12 Cheapest Camper Vans for Full-Time Living (Sorted By Price)

If you’ve decided to participate in full-time RV living, you’re likely looking for the perfect motorhome.

Although many types of RV are suitable for full-time RV living, finding the right one is challenging. If you want to travel solo or with no more than four people, you should cast your wandering eye toward Class B motorhomes.

Numerous makes and models are ideal for full-time RV living, and our list will bring 12 of the cheapest to your attention.

Full-Time Living Camper Vans that Cost Less than $100,000

Camper vans can be more expensive than motorhomes because they are categorized as motorized RVs.

Yet, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get a good bargain or find a reasonable deal, as can be attested to by the models we’ve found below.

Each of the three cheapest camper vans we’ve discussed will set you back less than $100,000, leaving you more money to fund your nee full-time RV living lifestyle.

1. 2022 Thor Motor Coach Rize 18M

Most people will agree that you can’t go wrong with a Thor Class B motorhome, so it’s unsurprising that the 2022 Thor Motor Coach Rize 18M is one of the best affordable RVs for full-time living.

This motorhome has a retail price of $92,000 and has a range of impressive amenities, including a wet bath with a spacious shower and toilet.

The 2022 Thor Motor Coach Rize 18M has an overall length of 17 feet and can sleep two people comfortably. It is also equipped with a 3.6-liter V6 engine, so you can rest assured it’s powerful enough to go wherever your travels take you.

The interior theme is also classy and elegant in modern tones of white and beige, and it’s outfitted with LED lighting.

You can also expect a kitchenette with a mini fridge and microwave oven, a power awning, Winegard ConnecT 2.0, and a sofa with a removable table.

Conveniently, this model also has a two-burner stove, vinyl flooring, privacy shades, and large opening side windows that let in a cool breeze and afford passengers a beautiful view.

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2. 2023 Pleasure-Way Tofino (Ram Promaster)

Only some people realize how sought-after Pleasure Way Class B motorhomes are, especially in the secondhand market. It’s based on the trusty Ram Promaster. A very affordable camper van – and also one of the cheapest camper vans you’ll find (surprisingly!).

These motorhomes are best for full-time RV living because many models have convenient pop-top roofs, like the 2023 Pleasure-Way Tofino 17.

This Class B can sleep up to four people and only costs about $95,000, depending on where you purchase it.

The 2023 Pleasure-Way Tofino 17 fits a whole lot in 17 feet. Not only does it come equipped with a solar package that makes off-grid living a breeze, but it also has roof racks for all your outdoor equipment and a side door for easy access.

Yet, what you’ll likely love the most is that the 2023 Pleasure-Way Tofino 17 is its minimalistic, sporty style, two 100Ah lithium coach batteries, touchscreen control, multiplex wiring, kitchen sink, refrigerator, induction cooktop, bathroom, and sleek modern interior design.

A great upgrade from travel trailers, truck campers, etc.

3. 2023 Winnebago Solis Pocket BUT 36A

This might come as a surprise, but the cheapest model on our list is a Winnebago. A great camper van conversion. For years Winnebago has been one of the best Class B motorhome brands, and its 2023 Solis Pocket BUT 36A is a testament to its quality motorhome lineup.

You can expect to pay roughly $80,000 for this model, which is a steal considering it has all you could need for full-time living.

For example, the 2023 Winnebago Solis Pocket BUT 36A has a kitchenette with a mini fridge, sink, and induction stove. It also has a fold-out murphy bed, a sofa, a dinette for two, and swivel seats.

Yet, that’s not all; this model has L-track cargo tie-downs so you can pack the equipment you need while on the road.

Full-Time Living Camper Vans Between $100,000 & $150,000

Do you have a slightly bigger budget to splurge on a premium quality camper van?

If so, you’ll be pleased to learn that quite a few camper vans cost between $100,000 and $150,000, which are worth the investment.

However, since there are so many, it can take time to sift through the market offerings to find the one perfect for full-time RV living.

4. 2023 Winnebago Solis 59PX

Storage is essential in a full-time RV living in a Class B motorhome.

Fortunately, Winnebago understood the assignment (as they usually do) and created the 2023 Solis 59PX. This impressive 21-foot-long model has been built with below-floor storage and numerous cupboards. It also only costs roughly $115,000.

Additionally, the 2023 Winnebago Solis 59PX is suitable for families because it can sleep four people. It has been outfitted with a fully functioning kitchen and wet bath with a convenient flexible showerhead.

Other notable features you can look forward to in this Class B include:

  • An Onan generator.
  • An air conditioner.
  • A murphy bed.
  • A pop-top sleeping area.
  • Heavy-duty vinyl flooring.
  • An Eco-Hot water system.

5. 2023 Coachmen Nova 20C (Ram Promaster)

If you’re looking for a luxury Class B motorhome for your full-time RV living adventures, you should look no further than the 2023 Coachmen Nova 20C.

Despite its many luxury features, this Class B is reasonably affordable, with an estimated retail cost of $130,000. Besides being luxurious, it’s also cozy and ideal for two people, with an overall length of 20 feet.

Some of the luxury features many enjoy after purchasing this model include:

  • A pull-out pantry.
  • A comfortable lay-flat power sofa.
  • A convenient Showermeiser water saver for off-grid explorations.
  • A Nova Kool refrigerator.

The 2023 Coachmen Nova 20C is a good buy because it has a wet bath, a microwave, two jump seats with a lagun table, Tru-Tank tank sensors, and a modern 24-inch LED television.

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6. 2023 Thor Motor Coach Scope 18A

The 2023 Thor Motor Coach Scope 18A is another affordable budget buy ideal for couples who want to venture into full-time RV living.

This Class B has much to offer RVers and only costs roughly $113,000, which is fair considering everything you will get in this premium quality motorhome.

For example, the 2023 Thor Motor Coach Scope 18A has a comfortable pull-out bed, a storage area, a small fully equipped kitchenette, large opening side windows, LED lighting, a fully enclosed shower, and a cassette-style toilet.

This model is also decked out with an electronics cabinet and television prep to set up your TV.

7. 2023 Roadtrek Play (Ram Promaster)

If sleep is essential to you and you love to languish in bed until the absolute last minute, you’ll need a Class B motorhome with comfortable sleeping accommodations.

Fortunately, there is an RV perfect for those who enjoy their sleep, and it’s called the 2023 Roadtrek Play.

It’s also one of the more luxurious models on our list, which is why it’s surprising that it retails for only approximately $120,000.

Besides its king bed, this nine-speed automatic Class B has much more to offer full-time RVers.

For example, it has a fully enclosed bathroom with a foot-flushing toilet and a bathroom sink. It also has a spacious kitchenette, stainless steel refrigerator, a sizeable two-burner stove, and a pull-out pantry.

Yet, you’ll likely love the most its air conditioners, generator, and range of safety features, including airbags, cruise control, electronic stability control, and anti-lock brakes.

8. 2023 Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20A

The 2023 Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20A has been specifically engineered and manufactured to give you more miles per gallon while you explore the city landscapes and countryside.

This fuel efficiency will cost you a tiny fortune, but many reviews say that $140,000 is worth it.

The 2023 Thor Motor Coach Sequence 20A is 21 feet long and has a pop-top sleeping area to accommodate four people comfortably. This Class B also features a wet bath, a pull-out bed, keyless entry, and plenty of storage space for everything from bedding and linen to clothing, groceries, and electronics.

It has everything you need, including a fully equipped kitchenette, a comfortable dinette, a lounge area, a 24-inch LED television, and LED lighting.

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Full-Time Living Camper Vans that Cost More than $150,000

The big spenders or those with a sizable motorhome savings account will love the options we’ve listed below.

Each camper vans you’ll read about costs more than 150,000, but they are some of the most affordable luxurious models available for full-time RV living.

Although they cost more than $150,000, most only cost $200,000, and they are still cheaper than many of the Class A and Class C motorhome options on the market.

9. 2023 Winnebago Revel 44E

Another Winnebago worthy of your attention is the 2023 Winnebago Revel 44E.

This motorhome is arguably one of the best for true full-time off-grid adventurers. It’s packed with all the features befitting an off-grid model, so you should expect to pay around $163,000 for this motorhome.

The 2023 Winnebago Revel 44E is a favorite Class B motorhome because of its many modern functional amenities. It might not be the most luxurious or the prettiest, but it has much to offer RVers.

For example, this camper van is built to be highly durable and rugged with its backup camera, LED exterior lighting, luggage rack, parking sensors, all-terrain tires, awning, and movable ladder.

Yet, that is only some of what you should expect from this Winnebago Class B. Other notable features include a convenient cassette toilet, a flexible hose shower head, a multi-shelf storage area, USB ports and outlets, an extendable kitchen countertop, and an impressive 140 cubic-foot garage!

10. 2023 Midwest Designs Passage 144FD2 (Mercedes Sprinter)

Likely, the fanciest campervan on our list is the 2023 Midwest Design Passage 144FD2.

This modern luxurious motorhome is outfitted with numerous convenient amenities and doesn’t cost too much, with its estimated retail price at $180,000.

The 2023 Midwest Design Passage 144FD2 might only sleep two, but it could be more spacious. With an overall length of 19 feet and 6 inches, it has more than enough room for you to maneuver even with another occupant.

This motorhome is perfect for full-time RVers who need power since it has a strong diesel engine capable of towing 5,000 pounds.

Moreover, this RV has many incredible features that make its price worth it. For example, it has a rear power lounge with a sparkling white interior theme, an exterior shower, an LED television, a fully equipped wet bath, seating for six travelers, and leather-clad upholstery.

11. 2022 Coachmen Galleria 24A (Mercedes Sprinter)

Luxury and 4×4 capabilities combine perfectly to produce the $180,000 2022 Coachmen Galeria 24A.

This campervan is undoubtedly one of the best money can buy with its four-wheel drive capabilities, turbo diesel engine, rear color camera, and 7G Tronic Plus Automatic Transmission.

This is the campervan for you if you’re after a motorhome that will allow you to journey everywhere in luxury and style.

The 2022 Coachmen Galleria 24A has an extensive suite of safety features to keep you safe on the road, including adaptive cruise control, anti-lock braking, active brake assist, traffic sign assists, and attention assist.

Besides safety features, you can look forward to rear twin beds, a 330-watt solar system, a 26 cubic-foot under-bed storage area, an LG LED television, and a Jensen entertainment center.

But that isn’t all. Full-time RVers can also expect a private full bathroom with a porcelain toilet, shower, and sink and an uber-modern kitchen with a spice rack, spacious countertop, microwave, stove, and refrigerator. This is only a sampling of what you can expect in this powerhouse of a campervan.

12. 2022 Airstream Interstate 19

Our list of affordable class B diesel motorhomes but exemplary campervans for full-time RV living would only be complete if we included an Airstream Class B model.

The 2022 Airstream Interstate 19 is the most expensive motorhome on our list, with an approximate retail price of $185,000. Still, it’s well worth the investment, considering it’s practically a residential home on wheels.

This campervan is packed with hundreds of amenities and features. Some of the best ones you can expect if you purchase this model include power heated mirrors, heated driver and passenger seats, fog lamps, a rearview monitor camera, an in-dash maintenance, and monitoring system, and an uber convenient retractable clothesline.

The 2022 Airstream Interstate 19 also has a power rear sofa that converts into a comfortable bed, USB charging ports, a fully fitted kitchen and bathroom, LED shower lights, and perhaps best of all, an exterior shower with hot and cold water.

Other Good Models

We also recommend these smaller vehicles that are even more affordable:

  • Toyota Sienna (a great minivan)
  • Ford Transit Connect (another smaller option)
  • VW camper vans (classic and electric)
  • Nissan NV200 (very popular in the south)

But really, most cargo vans and class B RVs will do. As long as you install a water heater, a full-size bed, and some DIY gear, you will be good to go!


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