How Reliable Are Austrack Campers? (We Checked)

Austrack campers are one of the most popular brands on the market, but are they as reliable as they claim to be? We researched the reviews of several RV owners to get their opinion.

Overall, we found that Austrack campers are indeed very reliable. While some reports of campers breaking down, this is usually due to operator error or poor maintenance. Campers who take good care of their Austrack camper and follow the manufacturer’s instructions have few problems.

So if you’re considering an Austrack camper, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting a reliable product:

Who Are Austrack?

Austrack has been producing quality products for over a decade, including campers that avid adventurers can rely on. This Australian company differs from many other camper manufacturers in that it represents a community of campers who have a thirst for the open road. 

Essentially, Austrack treats its customers like family, with many previous consumers remarking on the incredible customer service they have received. 

Additionally, Austrack has been producing campers built with premium quality materials since its inception. The company is well known for only high-quality sourcing materials to ensure every camper they manufacture is reliable, aesthetically pleasing, and dependable no matter where your adventures take you. 

Moreover, unlike other camper builders, Austrack works collaboratively with its customers. This means they listen to consumer queries, ideas, and suggestions to ensure the products they produce are of the highest quality.

Another defining factor that sets Austrack apart from the competition is its willingness to keep its products affordable so that Australians and foreigners can enjoy life and nature without spending a fortune. 

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How Long Do Austrack Campers Last?

According to Austrack, their campers are built to last, and many customers agree. This is likely because the company prides itself on having reliable manufacturing processes alongside quality materials.

One customer was impressed with how long their camper was lasting despite their numerous outdoor adventures. They can be quoted as stating: “We’ve had our Austrack for nearly five years. Everything is still in good order, never had an issue with mold or leaks.”

This Austrack camper owner said: “We have had our Austrack extreme off-road for over 2 yrs been in some bad weather wind and rain camping on the beach front and couldn’t be happier with it.” 

Yet they did say: “…we had one minor problem. Some plastic ends on the spreader bar broke. However, Austrack replaced them with no charge, and they threw in some stubby holders for the inconvenience.”

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It’s evident that Austrack cares about its customers and provides campers that can withstand rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions and travels off the beaten path. This company appears not to be a one-trick pony, as their other products work just as well.

Ultimately, many customers agree that Austrack campers last years and can be put to the test over again and come out victorious. Yet, if you’re still not convinced, you might be after learning about the warranty they offer.

According to Austrack, the company provides an exclusive 5-year structural warranty covering all parts and labor if your Austrack camper breaks within the first five years of ownership.

Yet, you should note that some campers by Austrack have encountered issues, but this is inevitable, considering that everyone uses their camper differently and in various conditions. Ultimately, from our findings, most customers are happy with their purchase.

Are Austrack Campers More Reliable Than Similar Brands?

When considering your camper options, you will likely compare brands to discover which is best suited to your wants, needs, and camping preferences. One of the most important comparison questions you need to ensure you answer before committing to a camper is if the brand you like is more reliable than the competition.

So are Austrack campers more reliable than their competition?

Not every camper treats their Austrack camper the same. However, the consensus is that Austrack manufactures premium quality campers that are more reliable than most of the competition.

Yet, since there are more expensive brands that have been around for longer, they have had more time to perfect their camper product range. This doesn’t mean Austrack isn’t fast approaching being on par with these bigger and more influential name brands.

Let’s look at why this Australian camper company is deemed more reliable than many others:

  • They produce soft and hard floor premium quality camper trailers.
  • Unlike other brands, they have a real commitment to customer service that positively affects the quality of products they manufacture.
  • Every camper they produce follows rigorous procedures and testing requirements to ensure each unit sold has been built to last.
  • The reliability of the Telegraph and Savana forward fold campers and the Simpson camper with the rooftop tent has been proven by the awards these models have won.

Additionally, Austrack is different and more reliable because its campers are built to provide people with the freedom they crave. The company uses more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing to build durable campers that can withstand anything thrown at them.

Another reason Austrack campers are more reliable than the competition is that the campers this company manufactures are built by enthusiasts who have an innate passion for camping that translates into the models they build.

Moreover, as mentioned previously, the company is reliable because they listen to campers’ complaints, suggestions, and ideas concerning their campers and other products. By doing this, Austrack continues to cement its presence in the camping industry as an innovative voice and a company always willing to continue building upon excellence.

How Much Maintenance Are There On Austrack Campers

The majority of Austrack consumers have had to complete little maintenance on their Austrack campers within the first few years of owning one. Unfortunately, a few customers have had to complete minor to major maintenance projects on their Austrack camper shortly after purchasing one.

One Austrack customer complained about numerous minor repairs and replacements he had to complete but did like his camper. He can be quoted as saying: “the awnings were not fitted properly, there were no washers used on anything, and the wrong sized-sized bolts were used. Additionally, all the labels and instruction sheets are removed from the awning bags.”

He said, “I have spent hours reviewing it, making adjustments, and checking everything is fitted correctly.” So even though he found his camper unit to be most satisfactory, he found the final workmanship stages to be poorly completed and the quality inspection unsatisfactory.”

[Sources are listed in Citations below]

Just keep in mind that, as we mentioned previously, hundreds of Austrack customers have bought campers that have required little maintenance and upkeep over the years. There are so many positive reviews that we cannot list each in our blog.

What Are The First Things That Typically Break? 

Like every brand, certain items on Austrack campers typically break first. After researching what actual consumers have experienced, we have formulated the brief list below.

So continue reading to uncover the first things that typically break on an Austrack camper:

  • Some units tend to rust where the camper’s paint has chipped off.
  • A few models experience battery charger faults that cause a battery not to withhold a charge. This usually requires a campers battery to be replaced.
  • Some models have bolts that have rusted easily, which usually requires them to be replaced.


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