Color Schemes to Make Small Spaces Look Bigger

Just because you’re living in a small space, doesn’t mean it has to look like it. There are tons of ways to make it appear and feel bigger than it really is and one of them is to use a color scheme that can enlarge the area visually.

With so many colors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to know which scheme to go with.

Lucky for you, we’ve narrowed them down to the 15 choices and gathered them here. Let’s explore your options!

White And Wood

white room with a wall sized window

In this elegant but narrow dining area, the wooden furniture matches that of the floor and the white walls brighten everything up.

The floor-to-ceiling opening and skylight let a ton of light in, which also adds to the illusion of a larger space. 

The trick is to go with lighter wood so that they won’t contrast with the white too much. As a result, the two will blend into each other a bit more but will still have definition.

tiny white laundry room

The white and wood combination is a timeless choice that you can’t mess up! The scheme can even elevate a simple kitchen and laundry area as seen here.

This is also a narrow space but you can’t really tell because of how bright and open it is. 

Adding plants is a great way to add natural elements to complement the wooden features. Don’t be afraid to get colorful flowers to liven up the room!

Colorful Stripes

tiny colorful-dining room

There’s a common misconception that when trying to make a space look bigger, you should only stick to using certain light colors and only use one or two.

This eccentric space proves you can incorporate fun colors such as pink, yellow, and blue to achieve a wider appearance.

The design shown here works because the colors complement each other and the striped pattern elongates the room! The patterned carpet also ties everything in while making sure your floor isn’t too bare.

white and pink shade bathroom

This wash area uses a lovely pink, white, and green color scheme to not make it feel too cramped.

It’s a more subdued take since there are fewer colors involved but the differences in hues still make it a fun look!

I love the little window and how it illuminates the area—which adds to the spacious illusion. You can also opt for a larger mirror to make the space look bigger.

Delicate Pinks

Narrow pink and white bathroom INSTAGRAM @dezeen

Pink is a great color to use in the bathroom not only to make it more feminine but to also make it feel roomy.

The salmon-pink hue paired with white is a combination that is easy on the eyes.  To add even more character to this space, you can also use rose gold fixtures and a funky tile pattern for accents. 

Notice the frameless glass divisions— the open design helps maintain the spacious look. Or, you can omit them completely.

There are also a ton of dusty rose kitchen designs you can try.

Gray And Wood

wooden cabinet on the corner

The little vanity corner here displays how you can use a warm gray and light wood interior to make a place seem bigger.

It works because even though they’re not similar colors, there’s not much contrast which makes them blend well together.

Putting green plants in muted terracotta pots can add the touch of color you need to enhance this space. Plus, they would complement the vibrant chair!

Whites And Grays

white bedroom with hanging wall lights INSTAGRAM @daviesdaviesldn

On the topic of minimal contrast, another way to go is by using whites and grays. The two neutrals are closer to each other and easier to work with.

This cozy, contemporary bedroom uses varying shades of white and gray to complete the expansive ambiance.

If the colors are too neutral for you, I suggest using warm lighting in your room to make it more homey.

brick tiles on kitchen wall INSTAGRAM @the_house_of_creativity

The small kitchen here uses the white and gray motif to accentuate its already bright and ample space.

The dark gray countertops provide the right amount of contrast and definition to this area without adding too much visual weight.

With this color combination, it’s best to use the darker shade for little accents to define the space and make sure it won’t get too bland.

tiny white bathroom on an angled roof INSTAGRAM @our_kentish_barn

This tiny bathroom uses a dominantly white interior with small gray designs on the tiles and a couple of wooden accents.

It’s ideal for those who aren’t too adventurous with colors but still want to achieve a clean, muted, and minimal aesthetic.

To make your bathroom look more spacious, consider getting smaller frames for your shower room, or go completely frameless!

home gym with full mirrored wall INSTAGRAM @ebz_at_home

A recreational living space uses a similar scheme but with a more prominent use of gray.

Aside from the color combination, another thing that enlarges the room is the full wall mirror. It reflects light and the other parts of the area look bigger.

The light carpet adds texture and warmth to the overall neutral space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match neutrals in your room!

Neutral Gray And Blue

Grey room with blue bed INSTAGRAM @thinkdesignerz

In a luxurious and elegant bedroom, there’s a more colorful neutral pairing with a gray and blue theme.

Most people don’t know that a few shades of blue count as neutral, but now that you do, you can use it to your advantage!

The large mirror on the right also contributes to making the space appear more roomy. Plus, the placement of elongated fixtures on the wall makes the narrow room look longer too.

All Earth Tones

yellow living room with wall shelving INSTAGRAM @diana_mwabala

Earth tones and neutrals are all the rage now in the world of interior design. Like this all-beige living area, you can also use a light shade of an earthy color to transform your space.

It’s a great way to pull off the minimalist theme without just using white. 

To continue the earthy vibe, incorporate more natural elements like plants, flowers, and warm-colored ornaments!

Black And White

black and white stripes tiles bathroom INSTAGRAM @housethome

You can’t go wrong with a classic black-and-white color scheme. As seen in this narrow bathroom, the two extremely contrasting colors add so much depth and dimension to the space.

The use of horizontal stripes gives the illusion of a longer space. You can also place them vertically if you want your room to look taller instead. 

A couple more plants and a few scented candles could do wonders for this chic bathroom!

tiny white bedroom with a wide window INSTAGRAM @sunnie_decor

In this compact city dorm, a little more color is added to the black-and-white motif with a subdued fuzzy blue carpet.

In small spaces like this, placement really matters, which is why positioning the bed off to one side creates more room on the other.

Additionally, having a large window at one end of the room also contributes to brightening and widening the space.

Pastel Orange

orange bedroom with a tall window INSTAGRAM @boysenpaintsphilippines

Finally, this modern bedroom pulls off a serene vibe with a fun color! Using a muted pastel orange keeps the design lively but toned down enough to be relaxing.

If you think your favorite colors are too funky to make your space look bigger, try them in a lighter, muted shade!

I love how they also used a sheer orange curtain that matches the scheme and is best for keeping the room bright so it looks bigger.

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