes and canoes, you should look for a fifth wheel with a garage floor plan. In addition, most fifth wheels have plenty of exterior and interior storage compartments, not to mention pass thru storage areas.

Only some, but some fifth wheels are lightweight and don’t need a heavy-duty towing vehicle. If you purchase a lightweight fifth-wheel motorhome, you won’t need to worry too much about buying a new towing car.

Instead, you can use your SUV or current truck, depending on its towing capabilities.

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These Are The 3 Greatest Fifth Wheels For Families With Kids

Now that you know why a fifth wheel is ideal for families with children, we want to share a few of the greatest fifth wheels we have come across recently.

Each of these models has unique attributes that make it worth the investment. We will discuss their best features, specifications, and prices so you know what you’re getting into before you drive to your nearest dealership.

2022 Keystone Montana High Country 335BH

If you’re looking for a fifth-wheel motorhome with a loft, bunk beds, a private bedroom, and two bathrooms, you don’t have to share one with your children. You need to consider the 2022 Keystone Montana High Country 335BH.

This motorhome has all of these things and more, and it’s reasonably priced at about $95,0000 for a brand-new model.

The 2022 Keystone Montana High Country 335BH has a total length of 37 feet, a height of 13 feet and 4 inches, a hitch weight of 2,615 pounds, a carrying capacity of 3,160 pounds, and a gross weight rating of 12,840 pounds.

Additionally, this model has impressive water tank capacities with a 91-gallon fresh water tank, an 88-gallon greywater tank, and an 88-gallon black water tank which is more than enough for a traveling family.

One of the best things about this motorhome is that it can sleep up to eight people. It also has a garage with television prep and a cozy fireplace in the lounge area where the whole family can congregate on cold winter days.

There is also a 16-inch awning, a rear ladder, electric slideouts, auto leveling, a large pass thru storage area, and generator prep.

But this is only some of you can look forward to if you choose this model. Some of the best features in this RV include an exterior shower to rinse off the little ones after a fun day outdoors, a central vacuum to clean up messes quickly, theater-style seating for movie nights, in-floor heating to stay warm, and Wi-Fi prep to keep connected.

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2022 Grand Design Solitude 390RK

Those who have a larger budget and who are okay with splurging on a premium quality modern fifth wheel should have a look at the 2022 Grand Design Solitude 390RK.

This RV exudes class and luxury with its numerous high-end features and amenities.

Since it is more expensive, it’s usually perfect for families with older children past their childhood exploring and breaking stages. Yet, as we said, this luxury does come at a somewhat hefty price, with the 2022 Grand Design Solitude 390RK usually retailing for about $120,000.

The 2022 Grand Design Solitude 390RK has an overall length of 41 feet and 5 inches, making it one of the most spacious fifth-wheel motorhomes on the market. It also has a height of 13 feet and 5 inches, a gross vehicle weight rating of 16,800 pounds, a hitch weight of 2,794 pounds, and an unloaded vehicle weight of 14,562 pounds.

In terms of water-carrying capacities, this model is a mixed bag. It has a freshwater tank capacity of 96 gallons (especially impressive for adult families), a greywater tank capacity of 106 gallons, and a blackwater tank capacity of 53 gallons (far less impressive than some of the competition).

Yet, its superb construction, walk-on roof, tinted windows, solar prep, and 12-gallon water heater make up for it.

This fifth-wheel motorhome has other notable luxury features and amenities, making it perfect for families, including under-step shoe storage, backup camera prep, dishwasher prep, and an 18 cubic-foot refrigerator. There is also a residential spray faucet, a microwave, a one-piece fiberglass shower, a porcelain toilet, and a professional-grade stainless steel cooktop.

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2022 Forest River Sandpiper 330BH

Only some families looking for a new fifth wheel will have lots of funds for a brand-new motorhome.

If you’re on a budget and want to spend less on a fifth wheel, you might like the 2022 Forest River Sandpiper 330BH, which retails for about $70,000. This RV might not be the fanciest on the market, but it has the features and amenities a family needs while out on the road.

The 2022 Forest River Sandpiper 330BH Is the shortest model on our list, with an overall length of 36 feet and 11 inches. This fifth wheel also has a height of 13 feet and 4 inches, a hitch weight of 1,920 pounds, a gross weight rating of 13,769, and a cargo weight capacity of 3,000 pounds.

Additionally, the 2022 Forest River Sandpiper 330H has decent water tank capacities for large families. You can expect a freshwater tank capacity of 50 gallons (not as impressive as competitors), a black tank capacity of 104 gallons, and a grey tank capacity of 134 gallons.

Families will also likely love the outside refrigerator and kitchen area, which makes entertaining a breeze, and the private bedroom. Moreover, this motorhome sleeps up to seven people and has a fireplace and a 15,000 BTU airconditioner to keep everyone cool during hot summer days.

Yet, this budget fifth-wheel RV has many more features that families traveling with children will like. For example, the 2022 Forest River Sandpiper 330H has a bumper-mounted swivel gas grill for cookouts, two full bathrooms, a comfortable bunk bed, a tri-fold hide-abed sofa, a private bedroom, and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom.

There are also plenty of cupboards for storage and large windows for natural lighting.


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