12 Great Camper Vans With Pop Up Roof (With Pictures)

Camper vans with pop-tops first gained popularity in the 1960s, when VW campers became the ultimate expression of freedom and adventure.

Modern camper vans are much better equipped than the original “hippie” vans, but the pop-top design is still going strong, and many vans retain the romantic spirit of their predecessors.

We’ve found 12 great camper vans with pop-up roofs that you should know about.

Class B Camper Vans with Pop up Roofs

These are camper vans with pop-up roofs produced by established companies that often make a wide variety of RVs.

There are often a few different floorplans and optional extras, like solar.

Check out these campervans with awnings as well.

1. VW Eurovan Camper

From 1995 to 2003, VW teamed up with Winnebago to produce an updated camper van for the North American market.

Although Eurovan campers are no longer in production, there are still plenty of available on the used market.

Eurovan campers have gained a devoted following, thanks to their sleek exterior and Winnebago’s clever interior design.

These camper vans have a manual pop-top with a comfortable double bed that can also be folded back when not in use. This creates plenty of standing space when the pop-top is up.

The Eurovan’s living area includes a 12-volt fridge, 2 burner propane stove, and a sink.

Both front seats swivel to face the living area, and the rear bench seat converts to another double bed, making this camper van ideal for families on the move.

2. VW California

Currently only available in Europe, the VW California is a fully modernized version of the classic VW camper vans.

This camper van features a similar design to the Eurovan, with a fridge, sink, and stove.

There’s also a neat camping table and chairs stowed away behind the driver’s seat when not in use.

California’s pop-top is a modernized feature and is operated electronically, which makes the setup super quick and easy. The upper bed is perfect for a couple of kids and has zippered screens for ventilation.

This camper van comes with all the features you’d expect from a modern vehicle, including front and rear parking sensors, LED headlights, and a high-tech navigation system.

However, there are often problems with popup campers. Check this article with typical problems with popup Modcon campers.

3. Ford Nugget Plus

The Ford Nugget plus is another awesome camper that isn’t yet available in North America.

With the Nugget Plus, Ford teamed up with Winnebago to create a pop-top camper that features modern and spacious interior design and a highly economical EcoBlue Diesel engine.

Built on a Ford Transit, the Nugget Plus makes use of the interior space with a kitchen that has an L-shaped counter with plenty of room for creating epic camp cuisine.

There’s also a bathroom with a toilet and fold-away sink behind the kitchen, which sets this camper apart from many of its competitors.

The pop-top in the Nugget Plus tilts forward rather than backward and creates a peak ceiling height of over 7 feet in the living area. The comfortable upper bed is reached via a ladder in the kitchen.

Downstairs, a convertible couch adds another double bed, making the Nugget Plus a great option for couples or families.

4. Mercedes Metris Weekender

The Mercedes Metris Weekender is a camper van for those who want a compact van with a pop-top that delivers a luxury experience.

Mercedes partnered with Peace Vans and Driverage Vehicle Innovations to create a camper that seats 5 and sleeps 4.

The living area has a fridge, sink, and a small stove and feels roomy when the front seats are rotated to face the rear. There’s also a bench that converts to a double bed.

The pop-top is operated by the push of a button, making it easy to create extra headroom. It also features a double bed with a plush memory foam mattress, LED lights, and USB chargers.

Optional extras for the Metris Weekender include an 8-foot awning, solar panels for off-grid camping, and an awesome pull-out kitchen for a true camp-cooking experience.

5. Winnebago Solis

The Winnebago Solis is one of the most popular camper vans on our list, and for a good reason.

This camper van has everything that a family might need for an extended trip, including a 220 Watt flexible solar panel, an enclosed wet bath with a toilet and shower, and all the storage you could ever need.

Plus, the Eco-Hot water system means there’ll always be a hot shower when you need it.

Built on a Ram ProMaster chassis, the Solis has all of the excellent design features you’d expect from Winnebago. The floorplan is spacious and well imagined, and never feels cramped, and 4 people can sleep comfortably.

The pop-top is constructed using fiberglass and is easy to set up.

6. Pleasure-Way Tofino

Although the Tofino is a lot simpler and more utilitarian than some of the other camper vans on our list, it’s still a great option for families who want to explore the great outdoors.

The Tofino is built on a Ram ProMaster chassis, powered by a 3.6L V6 engine.

It’s easy to drive and handles really well.

Inside, there’s a living area with a bench that converts to a double bed and front seats that swivel round to create a nice cozy-feeling interior. There is a sink, fridge, and 1 burner propane stove, plus LED lighting and a 16,000 BTU Dometic furnace.

The Tofino’s pop-top is manually operated, creates extra headroom, and houses a double bed that is accessed via a ladder from the main living area.

Although the standard package is fairly basic, options include a couple of different solar packages, a heavy-duty roof rack, and a side door roll up screen.

7. Roadtrek Zion Slumber

The Zion Slumber is a luxury camper van that has been designed for couples who want separate living and dining areas or for families who want to travel in comfort.

This is another camper van that has been built on the reliable Ram ProMaster chassis. There are multiple floorplans available, including twin beds at the rear and an option for a king-size bed.

Like many other camper vans on our list, the Zion Slumber’s pop-top tilts backward and is motorized for easy operation. Once the pop-top is up, there’s a roomy area with a comfortable double bed.

This camper van has a large fridge, microwave, and a flip-up counter extension with a charging station.

There’s a ton of storage, including space in the center aisle, for larger items.

Add in the permanent bathroom with its marine toilet, shower, and sink, and you have a great camper van for luxury adventures!

8. Thor Tellaro 20AT

The Thor Tellaro 20AT is built on a Ram ProMaster chassis, with a powerful 3.6L V6 engine under the hood.

This is a front-wheel-drive platform that will handle well in any weather conditions, including snow and ice.

This camper van has a whole host of features that set it apart from its competitors. Aside from the beautiful interior, the Tellaro is a fully Thule-equipped vehicle with its European inspired design.

Thor has partnered with Thule to create a camper van with a bike rack, roof ladder, and motorized patio awning.

Although the Tellaro 20AT is a large camper van, it only sleeps 3. There’s the King size bed that converts to a couch and a single bed in the ‘Sky Bunk’ pop-top.

Other features that make this an outstanding Class B camper van include the bathroom with cassette toilet and shower, the Winegard ConnecT 2.0 system for internet connectivity, and the cute hideaway pet food and water dish.

9. Hymer Aktiv 2.0 Loft Edition

The Hymer Aktiv Loft Edition is perhaps the most family-friendly camper van on our list.

Although Hymer no longer sells its camper vans in North America, plenty of them is still available on the used market.

The Aktiv Loft Edition is built on an extended-wheelbase Ram ProMaster 3500 chassis and has plenty of room for the whole family to stretch out and relax. This van seats 5 and sleeps 5 with the optional foldout mattress that fits between the dinette and the front passenger seat.

The main sleeping options include a power sofa at the rear that converts to a queen-size bed and a longer but narrower bed in the roomy pop-top.

The Aktiv makes great use of the available space by creating two distinct lounge areas, one at the rear and the other upfront by the kitchen. The wet bath is in the middle of the living space and features a toilet and shower. 

Other features include a 24″ HD TV, a DVD player, and on-demand hot water.

Conversion Vans

There is a growing number of companies that specialize in converting vans.

Many of these companies offer the option of a pop-up roof. Often, these companies will work with customers to design a camper van that is completely unique.

10. Ursa Minor Ford Transit Connect

Ursa Minor is a company that specializes in converting small vans into campers with pop-tops.

Their Ford Transit Connect conversion creates an awesome camper van that’s perfect for couples or small families.

Although space is limited inside, there’s a convertible sofa bed and a loft bed perfect for kids. Plus, the pop-top creates around 6 feet of headroom inside the van.

The basic conversion includes the pop-top, mattress, and LED lighting. There are also options to add USB charging ports, 12V outlets, and rack-mount systems.

11. Sportsmobile Campers

Sportsmobile has been in business since 1961, and they really know what they are doing when it comes to camper van conversions.

Sportsmobile converts Mercedes Sprinters, Ford Transit vans, and Dodge ProMasters, and there’s a wide range of options available, ranging from fairly basic interiors to luxury conversions.

The Sportsmobile pop-top raises a full-level rather than at a slant, which means that it creates an incredible amount of extra space inside the van. There are 5 large screen windows in the pop-top, which provide extra light and provide cross-venting.

The pop-top is made of reinforced fiberglass, and the sidewalls are made from tough, weatherproof material. The pop-top can be raised manually, or there’s an option for a 12V motor that makes setup a breeze.

Sportsmobile uses a patented ‘duel-U-tube’ elevating assembly in its pop-top, which uses dual compression and tension springs with dual tubes to raise or lower the top.

This makes for perhaps one of the best pop-tops available.

12. Vanlife Customs Camper Vans

Based in Denver, Colorado, Vanlife Customs is another company that specializes in converting Mercedes Sprinters, Dodge ProMasters, and Ford Transit vans.

The “Pops” conversion is a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van that’s an off-grid ready adventure machine. It has everything necessary for outdoor adventure.

This camper van has 160 Watts of solar, a 20 Gallon water system, and a 30″ wall-mounted smart TV. There’s a 2 burner induction cooktop, a 12V fridge/freezer, and walnut butcher block countertops.

Like the Sportsmobile pop-top, the Pops conversion has a penthouse-style top that lifts evenly, without slanting. There’s a queen-size bed in the penthouse in this van, which means that sleeping in comfort won’t be a problem.

There’s a slide-out bench that doubles as a small bed in the main living area, so this van is perfect for couples or families with only one child.

Things to be Aware of With Pop-Tops:

Having a pop-top on a camper van is an awesome way to create extra headroom and more sleeping space, but there are some things to be aware of.

In older camper vans, like Eurovans, the pop-top is completely manual. Whenever you put the pop-up roof down, you’ll have to make sure that all of the tent material is folded away properly to get a good seal.

Otherwise, the tent could become damaged.

Motorized pop-up roofs often employ clips to keep the pop-up secured. It’s essential to remember to unclip before putting the pop-up down.

Failure to unclip could cause the motors to become damaged.

Lastly, it’s important to know how much weight the pop-top platform is designed to hold. Too much weight could cause the platform to become damaged or even collapse.





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