Max Weight Limit For Loft Beds (3 Helpful Examples)

Loft beds are perfect for tiny homes, both for adults and kids alike!

However, it is important to remember that some loft beds have different weight limits depending on their materials and size. The good news is, the average loft bed can hold weight as much as 220 lbs!

Here are the average weight limits for wall beds:

The average weight limit for loft beds is around 220 lbs. It’s important to pay attention to this limit in order for the bed system to work properly.

Here are our examples of loft beds and their weights!

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Tuffing Loft Bed

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The Tuffing loft bed from Ikea is the most classic loft bed that you can find.  This model has been sold for years and comes with thousands of reviews.

In fact, I have this exact bed in my kid’s room and we love it!  This steel-framed bed comes with a sturdy and attached ladder for easy access.

This bed is recommended for anyone over 6 years old.  However, this does not make it a child’s bed!

The one thing you have to look at to know how this bed will work for you is the weight limit.

The maximum weight limit for this loft bed is 220 lbs.

However, that doesn’t just include your body weight.  You will also have to keep in mind the weight of your mattress as well as bedding.  This means that this bed is more than suitable for a single adult to use.

It isn’t just the weight limit of the bed to consider when looking for the best loft bed for you.  The height of the bed is also important!

The Tuffing loft bed tops out at 70 1/2″ which will give you plenty of room for extra space.

One reason why I love this bed is that you have extra purchase options.  With this loft bed, you have the option to buy a desk that installs directly the bed.  This way you can get much more out of this loft bed than just a place to sleep!

For more information on the Tuffing loft bed, check out the Ikea listing here!

STUVA Loft Bed

Image result for stuva loft bed; stock image

When it comes to amazing loft beds – not all models are created equal.  Some offer much more than just another place to sleep.  One of my favorite Ikea models of loft beds is the STUVA bed set.

This is because, with this model, you have a while bedroom set built into one single piece of furniture.  This is perfect for people living the downsized lifestyle since floor space can be limited.

Like most loft beds, the STUVA loft bed has a maximum weight limit of 220 lbs.

This means that it should be suitable for most adults.  But, it is not suitable for more than one full-sized adult at a time.

It is very important to remember your safety when sleeping in a loft bed.  So, always make sure to follow the weight limit rules strictly.

This loft bed has so much to offer.  Along with the bed, there is a built-in full-sized desk.  This desk is large enough to handle a large computer as well as plenty of surface space for whatever work you do!

There are even storage shelved located under the desk to store all of your work-related items.  Also, the sides of the loft bed are designed to work as a wardrobe.

These cute cubies are a great place to store clothing, shoes and even blankets!  This helps to make the STUVA loft bed a great all-in-one purchase!

My favorite part about the STUVA loft bed is that you can customize it to the way you live.  You can choose to attach the wardrobe to either side of the bed which gives you plenty of options when it comes to how you use your space.

Overall, the STUVA loft bed only takes up 21.5 square feet!

To check out the full listing of the STUVA lost bed, click here!


One thing that is important to keep in mind when furnishing a tiny house is how you can use the items.  It is ideal to find pieces of furniture that can be used in many different ways.  More than that, finding items that can easily be transformed will help to keep your downsized way of life right on track.

This is one of the reasons why I love Ikea so much.  So many of their pieces can be completely transformed with one simple addition.

That is exactly the case with the VITVAL loft bed.  With just a couple of extra pieces and adjustments, you can have a completely different loft bed that can be used in many different ways.

One adjustment that you can make to the VITVAL loft bed is a small desk attachment.

Unlike the other beds with a built-in desk, this one is much smaller.  It is located on one side of the bed which differs from other loft beds that comes with a desk.

This way you still have plenty of under-bed space to put in a bookshelf or wardrobe.  My favorite use of the space is to place a small couch next to the bed.  This allows you to use your bedroom as the perfect multi-use space!

The most creative way to use this bed, however, is to buy the pull-out bed attachment.  This allows you to attach a small twin bed at the base of the loft bed.  The best part about this attachment is that is can easily be removed and placed.  This way you can always have a quick place to comfortably sleep a guest if you need it!  The weight limit for this ingenious loft bed is 220 lbs and maxes out at 40 1/2 inches high.

Check out the VITVAL loft bed listing here for more information.

Important Things to Keep in Mind Regarding Loft Beds

While loft beds are a great way to keep your space open, they do come with some user error.

However, there is no reason why you should worry as long as you follow care instructions.

Here are some great ways that you can stay safe in your loft bed as well as some fun creative tips to help elevate your sleep game:

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Anchor It!

One important thing to note about loft beds is that they don’t always feel very stable.

The common sound of creaking, as well as a little bit of swaying, is par for the course.  However, there is a difference between light swaying and a dangerous situation.

One thing you will need to do is anchor your loft bed to your wall. 

If you are buying your loft bed from Ikea, you’re in luck!  Ikea offers an anchor kit for most of the beds as well as large pieces of furniture. This kit allows you to attach the frame of the loft bed directly to your wall.

This way you don’t have to worry about your bed tipping over in the middle of the night.  You will also want to make sure to follow the weight limit of your bed strictly.

It is also a great idea to avoid using too many loose blankets and beddings to help keep your pathway clear.

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Get Help

One of the most frustrating things to me about our loft bed is how difficult it was to put together.  While Ikea can get a bad reputation for overly complicated designs, this just felt plain cruel.

My biggest piece of advice is to enlist the help of a friend when attempted to assemble your loft bed. 

This way one of you can hold the frame still while the other painstakingly drills in the tiny bolts that hold it all together.

I noticed that partly through the process, the bolts were not staying in place.  This is because if the holes of the frames don’t perfectly line up, you can end up with uneven levels.

So, take your time and make sure to have all of your bases covered!  Doing it right the first time can help you from turning your bed into a wobbly mess.

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Get Creative

I love looking through pictures of ways that people have elevated their loft beds into a showpiece in their homes.  The loft bed in home offered a unique opportunity to make a reading nook.

I attached a tension rod with a sheer curtain that blocks off the space underneath the bed.

This, paired with some twinkling light and a large bean bag chair made for the perfect place to tuck in with a book at the end of a long day.

However, you need to always keep in mind the safety of your bed.  You don’t want to add heavy shelving or bedding to the bed since the weight limit will be reaching it’s max already with a full-sized adult.

Loft beds are only as safe as you allow them to be.  While I personally have never had an issue with my loft bed, I have heard some real horror stories.

Don’t become another cautionary tale.  Make sure that you know the ins and outs of your loft bed and make sure that you find the model that will work best for you.

Sleep is important.

So, sleep safely and live well!

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Why Get a Loft Bed?

When you live in a tiny house or a small apartment, you know how hard it is to save space.

While there are creative ways to stretch every inch of your home, a great place to start is in the bedroom.  Loft beds are a great solution to a limited amount of floor space!

This is because once the bed is lifted, you have all of that room underneath the bed.  This is a great place for extra storage, a sitting place or even a workspace fully fitted with a desk.

But, aren’t loft beds meant for children?  Absolutely not!

In my early 20’s I lived in a small studio apartment in NY and my loft bed was a lifesaver!

Make sure you are doing thorough research on your loft bed before you buy, but when you do, make sure to have some sweet dreams!

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