How Much Do RV Parks Cost in Canada? (Solved!)

Do you own an RV? Do you have an interest in experiencing all the wonder and beauty that Canada has to offer?

I’m sure you are also wondering how much a vacation like that could cost you.

Spending time in an RV can be a great way to get closer to your family as well as becoming more connected with the great outdoors!

And what better place to do that than in beautiful Canada?

I have found some great RV Parks and their prices so that you can start your vacation with a plan that works for everyone, and most importantly, is affordable!

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What do the Most Popular RV Parks in Canada Cost?

RV Parks in Canada can cost, on average, anywhere from $25-$90 per night.

This does depend on some factors such as where you stay, what services you intend to use, and of course, the time of year you are traveling.

Most parks also have different rates for different levels of services used.

This way you can better tailor the price to your needs and still be able to go to the locations you want to go to most!

Here are some examples of RV parks and their costs:

RV Park Per Day (Average) Per Week (Average) Per Month (Average)
Lamplighter Campground – Revelstoke, BC Unserviced (Low/High): $29/$32

Power & Water (Low/HIgh): $35/$38

Pull-Through (Low/High): $45/$48



Living Forest Oceanside RV Park – Nanaimo, BC Oceanside (50 amp): $48/$58/$63

Oceanview Partial Service: $35/$44/$50

Forest Back-In (50 amp): $37/$46/$53

Forest Pull-Through (50 amp): $39/$48/$55

Forest Partial Service: $32/$39/$45

Oceanside (50 amp): $288/$348/$410

Oceanview Partial Service: $210/$264/$325

Forest Back-In (50 amp): $222/$276/$345

Forest Pull-Through (50 amp): $234/$288/$358

Forest Partial Service: $192/$234/$293

Oceanside (50 amp): $610/$1,150/$1,275/$1,450

Forest Back-In (50 amp): $535/$650/$750/$1,025

Forest Pull-Through (50 amp): $535/$650/$775/$1,050

Northern Lights RV Park – Dawson Creek, BC 30 amp: $45

50 amp: $50



Ney’s Adventures – Marathon, Ontario Serviced Site: $45

Non-Electrical: $25



The rates shown above reflect how each site can have a variety of prices and amenities. The options that list multiple prices are based on on-season or off-season or are even broken down by the month you intend to book.

Electrical hookups can come in three different amp types: 20,30, and 50. The amp amount also means a different plug is used.

Make sure that if a sewage hookup is not offered, you have a plan on how you intend to dump it. Some campsites will offer a dump station that can be used on your way out of the campground.

This is a great service if you intend to only stay long enough to need to dump on your way out, however, if you plan to stay longer, you will have to disconnect and visit the dump station, or you will need to find a place that offers a sufficient hookup.

Be sure that when you book your trip, you know what you need.

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What Are the Cheapest RV Parks in Canada?

If you are looking to stay at an RV park in Canada for less money, then you might want to check out some of the cheaper options:

Recreation Sites:

One thing to look into when searching for inexpensive options is recreation sites.

These sites are often away from towns and can be $10-$15 per site, per day. Some recreation sites are even offered for free. These sites are more rustic and basic and do not have RV hookups.

A lot of your RV devices won’t work without electricity and might require you to have a generator to keep operations running normally.

There are about 1,300 recreation sites in British Columbia to choose from!


If you are looking to camp at an RV Park for cheap, you will want to focus on RV Parks that do not have as many amenities or hookups. The best place to do this is often campgrounds.

Campgrounds that allow RV’s will be one of your cheapest options. Also, keep in mind the size of your RV.

Some places, due to the size of campsites, will not have space for a larger RV, or if they do, they will only have it for a limited number of sites.

You should make sure when you intend to go to a campground that does not cater specifically to RV’s that you call ahead and make sure they will have a campsite available in the size that you require.

When you stay at a campground, you will likely only be able to get electrical hookups. This is not always the case, but be prepared to spend more if you want more amenities and hookups.

Rates at these locations will be determined by their location, amenities, and time of year. During peak times, prices will be higher than they otherwise would be.

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Which Are The Most Expensive RV Parks in Canada?

More expensive RV options also exist, but there isn’t one that is the most expensive overall.

Some of the most expensive options for RV Camping include more amenities than your typical power, water, and sewage hookup.

These amenities can include cable tv and wifi access, restroom facilities, pools, a convenience store, laundry facilities, and other luxuries.

Like the other RV parks, you can also spend more at an RV Resort if you are staying in one that is in a nice location. Anything on the water is going to be more expensive.

These RV Parks or resorts are where most people stay if they are looking for a long-term stay, but that doesn’t mean that short term stays are not allowed.

They are just generally less common.

Is It Cheaper to Stay in RV Parks Than Hotels in Canada?

Hotels in Canada can range in cost from $25-$100 for low range options.

The low range options often do not offer a lot of amenities. You won’t have access to a way to make a meal, and some do not even come with a way to refrigerate anything.

This is not ideal if you plan to bring food or beverages that you intend to keep cold.

These options include:

  • Hostels
  • Motels
  • Budget Hotels

Midrange hotels in Canada are a little more expensive and will charge you between $100-$250.

Hotels in bigger cities also might require you to park in a lot that you have to pay for. This is not normally a cheap expense and can start at $20. Another type of cost that comes with staying in a hotel is having to go out for meals. In your RV, you would be able to prepare your own meals at a lower cost.

Depending on how far away you intend to travel, you could also need a rental car or cab fare when you reach your destination.

Not only would it be cheaper to stay in an RV park instead of a hotel, but it can also be more comfortable. You will have access to your own belongings, the ability to make meals, and outdoor space you can enjoy.

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What Added Costs Should You Look for With RV Parks?

Depending on where you go, there will be a different variety of available services. This can impact the cost of your RV Site.

Normally you will find RV parks with between 1 to 3 services. The most common service offered is electricity. If an RV Park only offers you one service, it will likely be a plug for electric.

If you are offered two services, they are normally both electric and water. When three services are offered, you will get electricity, water, and sewage. Another potential additional cost is if you intend to have extra vehicles on site. Some campsites charge you to park more vehicles.

This charge can be between $5-$15. Most campsites only allow a car or truck as an additional vehicle and will not allow another RV or Camper on the site.

There are many amenities on-site that could end up costing you money. Doing laundry at one of the facilities will cost you an average of $3 per load or more.

You will also pay more when you shop at on-site convenience stores. You are paying more money for your items for just that, the convenience.

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Tips to Save Money on Costs When You Stay in RV Parks in Canada:

When you are traveling and staying in RV Parks, there are some money-saving tricks you can look into while you are there.

One significant way to save money is to join a membership camping club. These clubs often offer discounts at a variety of camping sites and can save you money if you plan to camp often.

Another way to save money is to book long term if you plan to stay for a week or more. Weekly and monthly rates are lower per day than if you were to just book per night.

Choosing a cheaper campsite also will help to save money. You can do this by looking for a free campsite or by limiting your amenities.

If having full power, water, and sewer hookup is not a necessity; you can save money by renting a campsite with fewer amenities.

Most places have a place to dump your sewage at the end of your stay, so full-time sewage hookups are not always necessary.

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