Are Murphy Beds Dangerous? Helpful Facts (Explained)

Murphy beds are a really great way to save some space in the bedroom.  They also are a great way to transform any room into a guest room.

Are Murphy beds dangerous?

When used properly, Murphy beds are not dangerous.  They will not fold up against the wall when you are on top of the bed. When the frame is mounted properly on the wall it will not fold down on you either.

Anything can become dangerous if not installed or used correctly.  Even something as seemingly safe like a bed can cause damage when improperly treated.

If you are concerned about your Murphy bed being dangerous, have no fear!

Here is everything you need to know about Murphy beds when it comes to safety standards.

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Why Might Murphy Beds Be Dangerous?

A Murphy bed is a bed that will fold up into the wall when it is not needed.  The allows for more floor room when you are awake.  This is a great option not only for tiny houses but for smaller apartments as well.  Also, Murphy beds are comparable in price to traditional bed frames which makes them a perfect choice.

However, like most things, Murphy Beds do come with a little bit of user error.

Murphy beds used to be represented in media as a comical bed.  We have all seem those clips or people jokingly being trapped underneath or being folded up to the wall.

But, how realistic is it?

While Murphy beds first came into popularity back in the 1950’s they have recently starting making a comeback in a big way.  This is because of the rise in popularity of the downsizing movement.  Families are no longer looking to purchase large sprawling houses.

Either because of the real estate market or green issues, people are looking to make the jump to smaller homes.  While Murphy beds are a great option, people are still worried about how safe they really are.

So, why might Murphy beds be seen as dangerous?  Simple – they are not being used properly.

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Choose A Seller With A Good Reputation

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What Are The Common Dangers With Murphy Beds?

Like most things in life, there are common dangers that can easily be avoided.  With Murphy beds, there is more to know when it comes to what should be avoided.

Especially since there are special hardware and lifts that are associated with these types of bed frames.

So, what are the common dangers that are associated with Murphy beds?  More importantly, what are the ways that you can protect yourself to avoid injury?

Here is what should know in order to properly use your Murphy bed safely:

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Pinch Points

The biggest danger that comes with a Murphy bed is the pinch points.  These are the hinges that are located at the bends of the bed.  There are also hinges connected with the hardware that installs the bed frame to the wall.  The idea behind a Murphy bed is that you can fold it up when not in use.

In order for the bed to lay flat against the wall, it must have a set of hinges.  The hinges will not only bend, but they will lock.  Locking the hinges keeps the bed from coming down from the wall randomly.  These hinges can easily turn into a finger trap if you are not careful.

Fingers can quickly get pinched in the hinges which can cause some physical harm.  The danger is only elevated if the hinges also lock after your finger gets pinched.  While most adults know better when it comes to keeping their fingers safe, it isn’t always the case with children.

How To Avoid Getting Pinched

Smaller fingers and toes can easily get trapped causing the skin to pinch and even break open.  So, what can you do to make sure that no one gets hurt?  The answer is to make sure that children are away from the bed when it is both being lowered and folded away.

When it comes to protecting yourself, just be mindful of where your hands are when operating the Murphy bed.  However, this does not make Murphy beds as a while dangerous.  Anything with a hinge comes with the chance of pinching the skin.  Much like cabinets and doors, most of the dangers are due to user error.

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Knock Out From A Murphy Bed Falling Down

Another concern people have when it comes to Murphy beds is the fear of it falling down on them.

Since this style of a bed frame is meant to lift and fall, there is slight danger there.  This is because of the weight of the bed.  While Murphy bed frames are lighter than tradition beds, it can still hurt if it falls on your head.

However, there are certain safeguards put in place to help prevent this.

Murphy beds have come a long way from where they used to be when the concept was first born.  This means that the bed will no longer just fall down when you need it.

By using special hinges along with hydraulics, the bed will slowly descend from the wall instead of a harsh fall.  Most time the danger is in the speed and not in the weight.  Since unfolding the bed is controlled and not a free-fall, chances of getting hurt are slim to none.

However, it is always a good idea to still make sure that the area is clear before pulling the bed down.  Remember, that impact on adults will be less severe than the impact on children.  While the chances of the bed falling down on you are are, it doesn’t hurt to take extra measures to ensure your safety.

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Pulling The Bed Off The Wall Safely

Another feat people have with Murphy B´beds is the chance of them coming detaching from the wall.  This can happen if there is a strain on the joints and hinges of the bed frame hardware. It is important to remember the weight limit of the bed.

The weight limit will also depend on the size of the bed frame.

Murphy beds are available from size twin up to a queen.  The larger the bed, the more weight it will be able to handle.  While the beds are perfectly fine for one person, two people is a different story.

To avoid breaking the bed off the wall, make sure that you are getting the right size for you.

If you need a bed for both you and your partner, go with the larger size.  Another thing to keep in mind is the wall that the bed attaches to.  You want to make sure it is a weight bearing wall.

Attaching the bed frame to a wall that has no real support can end in disaster.  This not only can be dangerous for you but can cause some serious damage to your wall.  You can easily find the right wall by using a stud finder.  If you still have concerns, consider using a professional to help install the bed.

2 Common Myths With Murphy Beds

Murphy Beds have had their fair share of myths out there about them.  Like most things, there is a great deal of misinformation out there about these styles of beds.

So, how do you know what to believe?

Here are some of the most common myths regarding the safety of Murphy Beds:

1) Can You Get Trapped Inside The Bed?

Remember those silent movies where someone is looking for a place to hide and then folds themselves up into a wall bed?  Unlike the movies, it is nearly impossible to get yourself trapped inside a Murphy Bed.

This is because of the advanced hydraulics that is part of the bed’s system.

This means that the bed will not lift up properly if there is too much weight.  The weight of your body will not allow for the bed to fold up.  It is also important to remember that once the bed is up against the wall, there will be little to no space between.

The point is to have the bed be flushed seamlessly with the wall so there will be no cracks.  In simple terms, there will be no space for you in the bed once it is lifted.

So, you cannot become trapped between the bed and the wall.  This common misconception is a complete myth!

Will The Bed Fold Up Randomly?

You are in control of when your bed will fold up.

When you are on the bed it will be way too heavy to be lifted up. So you won’t accidentally be folded into the bed.

If your Murphy Bed is properly installed, there should be no fear of your bed going up when you do not do it yourself.  But, how can you tell that your bed is installed correctly?  One major thing to note is how well the bed connects with the ground.

When the bed is folded down, there should be no space between the base of the bed legs and the floor.  If you find that your bed doesn’t quite reach the floor, your frame may be too high.  In order to help prevent this, make sure that you measure both the bed frame and the wall.

The Murphy Bed frame will come with instructions on how high to install the frame.

While the bed will not fold up randomly, it can cause other problems if it is not at the right height.  This can cause strain on not only the bed but on the frame that attaches to the wall.  When it comes to properly install the frame, measure twice to be sure!

Final Thoughts

While there is still so much unknown, at the end of the day, a Murphy Bed is just a bed.  Yes, it is different in the way that it moves and functions, but the idea is still the same.  It is a place to rest your head at the end of the day.

So, it should be treated like any other bed.

Make sure to keep the bed clear from loose bedding and to keep the locks engaged when not in use.  The more you get used to your Murphy Bed, the safer you will be.  So, are Murphy Beds dangerous?

No way!

The most important thing to remember is to properly install the frame and follow the directions exactly.  This way your safety isn’t a guessing game.  Good luck!

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