4 Most-Common Problems With MDC Camper Trailers

MDC is a very successful Australian company that produces campers and caravans.

These campers are marketed as tough and sturdy enough to handle all road conditions, but a few problems occur frequently.

These are the four most common problems with MDC camper trailers that you must know about before you make the purchase:

1. Longer & Harder Set-Up Time than Other Campers

One of the most common problems that a lot of former MDC users have mentioned is how long the set-up time is.

A lot of factors are responsible for this, but setting up the stove, keys, and locks, and popping up the roof is mostly responsible for a longer set-up time.

Even though these three obstacles are common in most models of MDC camper trailers, not all models may have these same difficulties:

Setting Up the Stove:

Most camper trailers have easy slide-out kitchens that take less than two seconds to set-up, and MDC camper trailers are no different.

However, unlike most camper trailers, you cannot use or fire the gas stove before plugging in the gas line yourself, one of the factors that add up to the overall set-up time.

Separate Keys for Every Lock:

Once again, unlike most of the other camper trailers, where we only need one key to lock/unlock every lock, MDC camper trailers require separate keys for every lock.

This not only makes the entire set-up process longer, but it is also a hassle in the long run.

Previous customers of MDCs expressed their frustration saying that it is confusing to keep track of all the keys and their locks.

Popping the Roof Up is a Headache:

Setting up the pop-up roof of MDC camper trailers requires a little bit of struggle.

You must also be very gentle while setting it up, so you don’t mess up any of the stitching.

This is the longest part of the entire set-up and also the hardest; however, once you’ve done it, you’re good for the rest of the trip!

2. Frequent Leaking Issues are Frustrating

Leaking issues is the most common complaint against MDC camper trailers from every customer.

MDC does not do a very good job from their side to fix this issue. If you are investing in an MDC camper trailer, then you can almost expect leaking issues.

There are multiple spots and parts of the camper trailer where the leaking problem may occur:

Water Tank Leaks:

The most common part where this problem shows up is in the water tank.

Almost all of the complaints regarding leaks had the water tank mentioned.

There is no information about the material used for the water tank, but some people replaced their water tank with a plastic one to fix this recurring issue.

Another common problem regarding the water tank is it blocks the tap connection, which causes leaks in other parts of the trailer like the kitchen tap.

Kitchen Tap:

As mentioned, in some cases, the kitchen tap leaks because of broken or block connections in the water tank.

This problem is made worse by loose screws, which causes leaks in several other spots. In short, it is a mess once the leaks start happening.

People who have some skills and experience fixing these may get out of the situation, but for others, it can be very frustrating.

Toilet and Sink:

Quite a few MDC customers have complained about frustrating leaks with their toilet and sink.

The toilets are prone to leaking because they haven’t been fitted properly, and the seals used are sub-standard.

The same goes for the kitchen sink, which can leak because of issues with the water tank or because of low-quality, loose-fitting hardware.

These leaks can cause messy cleanups that no one wants to have to deal with.

Leaking Tent

Although MDC tents are constructed from supposedly high-quality and durable canvas, MDC users’ common complaint is that the tents are prone to leaks.

The tents can be very tricky to set up just right and can also tear quite easily at the seams. Not only that, but the zippers are reported by some customers to be low quality, and this is another area where water can get in.

Campers that feature annexes are particularly prone to these leaking issues, which can lead to a lot of frustration.

3. Poor Quality of Equipment and Machine Parts:

The pieces of equipment and parts used in MDC camper trailers are of shockingly poor quality.

One has to replace most of the crucial parts of the trailer, at least once, to use it properly.

The worst part is when the trailer parts get broken while camping when you need it the most to function well.

Rusted Water Tank

Some former MDC camper trailer users speculated that the water tank could be made of stainless steel, as it catches rust too easily.

Flimsy Jockey Wheels

The jockey wheels in MDC camper trailers are weak, and they don’t work well on concrete surfaces.

In some cases, the jockey wheels get broken while driving or turning on hard concrete surfaces.

This can be a pretty dangerous situation if it breaks down while driving, as it can result in accidents or other misfortunate events.

Stitching Problems

If you are not extra careful to be gentle and sensitive while setting the tent up, then the stitches could end up being damaged.

In some situations and places, if your stitches get damaged, then your entire camper trailer can end being useless.

Loose Screws and Bolts

There are a lot of complaints that the screws and bolts are not properly fixed or attached by the manufacturers.

In a few instances, the bolts that connect the leaf spring to the chassis snaps and can result in your trailer dropping onto the tire.

Missing Parts

Once an MDC camper has been sold and delivered, it’s unfortunate when there are missing parts.

Often, the missing part means that the camper can’t be set up properly.

This is a widespread complaint from former MDC customers, and it leads to long wait times, as MDC often has to source replacements from China.

Electrical Issues

MDC campers are prone to numerous electrical issues that are not only frustrating but also potentially dangerous.

The most common areas to encounter electrical issues are the fridge and lights. Often, the fridge hasn’t been hooked up correctly or doesn’t work at all.

As for the lights, they can be badly wired, which can be a real fire hazard.

Battery issues are another common complaint from MDC customers, who claim that the battery either doesn’t hold a charge or won’t charge at all.

4. Poor Customer Service from After-Sales Team

The faulty and poor quality of machine parts is not what upsets most MDC camper trailer users.

It’s the customer service from the after-sales department that most users are upset about.

There is a significant amount of negative reviews and complaints against the after-sales team. Some of these complaints are unreasonable and silly, but some are genuine issues that people face.

The following are the most common complaints against their after-sales team:

No Response

The first complaint is that they do not respond to their customers.

Whether you call them, mail them, or email them, they either don’t reply, or they respond very slowly.

This can be frustrating for someone who needs immediate help for some reason.

Rude Staff

In short, the staff is reportedly very rude and unhelpful.

Logistics is a big issue that most people complain about, but honestly, logistics is something that the buyers should be aware of before purchasing anything, but rude services are still a valid issue from the customers’ side.

Faulty Service

There are complaints that even if the first two issues with the after-sales department is solved, faulty service from their side is still a huge issue.

Machine parts, motors, pumps get broken or damaged again after being replaced by their team, which ties into the problem of the use of poor equipment and machine parts.

General Pros and Con for the MDC Camper Trailers


MDC camper trailers come with an internal shower attached, which requires absolutely no extra set-up.

A lot of people have praised its features, including the chemical bathroom and solar panels.

MDC Camper trailers provide a lifetime warranty, which is rare in other camper trailers. According to users, it also has a good range for long road trips.

The build and design of MDC Camper trailers are pretty rough and tough, giving it the ability to withstand the harshest of situations.

Lastly, a lot of people love the lightning inside the camper, especially at night, when the white canvas reflects the light.


  • Longer and harder set-up time than other campers.
  • Frequent leaking issues are frustrating.
  • Poor quality of equipment and machine parts.
  • Poor customer service from the after-sales team.

What Do the Reviews Say?

“Yes there are problems as you would expect with any import CT. The main one for me was the rear-mounted wheel, which wouldn’t allow us to fit the annex side wall properly. I spoke to MDC Perth about this recently and they have a “in-house fix” apparently.”

[Source: productreview.com.au]

Although there are some minor fit and finish issues, no availability of reading light, and being a quite heavy camper trailer, undeniably, it still provides excellent value for money.

The best part of it is the internal shower, robust build, and the ability to free camp almost anywhere.

“As for overnight travels, all tent trailers are a pain to set up and pack up for overnight stays, but they’re not terrible. The annex/awning of the MDC’s have stacks of poles but that’s due to their size. Hope that helps.”

[Source: productreview.com.au]

What’s the Resale Value On MDC Camper Trailers?

Model Year Price ($)
Soft Floor Off-Road 2018 5500
Robson XTT 2018 24,000
MDC Jackson FF 2015 15,500

Final Thoughts:

Overall it seems like MDC Camper trailers make too many claims that they might not be able to fulfill.

Although MDC camper trailers provide good value for its price, customer satisfaction is something that is missing from the equation.


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