Small Bedroom Lighting: 12 Ideas That Just Look Great

Lighting plays a big role in transforming a small bedroom into a cozy sanctuary.

In this article, we explore twelve creative lighting concepts tailored specifically for smaller bedrooms.

From ambient lighting to task-specific illumination, these ideas are designed to accentuate the room’s features, complement its decor, and add a touch of elegance to limited spaces!

Padded Headboards with Hidden LED Tape

floating shelves on the headboard with back lightsINSTAGRAM @willie_duggan

This bedroom features a padded headboard with concealed ambient lighting. The combination creates a captivating and luxurious atmosphere within the bedroom.

The hidden LED strips offer a customizable lighting experience, providing soft, diffused illumination that effortlessly complements the room’s ambiance, especially the wooden panels. It’s important to have this lighting on a dimmer switch!

It’s best to pair the headboard with coordinating furniture pieces like the floating bedside table that complements the headboard’s design, creating visual harmony within the space.

blue bed with lightingsINSTAGRAM @thinkdesignerz

This floating sleeping area features a luxurious velvet blue padded headboard adorned with hidden LED tape and floor lighting.

The concealed LED strips emit a soft, diffused glow that subtly illuminates the surrounding area. Complemented by floor-level lighting, this arrangement adds depth and drama, further enhancing the floating effect of the sleeping area.

I love how this conceptual sleeping space transcends traditional bedroom arrangements. It creates an ethereal and visually stunning sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Cozy Kids’ Bedroom with Fairy Lights

baby bed on corner with lightingsINSTAGRAM @lightingrooms

This cozy kids’ bedroom adorned with fairy lights radiates whimsy and charm. The string of lights are creatively used to decorate the wooden teepee bed, casting a soft and dreamy illumination.

They’re also used to add a charming glow to the dreamcatcher at the side. It’s a great way to draw attention to the room’s decorative pieces.

I suggest choosing lights in warm white or yellow hues for a cozy feel and colored lights for vibrancy and playfulness.

Modern Bedrooms with LED Strip Lights and Under-Bed Night Lighting

modern bedroom with multiple line lightingsINSTAGRAM @shabbu_furniture_art

This contemporary bedroom features LED strip lights adorning the walls and subtle-under bed night lighting.

The stunning wall strips not only create a striking visual effect but also provide ambient illumination and convenience during nighttime hours.

Meanwhile, the under-bed lighting casts a gentle glow along the floor, adding depth and drama to the room’s ambiance while blending seamlessly into the room’s design. It enhances the room’s modern aesthetic while providing functional nighttime lighting.

Minimalist Bedroom with Multi-Faceted Lighting Solutions

strip lights on wall closet and under the bedINSTAGRAM @ledlighting.australia

This minimalist bedroom is adorned with multiple lighting elements that elevate the room’s ambiance.

The lighting embedded within the recessed wall shelf creates a subtle yet captivating glow that accentuates the shelf’s contents.

Meanwhile, the lighting on the feature wall add depth and visual interest, creating a captivating backdrop within the minimalist space.

Lastly, the under-bed night lighting gently illuminates the floor area. The orb lamp on the bedside table also helps make the room feel more inviting and cozy.

Cozy Bedroom with a Brightly Lit Headboard

tiny bedroom with headboard lightingINSTAGRAM @sogontable

The brightly lit headboard serves as a central focal point in the charming bedroom, radiating a soft and soothing illumination that frames the bed.

By incorporating lights within the headboard, this design element provides ambient lighting for reading, relaxing, or creating a cozy atmosphere within the bedroom space.

Feel free to combine the headboard lighting with additional light sources, such as bedside lamps or dimmable ceiling fixtures. These will allow for adjustable illumination levels to suit different activities or moods.

Bedroom with Hanging Pendant Lights

bedroom with a diy pendant lightINSTAGRAM @sussex_woodworking

This bedroom has hanging industrial pendant lights flanking each side of the bed.

Characterized by their metal finishes and exposed bulbs, the lights serve as both practical illumination sources and striking visual accents. Their design allows for a chic and minimalist approach to lighting while adding an edgy and contemporary vibe to the space.

I recommend adding floor or table lamps to complement the pendant lights and create a layered lighting scheme that suits different moods and activities.

Dark Bedroom with Spotlights and Blue Ambient Lighting on the Feature Wall

bedroom with lighted mirror and wall lightingsINSTAGRAM @black_design_journal

This dark bedroom is adorned with spotlights and a captivating blue ambient glow on the feature wall.

This unique lighting combination infuses the room with depth, drama, and a touch of contemporary allure, creating an atmosphere of mystery and sophistication!

I love how the feature wall, bathed in serene blue light, introduces a soothing and ethereal element. It creates a mesmerizing visual contrast against the dark surroundings.

The striking ring light by the mirror is also a nice touch!

Minimalist Bedroom with Warm Backlit Mirror

bedroom make up vanity with lightingsINSTAGRAM @Insearchoflights

This minimalist bedroom features a warm backlit mirror that epitomizes simplicity and sophistication.

The warm backlit mirror serves as a focal point, radiating a gentle glow that infuses the room with a welcoming ambiance.

Its minimalist design seamlessly complements the room’s clean lines and uncluttered aesthetic, adding depth and visual interest while serving a dual purpose.

The mirror will be wonderful in providing subdued yet functional lighting for tasks like dressing or evening relaxation.

Compact Loft Bedroom with Gaming Lights

tiny bedroom with purple lightingsINSTAGRAM @thymen_builds

This compact loft bedroom adorned with gaming lights exudes a fusion of trendy aesthetics and functional design. The lights transform the space into a vibrant and engaging sanctuary for entertainment and relaxation.

The gaming lights, characterized by their vivid colors and adjustable settings, serve as a visually striking element in the compact bedroom.

I suggest installing gaming lights along key features like the edges of shelves, under furniture, or around the loft perimeter to create a dynamic ambiance.

Tiny Sleeping Area with Warm, White Lighting for Bedtime Reading

simple lightings above the headboardINSTAGRAM @carterselectricalservices

This space-saving sleeping area is embellished with warm, white lighting set within a recessed wall.

Crafted to serve the dual purpose of functional reading light and ambient accent, the cleverly placed fixtures create a cozy nook for restful nights and tranquil bedtime reading.

It’s best to embrace neutral or calming hues on the walls and decor to enhance the tranquil ambiance. Doing so will allow the warm, white lighting to take center stage and amplify the serene atmosphere.

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