Yellow Bedrooms: 14 Stylish Ideas For Small Spaces

In interior design, the color yellow radiates a unique charm and infuses rooms with a sense of cheerfulness. It lends an airy and spacious feel to compact areas!

Let’s explore yellow-themed bedrooms that offer stylish and innovative ideas for small spaces.

Attic Bedrooms

white and yellow bedroom in an angled roof

This attic bedroom’s walls are painted in canary yellow and white, creating a calming atmosphere. Natural light streams in through the skylight window, illuminating the room and adding to its warm ambiance.

The bed itself is adorned with dusty rose beddings and a yellow pillow, providing pops of color against the neutral backdrop.

The dusty rose bedding and small cabinet offer a delightful contrast with the white and yellow tones of the bedroom!

tiny bedroom with lemon wallpaperINSTAGRAM @homemilk

Here’s another attic bedroom, this time with bold and bright wallpaper that envelops the walls and infuses the space with a burst of color and energy.

The vivid, juicy wallpaper pattern creates an immersive and playful ambiance, instantly uplifting the room’s atmosphere.

While I do love the other patterns of this bedroom, I would personally offset the boldness of the wallpaper by incorporating neutral tones for furniture and bedding. I want the wallpaper to take center stage while maintaining visual balance.

Modern Kids’ Bedrooms

yellow bedroom with wall cubbies

This modern kids’ bedroom accented by chic yellow and gray wallpaper looks trendy and refreshing!

The focal point of this bedroom is the stylish interplay of colors and shapes. For instance, the minimalist white shelves interspersed with pops of sunny yellow add depth and character to the space. So do the vases and the statement chair!

The bedding, adorned in gray tones, also balances the vividness of the room. It contributes to the sleek and contemporary vibe of the space.

Creative Kids’ Bedroom

compact yellow kids bedroomINSTAGRAM @dr.ita_farica

The highlights of this vibrant and imaginative space is the use of lively yellow accents and playful decor that inject a cheerful and energetic vibe into the room.

Whether it’s the vibrant yellow walls, accent furniture and lighting, or playful bedding, the design choices radiate positivity and warmth. They create a vibrant backdrop for imaginative play.

I also love the innovative pieces like the wall shelf shaped like a truck and the bunny-shaped mirror! They provide both functionality and playfulness.

Minimalist Bedrooms

tiny yellow bedroom with floating shelves

This stylish room features pops of bright yellow like the vibrant wallpaper, duvet cover, and several throw pillows.

To the right of the bed stands a sleek nightstand with two drawers. On top of it sit potted cacti that add greenery to the space. There are also wall sconces on either side of the bed for nighttime reading.

Overall, this bedroom exudes warmth and style through its carefully curated decor elements against clean lines and vibrant and neutral colors.

yellow bedroom with corner shelvesINSTAGRAM @mylands_london

Here’s another minimalist bedroom, this time in muted yellows and creams. The gentle hues foster a soothing atmosphere, promoting relaxation and comfort within a refined setting.

An exquisite feature of this space is the built-in wall shelves seamlessly integrated into the design. These shelves, finished in matching tones with the walls, display curated decor, books, and personal mementos.

A statement modern chandelier also graces the room, enhancing the room’s understated charm and complementing the subdued color palette.

yellow and Grey wall bedroom

This bedroom also features a subtle yet inviting color palette that fosters a sense of calmness within a pared-down aesthetic.

The pastel yellow exudes a serene warmth, while the soft gray hues add an understated elegance. The combination creates a delicate balance of soothing tones and tranquility throughout the room.

Accentuating the room’s minimalist charm, the floating shelves adorned with wall art and picture frames serve as tasteful decor elements. They infuse the space with personal touches and artistic allure.

yellow bedroom with built-in wall shelf

Last on our list of minimalist bedrooms is this charming space showcasing a captivating honey-colored headboard wall complemented by a half-circle design.

The soft yellow creates a sense of coziness while serving as a backdrop for the bed. Meanwhile, the striking half-circle design adorns the space with its modern and artistic appeal.

The decorative shelves mounted within the half-circle design also add visual interest and serve as an eye-catching backdrop for books and framed art pieces.

Traditional Bedroom with Wide Windows

storage bed with sunflower pillows and blanket

The yellow tones of this traditional bedroom infuse the room with a sunny and cheerful atmosphere, reminiscent of a tranquil countryside retreat.

The wide windows not only invite ample sunlight but also provide picturesque views.

I also love the floral patterns of the bedding! They add a timeless charm to the room while complementing the warm yellow tones.

A vase adorned with sunflowers graces the bedside table, adding a natural and vibrant element to the decor.

Contemporary Bedroom with a Statement Bed

yellow bed on the corner

This bedroom showcases a striking statement bed as its centerpiece, set against the backdrop of warm yellow walls that infuse the space with an energetic ambiance.

I love how the bed’s bold design and modern aesthetic add a touch of avant-garde flair to the room.

The large potted plants also introduce a sense of nature indoors while complementing the vibrant yellow tones. They bring a revitalizing energy and create a serene connection to the outdoors.

Modern Bedroom with a Murphy Bed

yellow Murphy wall bedINSTAGRAM

This modern bedroom with a wide yellow cabinet features a Murphy bed in the same vibrant color. The bed’s sleek design effortlessly folds away when not in use, perfect for small homes where floor space is limited.

It’s best to choose contemporary furniture with clean lines and minimalist designs to complement the modern aesthetic of the yellow Murphy bed.

You can also install stylish lighting fixtures, such as pendant lights, chic floor lamps, or wall sconces with unique designs.

Cozy Two-Toned Bedroom

compact bed by the wundowINSTAGRAM @artistic._.architecture

The key feature of this compact bedroom is the transition of the yellow and gray tones that gently meld into one another across the walls. The soft two-tone effect creates a striking visual.

Positioning the bed right beside the window is also a great idea as the light bounces off the white bedding and yellow walls.

You can further enhance the room’s ambiance with subtle accent pieces in complementary hues, like metallic finishes, soft textiles, or ceramic decor elements.

Cozy and Mellow Sleeping Nook

bedroom nook on an angled ceilingINSTAGRAM @chaosinthehive

This sleeping nook is a delightful retreat conducive to rest and relaxation. Its intimate setting, tucked away from the main living area, fosters a sense of coziness and privacy.

The nook is perfect for peaceful slumber or hours-long reading sessions!

While it’s well-lit with natural light during the day, I suggest install soft and ambient lighting fixtures like fairy lights, string lights, or warm-toned lamps. These lighting choices will create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere at night.

Heritage Yellow Bedroom with a Fireplace and Reading Nook

yellow bedroom with window seatingINSTAGRAM @fancy_house_full_of_tat

This traditional bedroom boasts a distinctive charm with its fireplace and reading nook.

For a room designed like this, I would select elegant and timeless furniture pieces such as a classic bed frame, vintage bedside tables, or a stately armchair.

You can also decorate the fireplace mantel with antique candle holders or a collection of heirloom pieces.

Also, I just love how the golden tones create a backdrop that beautifully complements the room’s classic architectural elements and historical charm.

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