5 Popular Trailers for Tiny Houses (Ready to Build)

If you’ve been thinking about building a tiny house on wheels, you’re going to need a trailer.

You could weld one together yourself, or you could buy one that is ready to build on. Welding your trailer together takes a lot of knowledge and skill, and there are additional legal hurdles to get through.  

This makes the choice of whether or not to buy or build really simple. But what trailer should you buy for your tiny home?

Here are four popular trailers for tiny houses that you can use:

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1. Build Tiny Detachable Trailers

By far, the most interesting tiny house trailer base I’ve seen is Build Tiny’s detachable tiny house trailer.

This tiny house trailer comes with a platform that disconnects from the main trailer so it can stand alone on its own. There are many advantages to this type of trailer.

For starters, the house can be taken off so that the trailer can be inspected separately.  This means you could save yourself on the headaches of registering the trailer as a tiny house.

On top of this, you actually have the physical benefit of being able to drop off your house and use your trailer to do other things.  For instance, you could drop the house off on your property and then use the trailer to go get building materials to make upgrades to your house.

These trailers are made from lightweight galvanized steel, and the platform comes equipped with four jacks that you can use to raise your home off of your trailer.

The trailer will also come with brakes and LED lights, as well as a spare wheel and tire.

All of the detachable tiny home trailers are custom-made, so weights, sizes, and prices will vary depending on the tiny house trailer that you decide to buy.

2. Tiny Home Builder Trailers

Tiny Home Builders designs trailers that are ready to be built on.

These trailers have a built-in steel flange that the frame of the tiny house can be built right on top of. It also has a flat deck, so you won’t have to worry too much about building around the wheel wells.

This deck is made from steel beams rather than wood, so while you may have a bit more thermal bridging to worry about, you will have a much more durable trailer.

The standard width for this trailer is 8’6,” and you can buy them in different lengths.  Pricing and weight vary depending on what size you decide to go with.

3. Tiny House Basics

The Tiny House Basics company makes tiny home trailers in a wide variety of styles and sizes.

You can buy oversize trailers with widths of 10,’ and you can buy gooseneck tiny house trailers.

They also come in a wide variety of lengths starting as small as 12’ long and as long as 30’ long. You can also buy the trailers in widths of 92” and 102”.

One feature that is really nice about these trailers is that the underside is fully encapsulated with metal sheathing.  This will keep water from splashing up underneath of the trailer and into the wood floor of your tiny home.

Over time, it should prove to be a lot more durable than other tiny house trailers that lack this feature.

While some of the trailers are on the shorter side, they still come with strong dual axles that will hold a minimum of 7,000 pounds.  This means that even a miniature 12’ tiny house can still hold a significant amount of weight.

As with the other tiny home trailers, you’ll get electric brakes that you can hook up to your vehicle’s brake controller.

Prices and weights will vary, so you should contact the company directly to get pricing.

4. Trailer Made Trailers

Trailer Made Trailers makes tiny home trailers, tiny home shells, and fully-equipped tiny homes.

The trailers they use come in both double and triple axle configurations, and the larger ones have a GVWR of 28,000 pounds.

You can buy these trailers in lengths from 12 feet to 44 feet, and the price will determine the size.

The trailers this company uses sit on a welded tubular chassis that is built for low ride height.  This lowers your off-road capabilities but makes the tiny home pull easier while on the road.

Underneath each trailer, you’ll find galvanized flashing that will better protect and insulate your tiny home.  Buy this trailer, and you’ll also get LED lights, electric breaks, and a lifetime chassis guarantee.

While the prices aren’t listed for each model, the website does say that they start out at $3,995.00 and that they offer financing.

5. Tiny Smart House

The Tiny Smart House company makes custom-designed trailers just for tiny houses.

They are created using tube steel, and you won’t find any wood on the trailer’s deck.

Like Trailer Made, this company offers trailers in lengths from 12’ to 44’.  These trailers are either double-axle trailers or triple-axle trailers, and they are flat or gooseneck.

A 10’ wide trailer can also be built for you, but keep in mind that it will be considered a wide load. 

This means you won’t be able to legally tow it on public roads without making special considerations.

As a bonus, the company offers free building plans with every trailer sold.  There are eight different plans to choose from, and they all look interesting.

These plans are labeled as basic plans, so you’ll be able to adapt them to best fit your needs.

Final Thoughts

Your tiny home’s trailer is arguably the most important component of your tiny home.

Your trailer is going to be your tiny home’s foundation, so it’s important that you focus on getting a durable and well-made trailer.

Luckily, every one of the companies listed above can provide you with this.


buildtiny.co.nz – Website





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