Starcraft RVs: 9 Facts Owners & Buyers Should Know

Perhaps one of the lesser-known but still exceptional long-running motorhome brands in the RV industry is Starcraft.

When searching for a new RV, there are numerous makes and models and motorhome companies to choose between.

However, Starcraft is one of the best in the industry for towable RVs and is worth considering.

A Few Important Starcraft RV Facts:

Owned by Thor Industries, Starcraft maximizes cost-effectiveness, time management, and quality of parts by not creating custom builds. However, the company does have several different floorplans and add ons, which make it easy to get a unique design that customers can feel as if it were custom made.

1. Where Are Starcraft RVs Made?

The Starcraft company has long since established itself as a motorhome manufacturer that pays special attention to quality and whose craftsmen are renowned for their attention to detail.

Most of the workforce at Starcraft has been working at the manufacturing facility for years. The operating facilities for Starcraft are located in Topeka, Indiana, in America.

Most will know this area as the heart of Amish country.

In fact, many of the Starcraft labor force that works in Topeka comes from the Amish communities in the area.

2. Who Owns the Starcraft Company?

Starcraft is most recently owned by Thor Industries, who bought Jayco, which owned Starcraft at the time of purchase.

Starcraft Corp. began roughly 100 years ago as Star Tank Co. and manufactured farming equipment.

In 1915, the company branched out into the boating industry and manufactured its first rowboat. The company experienced another name change and was known from 1915 to 1966 as the Star Tank & Boat Company.

The company became a steel boat maker and gained recognition for its range of products nationwide. In 1964 the company became a camper manufacturer. Their product range started with tent campers, of which they made 3 different models.

Years later, in 1966, the companies name changed again to Starcraft Corp, and in 1968 they became a travel trailer manufacturer.

Starcraft was the first company to manufacture a luxury van conversion in 1977!

The company was purchased in 1991 by Jayco, who bought out the Starcraft Corp RV division.

Finally, in June of 2016, Thor Industries bought Jayco and thus Starcraft along with it.

3. What Types and Sizes of RVs Do Starcraft Produce?

By the 1990s, Starcraft had impressively manufactured about 55,000 RVs, and since then, that number has grown.

The company does not have as extensive an RV range as many of its competitors, but that doesn’t mean its products are of inferior quality or subpar.

Starcraft specializes in travel trailers and fifth wheels and has a few different branded models offering thoughtfully designed floorplans.

Here are a few examples:

Travel Trailer Features – Autumn Ridge Single Axle 180BHS

If you’re looking for a travel trailer that is lightweight and compact, then the Autumn Ridge Single Axle 180BHS could be the one for you.

This travel trailer weighs only 3,710 pounds and has a length of 22 feet and 3 inches. Even though this travel trailer leans towards the smaller side for motorhomes, it can sleep up to six people.

We have had a look at some of the significant features that this travel trailer offers and have listed them below:

  • Easy to use foot flush toilet in the bathroom.
  • Gorgeous hardwood cabinet doors throughout the RV.
  • Non-carpet flooring, which is child and pet friendly.
  • Handy residential-style high rise kitchen faucet.
  • Bright LED lighting.

Fifth Wheel Features –Ā  Telluride 292RLS

The 2021 Telluride 292RLS is perfect for those who want a touch of luxury in a motorhome that has plenty of space and many features and amenities on offer.

This fifth wheel has a length of 32 feet and 8 inches and a gross vehicle weight of 9995 pounds, making it easily hitched and towed from destination to destination.

Additionally, the Telluride 292 RLS can sleep up to six people and has a roomy 8-foot interior height.

Below are some of the most notable Telluride 292 RLS features you will discover:

  • Self-adjusting electric brakes enhance user safety.
  • 80-inch queen-sized bed in the master bedroom.
  • Cozy fireplace.
  • 13500 BTU air conditioner to maintain a cool environment year-round.
  • Theatre seating that features massage and heat settings.

4. Does Starcraft Make a Toy Hauler?

Currently, the Starcraft RV manufacturer does not make a toy hauler.

However, many of their travel trailers are spacious and could store basic outdoor equipment.

5. What Are the Smallest RVs from Starcraft?

As with any motorhome manufacturer, Starcraft has a few smaller models for those who prefer compact yet spacious RVs.

We have listed the smallest model they have in their travel trailer and fifth wheel categories:

  • Travel Trailer: Autumn Ridge Single Axle 172FB – This travel trailer is small and compact at 19 feet and 3 inches. It can, however, sleep up to four people despite its relatively small size.
  • Fifth Wheel: Telluride 289 RKS – At only 7715 pounds, it might come as a shock that this fifth wheel can sleep up to six people and remain one of the smallest on offer by Starcraft. The travel trailer has a length of 30 feet and 7 inches.

6. What Are the Biggest RVs from Starcraft?

Although the company is known in the RV industry for having only travel trailers and fifth wheels, they have a few large models.

Let’s look at the largest travel trailer and fifth wheel that they currently have available for purchase:

  • Travel Trailer: Super Lite 291QB – This travel trailer is 37 feet and 4 inches long, making its weight impressive at only 7275 pounds. The travel trailer can also sleep up to 10 people comfortably in two private bedrooms and a lounge.
  • Fifth Wheel: Telluride 338MBH – The Telluride 338MBH is the largest fifth wheel model that the brand produces, with a length of 37 feet and 11 inches. Additionally, the model can sleep up to 8 people.

7. How Are Starcraft RVs Made?

Due to its immense experience in manufacturing mechanical goods, their RVs go through a few notable differences compared to other motorhome companies during the manufacturing stages.

Below we will briefly discuss three key factors that set Starcraft apart from inferior RV companies:

– Trademarked Magnum Roofing System:

The magnum roofing system is unique and notably one of the industry’s strongest RV roofs.

The company makes its magnum roofing with 7-inch header beams and sturdier vertical studs.

They also run their roofing system through a strength test that proves their roofs areĀ  50 percent stronger than the competition.

– Trademarked Tuffshell Construction:

The Tuffshell technology utilizes vacuum-bonded lamination combined with fiberglass sidewalls, metal backers, and welded aluminum framing on certain RV models.

This method ensures a durable motorhome structure that will last.

– Environmentally Safe Materials and Construction:

Starcraft has committed to manufacturing motorhomes that not only stand the test of time but are also produced with eco-friendly and renewable resources and materials.

8. What Are The Most Popular RVs by Starcraft?

As the company has been operational for more than 100 years, it stands to reason that they would have a few top-rated models.

Below we have briefly listed three of the most popular models available currently for purchase.

  • 2021 Telluride 334RLS: This model is popular because of its center island, fireplace, and private bedroom with ensuite bathroom. Additionally, the model can sleep up to six people with plenty of room to entertain.
  • 2021 Autumn Ridge 26BH: The Autumn Ridge 26BH is popular due to its amazing sleeping capacity of up to ten people. The accommodations include two private bedrooms, one with a single queen-sized bed and the other room with two impressive double bed bunk beds.
  • 2021 Super Lite 212FB: This model is popular amongst RVers because it is incredibly lightweight at 4820 pounds. Moreover, the L-shaped lounge suite, private bedroom with a queen-sized bed, and large bathroom also make this RV attractive to many.

9. Are Starcraft RVs For All Four Seasons?

Most Starcraft models are ideal for four-season travel.

However, the company does recommend that the motorhomes be winterized if you will be exposing them to temperatures lower than 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fortunately, the brand has several different camping season climate packages that you can choose to add to your RV.

For example, we will look at one of the travel trailers the brand sells and how the optional Arctic weather package makes the trailer truly four seasonal.

Travel Trailer – Ultra Lite

Starcraft’s 2021 Ultra Lite trailers come with an optional Arctic weather package that includes a heated, insulated, and enclosed underbelly.

The models also come with foil insulation on the roof. This ensures heat is retained throughout winter and into the evening when temperatures drop.

As with most Starcraft models, this travel trailer comes with their superior Magnum technology roofing, which is incredibly durable, making it ideal for camping in areas that experience heavy rain and snow downpours.

Inside there are both airconditioning systems and heating systems with an AC and a heater, but this will depend on the floorplan.

Additionally, the Ulta Lite models come with walkable roofs for those hot summer days and tinted roofs to help keep the interior of your Motorhome cool.

Note: the Ultra Lite Model is brand new and not necessarily on the market yet due to its very recent launch/announcement.


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