Grady White Boat Problems: 4 Most-Seen Issues (Examples)

Grady White boats are known as one of the best offshore boat manufacturers in the country. Recognized for providing a luxury boating option at a high price, Grady boats are often touted as investment boats.

However, there are common problems that many Grady White boat owners face, such as hull construction, fuel mileage, maintenance, and wooden structure issues.

We’ve gathered information on the most commonly reported Grady White problems and listed them below!

1) Hull Construction Issues

Grady White hulls are made of fiberglass and finished with a thick gel topcoat. Despite this topcoat, issues with the fiberglass construction of the hull can occur.

Between marine flora, underwater hazards, and poor maintenance, there are various ways for the hull of a Grady White boat to become compromised. A small crack that goes beyond the thick gel coat into the fiberglass can cause much larger issues if not immediately addressed by an expert in fiberglass hull repair.

While fiberglass may make Grady White boat hulls more durable and long-lasting, they require regular inspection and maintenance to ensure you fix small problems before they become large issues.

However, decades of research and development have gone into smoothing out issues with the Grady White hulls. Newer model Grady boats include thicker gel topcoats than older models and more durable wood construction beneath the fiberglass hull.

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2) High Maintenance

Grady White boats are known for requiring regular maintenance and repairs. This may be due to wear and tear from running the boat hard out on the water and parts such as the electronics wearing out or suffering from hard use.

This means that those looking to purchase a Grady boat should factor in the cost and time of maintenance as well. If one buys their boat new, Grady White offers a comprehensive warranty and top-notch customer service.

Those that buy a used Grady boat should take care to thoroughly inspect and test drive the boat before purchasing to determine how well-maintained the boat is.

Keep in mind that the amount of maintenance your boat needs will depend on how well you take care of your boat, what conditions your boat is put through, and the specific make and model of your boat.

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3) Poor Fuel Mileage

Grady White boats are built to last using durable, high-quality materials.

However, these materials are often quite heavier than cheaper alternatives. Therefore, Grady White boats tend to run heavier and therefore burn more fuel.

However, poor fuel mileage can be planned for, and there are a variety of ways you can change your driving and boating lifestyle to maximize your fuel mileage. Between packing lighter and learning how to ease into the throttle and treat your boat with respect, there are ways to lower the amount of fuel your Grady boat burns.

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4) Older Models Have Wood Issues

Grady White has been in business for decades, and with that amount of time on the market, has improved significantly since their start. Earlier pre-1997, Grady White boats suffer from various issues involving the wood used in their construction that has since been cleaned up with new designs and materials.

However, one should be cautious when purchasing older Grady White boats. While each used boat is different and good maintenance goes a long way toward increasing the longevity of these already durable boats, you should focus your attention toward newer post-2005 Grady White boat models if you fear rot issues.

Old Grady White boats used wood in their hull and transom constructions. This wood, even with textbook maintenance and care, tend to rot. This leads to expensive repairs and extreme frustration. However, Grady has learned from these old issues, and wood used in their newer boats has been designed to help prevent rot.

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General Pros and Cons of Grady White Boats:


One of the biggest perks most often referenced by Grady White boat owners is the resale value of these prestigious boats. Due to their quality construction, beautiful design, and brand loyalty, well-maintained Grady White boats are always in demand on the used boat market.

In addition to the inherent resale value of Grady White boats, they’re often touted for their excellent handling out on the water. With a skilled touch, a Grady boat can sail through even rough 3-foot tall waves with little to no issues, largely due to their deep-v hull design.

Combined with the high-quality construction and top-notch customer service offered by the skilled Grady White boat technicians, these boats are often listed among the premier offshore boating options.


  • The boats require a high level of maintenance to keep their longevity.
  • Due to their heavy construction, these boats burn more fuel than their competitors.
  • The fiberglass hull can crack and lead to serious damage if left unrepaired.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Grady White boats may be expensive, but this cost goes toward high-quality construction and materials. Through years of design and research, these boats are created with both the needs of a fisherman and their family in mind.

“…But most of the folks looking at Grady-Whites also want a boat that fills in family functionality. They not only want to go fishing, but they also want to enjoy watersports…”


Grady White boats offer a wide range of perks that have become the industry standard. Between their durable swimming deck to the double console design, Grady White boats are versatile and full of high-end options.

“Not only did it do everything one would expect of an 8-meter open fishing boat (including safely backing up hard into the wind), it was enormously fun to drive…”


Not only are Grady White boats some of the most recommended and high-quality offshore boats on the market, but they’re also known for their enjoyable ride. With Grady’s focus on the entire customer experience, it’s no surprise that they’re known for a comfortable and enjoyable ride.

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What’s the Resale Value On Grady White Boats?

Model & Year Price
2014 Grady-White Canyon 376 325,000
2014 Grady-White Express 370 395,000
2015 Grady-White Freedom 375 469,900
2016 Grady-White Freedom 375 439,000
2019 Grady-White Freedom 375 799,999

Please note that these prices are estimates and that actual boat prices will vary based on the model, age, condition, and location.

Final Thoughts

Grady White is known for its exceptional offshore boats.

While they’re made from only the highest-quality materials on the market, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own share of problems.

Be aware that these boats run on the more expensive side but have proven worth their value over time.

Due to its high resale value and durability, Grady White boats make an excellent investment boat for those who plan on keeping their boat for several years.

If you’re prepared to deal with the slight issues of higher maintenance requirements and lower fuel mileage, these boats can serve you and your family for years to come with their seaworthy design and smooth ride.

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