7 Popular Sailboats with Two Masts (With Pictures & Prices)

Sailboats can come with one, two, or even more masts. You can also have different-sized masts placed on the front, back, or middle of your vessel.

Below, I have listed popular sailboats that have two masts.

Let’s get started!

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Things to Know About Sailboats With Two Masts

When looking for sailboats with two masts, you should know what you are looking for. A Ketch is one type of sailboat with two masts.

Knowing this term can help you to nail down your search when looking for a boat with two masts.

These boats come in many shapes and sizes as well as many different types of designs. Generally, these types of boats have the taller mast being forward and the smaller mast near the aft.

Yawls are also boats that feature two masts.

These also come in multiple types and designs. The difference between the Ketch and the Yawl is that the Yawl has the larger mast in the aft instead of forward. They also have smaller sails and can be easier to handle.

Another type of sailing ship that features two masts is a Brigantine.

This ship has mixed sailing rigs which commonly features squared sails on the front part of the ship and triangular sails on the back of the ship.

These boats are often larger and require more people to handle them.

7 Great Used Boats with Two Masts

There are many benefits to used boats including a lower cost. You can get a larger boat for a lower cost if you choose to buy used.

When looking at used boats, you need to make sure you look at the boat and its features thoroughly to make sure everything is in great working order.

If you do not feel confident that you can properly look over a used vessel, you can even hire a marine inspector to look it over and let you know of any potential issues or needed repairs. You can use this assessment to decide what is worth it, or if the needed repairs fall into the budget.

It is much more common for a used boat to have more than one mast. This is because the newer sailboat models are creating their new designs with just one mast.

One mast ships are easier to handle and manage so new designs are trying to optimize design and ease of sailing.

Below are great used sailboats with two masts which I have arranged by price.

1. 1976 Westerly Center Cockpit Ketch

This 1976 Westerly Center Cockpit Ketch is a small 36-foot long sailboat with two masts. This is a solidly built cruising vessel that features a center cockpit ketch layout.

This boat has a small 38 horsepower engine perfectly fit to navigate its smaller size.

The interior features 1 single berth and 3 double berths all in 3 cabins. This boat also has 2 full heads onboard.

You also have a full galley with a 4 burner stove, refrigerator and freezer, stainless steel sink, and microwave oven.

This boat makes great use of limited space and offers many amenities in a much smaller frame.

Price: $37,000.00

2. 1978 Jeanneau Gin Fizz

The 1978 Jeanneau Gin Fizz is a trusted and popular two-masted design capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

This boat is also very spacious for a boat that is only 38 feet in length. This model also won an award for “security, comfort, ease of handling, and ability to handle varying conditions.”

This particular used model has been well maintained and upgraded over the years.

This boat is great for family cruising, offshore passages, and even racing.

This boat features a 50 horsepower engine to help navigation.

Inside you can find 2 cabins and 1 head. You will be highly comfortable with air conditioning and other interior luxuries.

Price: $46,000.00

3. 1979 Freedom 40

The Freedom 40 is a classically designed centerboard ketch with two masts. This boat is a great sailor loaded for cruising on the wide-open blue water.

This sailboat is 40 feet in length and features accommodations for six people that include a double-v berth, another double berth, and two single berths.

There is also a full head that can be accessed both from the main salon and aft cabin.

This boat was recently painted and features newer interior fabrics, forced air heating, and much more.

You can find a dinette with separate freezer and refrigeration compartments, a stove with an oven and broiler, a double stainless steel sink, plenty of storage, and other interior features.

This boat also comes with an outboard motor with 50 horsepower and a hard bottom inflatable dinghy.

Price: $54,900.00

4. 1977 Puma 38 Ketch

The Puma 38 Ketch is a two-masted sailboat built for racing like the rest of the Puma sailing line. This brand prides itself on speed and maneuverability.

The 1977 Puma 38 is 34 feet in length with a backup diesel engine that can help you get where you need to go as well as docking into a slip. This motor features more horsepower than the average sailboat with 45 horsepower.

Features on this vessel include autopilot, electrical and manual bilge pumps, a full marine head, running hot water, and refrigerator.

This boat is made of fiberglass with teak finishes and looks well kept. You can find this boat in Spain if you are interested in purchasing it.

Price: $66,099.00

5. 1973 Morgan Out Island 41

Originally designed by Charley Morgan, the Morgan Out Island 41 is a center cockpit shoal-draft cruiser that features two masts.

This larger boat is 41 feet 3 inches in length and features many amenities.

This boat is the tri-cabin version and features interior heating, pressurized hot and cold water, a 2 burner gas oven, and a fridge.

This boat also seats up to 7 in the 3 cabins and the saloon. There are also 2 full heads on this vessel.

This boat is even equipped with an inboard motor. Inboard motors are easier when it comes to navigation including backing up, which is generally hard for sailboats to do.

Price: $68,596.00

6. 1970 Hinckley Bermuda 40

This 1970 Hinckley Bermuda 40 is a gorgeous two-masted boat painted with a mixture of desert sand and oyster white on the exterior and features a beautiful and well-kept deck.

This boat has previously had all her systems replaced and upgraded and features a 40 horsepower engine that was new in 2014.

This boat features a mahogany interior and sleeps up to 6 people in 2 cabins. You can also find a 3 burner propane stove with oven, fridge and compressor, new countertops and plenty of storage.

This boat is a stunning and highly upgraded “must-see” at a very reasonable price.

Price: $129,500.00

7. 1995 Amel Super Maramu

A newer model of sailboat is the 1995 Amel Super Maramu sailboat. This sailboat has two masts and is very long at 53 feet.

This boat features an aft deck, steps molded right into the hull, well-protected cockpit an many other features. This boat has a large 76 horsepower engine which is more than the average sailboat is equipped with.

Inside, this boat features 2 cabins and 2 heads with showers. There is also plenty of storage, air conditioning, and electric heaters. There is also a nice salon and galley with a refrigerator, dishwasher, chest freezer, microwave oven, 3 burner stove, and other appliances.

This boat is great for multiple days out on the water and is new and updated. Because of the year, this was manufactured and the features, this boat has a larger price tag than the previous models.

Price: $299,990.00

Final Thoughts:

Sailboats are a great way to enjoy a day out at sea. Most sailboat models come with sleeping arrangements and even a kitchen. This makes them ideal for trips that will take more than a day.

Having multiple masts allows you to harness the power of the wind better and can increase your speed and directional capabilities.

There are many great choices when it comes to boats with two masts, but newer models are starting to steer away from double mast designs. This does not mean that you cannot get a good boat with two masts.

Used boats can be great choices when it comes to purchasing a boat. This is even more true with large, yacht boats such as the ones listed above.

Just make sure when you buy a used sailboat you check that everything is intact and in good working order and if it is not, you have allotted space in the budget to fix what is needed.

Your new double-masted sailboat should provide you with plenty of long-lasting memories and adventures out on the water while you connect with the wind and the sea.

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