Are Murphy Beds Comfortable? 6 Facts You Should Know

Murphy Beds are the best option when it comes to saving space in your small home.  But, how do they compare to other traditional-style beds?

Are Murphy beds comfortable?

Murphy beds are as comfortable as any other type of bed. Once you have it installed and pulled down most Murphy beds can be equipped with the same mattresses as a regular bed. That being said, most people choose a memory foam mattress for their wall bed.

Here is everything you should know when it comes to the comfort of your Murphy Bed as well as three important things to keep in mind:

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Choose A Comfortable Bed Size

The first thing that will determine the comfort level of your Murphy Bed is the sizer.

If you are new to downsizing, the size of your bed might be a point of stress for you.  This is especially true if you are used to sleeping in a large comfortable bed.

However, you should find comfort in knowing that Murphy Beds come in all different sizes.

How can Murphy Beds save space while still being large scale beds?  The answer is in the design and overall theme of a Murphy Bed.

Remember that these styles of beds are unlike traditional beds in one major way!

This is that when they are not being slept on, they can lift up to lay flush with the wall.

So, as long as your floor space can handle a larger bed, go for it!  This way you can still get the size of comfort you need while not having to sacrifice comfort.

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What Size Should You Choose?

Choosing the size of your Murphy Bed is totally personal choice.

Murphy Beds are available in twin, full, double and queen.  One size that is notably missing from this list is king size beds.

So, why are king-sized Murphy Beds so hard to find?  Manufacturers don’t make Murphy Beds that large because of the safety risk that they pose.

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Murphy Beds only lift because the bed is lightweight enough to fold away perfectly into the wall.  If the bed is much bigger in scale, there would need to be much more supportive hardware for the frame alone.

This could potentially make the bed unsafe especially if installed to a weight-bearing wall.

If you can downsize your bed, I recommend it!  There is only a slight size difference between a queen bed and a double-sized bed.

Just think of the amount of floor space you can save by downsizing to a smaller sized bed!  Just remember, the most important factor is your comfort level.

So keep in mind your size, height, and as well as how much you move during the night. 

This way you can be sure to have found the most comfortable bed size for you.

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3 Comfortable Mattress Options For Murphy Beds

The duvet is strapped up with a strap when the bed is ready to be folded up

The biggest factor that is going to dictate how comfortable your Murphy Bed will be is the mattress.

When it comes to Murphy Beds, you have options!  This also means that you might be able to use your current mattress.  This is because most mattresses work with Murphy Beds, as long as they are not too tall.

But, what exactly does this mean?

While the height of a Murphy Bed varies from style to style, one thing remains the same.

This is that the bed frame itself needs to be shallow enough to lay flat against the wall when folded away.  So, what mattresses are best for Murphy Beds?

Here are the best types of mattresses to use with a Murphy Bed so that your comfort can be exactly what you are used to:

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1) Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress is one of the most comfortable styles of mattresses.

This is because they work to form to your body.  This means that the more you sleep on it, the more it will become a custom fit to your body.

However, not all memory foam mattresses are created equal.

This is especially true when it comes to how it will work with a Murphy Bed.

This is because some mattresses are far too tall for a Murphy Bed to support.  So, how will you know which memory foam mattress will work best for you?  The answer is simple!

All you will need to do is measure the height of your Murphy Bed frame and compare it to the mattress of your dreams.  You will also find that the installation manual of your bed will also have specific measurements for you to follow.

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2) Traditional Spring Mattresses

Sometimes, nothing beats tradition.  There is something so simply beautiful about a traditional spring mattress.  But, will they work with a Murphy Bed?  More importantly, will they be comfortable for this style of bed frame?

Again, this all depends on the depth of the bed.  Spring styled mattresses tend to be the biggest when it comes to height.

So, while you can use a more traditional mattress, you will need to be careful when it comes to height.  The other thing to note about spring mattresses is that they tend to get less comfortable quicker than newer styles.

This is because they are made using metal springs to provide the right amount of bounce.  The springs can break and bend overtime which will greatly impact their comfort level.

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3) Roll Foam Mattress

Roll foam mattresses are the most preferred among Murphy Bed owners.  This is because of the size of these styles of mattresses.

Roll mattresses are already thin by design which means that they will be perfect for smaller bed frames.  Also, while they may not be as big and luscious as memory foam mattresses, some find them just as comfortable!

The best part about roll foam mattresses is that they tend to be much lower in cost than traditional mattresses.  So, while your roll mattress might not last as long, it is far cheaper to replace which is a major plus for your budget!

We have another article completely dedicated to mattresses for Murphy beds. It’s a very good place to start when you need to make your Murphy bed as comfortable as possible.

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2 More Ways To Make A Wall Bed Pleasant

When your mattress fails you, it might be time to create your own form of comfort!  While the mattress will be the main thing to give your body some rest, there is so much more you can be doing!

A bed is only as comfortable as you allow it to be.  While some beds cannot be made comfortable no matter how hard you try, Murphy Beds are not among them.

Here are some ways to elevate the comfort of your Murphy Bed so that you can enjoy downsizing from the comfort of your own bed:

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1) Plush Bedding

If you are looking to create a cloud of comfort for you to fall into at the end of a long day, plush bedding is the way to go!  Cover your bed with lush blankets and throws.

This way you are shaping the comfort of your bed by following your own rules.  However, this is a double-edged sword.

Murphy Beds are perfectly safe when used properly.  But, if you are planning on adding lots of plush bedding, you will have to take the right steps to keep your bed safe.

This means that you may have to remove all the bedding from the bed frame before folding it away.  This way you can avoid creating a dangerous situation with loose bedding getting caught in the bed frame mechanics.

2) Right Pillows and Support

For me, the comfort of a bed is completely determined by the type of pillows I am using.  In fact, I never travel anywhere without bringing my own memory foam pillow with me.  This is the one area that I encourage you to splurge on.  When you think about it, the pillows on your bed will completely affect the type of sleep you get.

A pillow is meant to support your head and neck which ultimately will support your back as well as the rest of your body.  So, make sure you are giving your neck plenty of support!  This is especially true if you are using a memory foam mattress.

Why not give your head the same type of luxurious comfort?

Check out this article for a quick overview of Murphy Bed safety facts and standards! 


Final Thoughts

It is also important to remember that some things you do will determine how comfortable your Murphy Bed is.

So, are Murphy Beds comfortable?

Murphy Beds are absolutely comfortable!
However, your bed will only be as comfortable as you allow it to be!  This means that you will have to carefully choose the mattress style and bed size completely depending on your personal standards.

However, comfort doesn’t always mean the way that you feel when you lay down at night.  Comfort can also be the type of sleep that you get.  One thing that newcomers to Murphy Beds find is that they have trouble sleeping for the first few nights because of the unknown.

More specifically, the feeling of being suspended in the air.  However, a properly installed Murphy Bed will completely connect with the floor when lowered.

So, give your Murphy bed the best shot by first installing it properly!  The rest is up to you.  Good luck.

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