Where Can I Buy A Beneteau Yacht? (5 Great Places)

If you’ve already done your homework, and Beneteau ticks most, if not all, of your boxes, then the next big step is to make the purchase.

Where’s the best place to buy a Beneteau yacht?

Whether you are purchasing a new or second-hand Beneteau, we’ve got some top tips on where to buy a Beneteau yacht:

The 5 Best Places To Buy A Beneteau Yacht

Beneteau yachts are a great choice for anyone choosing to buy a boat, whether motor or sail. They have a solid reputation for being built well and holding a reasonable resale value.

Beneteau is the world’s largest production boatbuilder of both sail and motorboats. The French company has been building boats since 1884 and entered the fiberglass leisure boat market in the 1960s.

Today, they build a range of sailing yachts for which they are most well known. However, they have also added motorboats, including trawlers, cabin cruisers, sport fishing, and a line of luxury yachts.

Beneteau understands that boating is about the whole boating experience, so they deliver fast, comfortable, easy-to-handle boats with a unique style and a continually evolving production process.

If you’re in the market for a Beneteau, then these are the best places to buy your boat:

1. Through A Beneteau Dealer

If you want to purchase a new Beneteau yacht, your nearest Beneteau dealer should be your first contact point.

With more than 400 dealers worldwide, you’re sure to find one near you.

Buying a boat from a Beneteau dealer is the best way to ensure you buy a boat that suits your boating requirements, is comfortable, and performs to your expectations.

In addition to offering advice on the boat most suited to your boating needs, a Beneteau dealer will offer follow-up services, including help with warranty claims.

A Beneteau dealer has in-depth knowledge of all the Beneteau boat lines. Plus, a recognized dealer will have knowledge of the general boating industry and the experience needed to guide you towards the most appropriate boat for your budget and boating requirements.

You will become part of the extended Beneteau family by buying a Beneteau from a dealer. You will have access to top-quality after-sales service with the bonus of extended warranties and advice about boat maintenance.

Plus, if you want to sell or upgrade your Beneteau boat, your dealer will be able to offer advice on selling your old boat or even offer a trade-in.

2. Online Boating & Yachting Websites

One of the easiest places to look for new and second-hand boats is to browse websites such as Boat Trader or Yachting World.

These websites allow you to search for boats worldwide and give you a good sense of pricing and generally what is available. All from the comfort of your own home!

However, as these big websites are international, it may not be easy to find what you are looking for close to home.

In that case, you may better look for your local broker’s website or your local classifieds. These places may turn up a real gem in your backyard.

In addition, if you contact your local broker, you can discuss your budget and what you are looking for in a Beneteau. Maybe they will contact you when a boat becomes available and before it has even been advertised.

3. Your Local Yacht Club or Marina

As there are so many Beneteau’s out there, the chances are high that you could find one for sale in your local yacht club or a marina nearby.

If you can get access, it’s a good idea to walk around the pontoons to familiarise yourself with the different models available.

You may be surprised to meet up with some yachts which are happy to share their tips or experiences about buying a boat.

They might even know someone thinking about selling their Beneteau but hasn’t advertised yet. These off-market deals are usually great buys.

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4. At a Boat Show

If you want to buy a new boat, boat shows are a great place to look at a huge variety of boats in one convenient location. Beneteau exhibits at all the big boat shows and other boating events worldwide.

Boat shows represent a major opportunity for dealers to make big sales and market their brand name and products, and Beneteau is no exception. Competition between the different brands is fierce, and you can get many good deals.

There are often special “show-only” deals at boat shows unavailable at any other time. Dealers use many resources to be at a boat show, so they may be very open to negotiating the price.

Or they may offer a sales incentive like a better financing plan or a longer warranty to make the deal.

In addition, a boat show offers you the opportunity to climb aboard and get an in-person experience of being on the boat. One of the only downsides is that you won’t be able to test sail the boat on the water.

However, another downside is that you may feel pressured into making that “show-only” deal.

If you are looking for a boat at a boat show, make sure you have a specific budget and a particular boat in mind. That way, you won’t walk away with an impulse buy that you may live to regret at a later stage.

5. In a Specific Location

If you have been chartering boats in the past but feel ready for boat ownership, you may still want to own a boat in an exotic location.

Or perhaps you want to sail or cruise to a specific destination. For example, suppose you want to go island hopping in the Pacific Ocean. In that case, you’re better off buying your Beneteau on the west coast of the USA, Mexico, or even in French Polynesia.

Similarly, the Caribbean or the Mediterranean can be good places to buy a Beneteau. Due to their spaciousness and elegant lines, Beneteau boats are hugely popular in the charter market.

While boats in the charter market are usually very well-maintained, the charter companies often sell their boats off every 5 years to keep their fleet fresh.

Some people may worry that an ex-charter boat has been used for many hours. However, regular inspections are carried out, and any repairs are done by professional mechanics, composite specialists, marine electricians, etc.

You can’t always say the same for privately owned boats.

In addition, a charter boat is often priced much lower than a privately owned vessel, so that you can get a really good deal. The secret is always to get a qualified marine surveyor to inspect the boat, so you don’t have nasty (expensive) surprises.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Beneteau boats are very popular from an established brand, and most people are very happy with their purchase.

However, suppose you do suffer from buyer’s remorse.

In that case, the good news is that Beneteau’s are very sought-after and hold their value better than most brands so that you won’t lose out on the resale value.


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