9 Affordable Boats with Roofs (With Pictures & Prices)

For people who are sensitive to the harsh rays of the sun, it might be beneficial to buy a boat with a roof.

We’ve made a list of popular boats with a roof that are quite affordable.

Let’s get started!

Benefits of a Roof on a Boat

There are many benefits to buying a boat with a roof. As previously mentioned, a roof on your boat can protect you from the harsh sun. This can help prevent sunburn or other effects of sun exposure.

In addition to sun protection, you can also enjoy the shade underneath the roof. The shade provided can give you a break from the sun’s harsh heat and can be cooler than the rest of the area on the boat.

Certain pontoon boats even have a roof that acts as a second deck.

This deck can be used to lie out on as well as enjoy watersports.

Some second-story decks can include water slides and be a great diving platform in addition to being a second deck and providing shade to the deck below.

2 Great Boats with Retractable Roofs

Boats with retractable roofs are much more versatile than the other options. This way you would be able to have the roof either up or down depending on what was necessary.

The most common type of retractable roof is a Bimini top. These are often cloth with a metal frame than can be extended out to form a roof.

Most types of boats offer a Bimini top option as it is the easiest type of roof to install.

1. Stingray 192 SC (New)

This boat is a 21’1” deck boat with a gas motor that features 140 horsepower.

This boat features plenty of storage and has seating for up to 10 passengers. There is also plenty of watersports features including a ski locker, SS ski tow, and plenty of speed.

You can also entertain passengers with a Bluetooth stereo.

This boat features a retractable Bimini top cover made of cloth.

This boat also comes with a trailer factored into the price, so you do not have to set aside money in the budget for that.

Price: $32,950.00

2. Yamaha SX210 (New)

The Yamaha SX210 is a boat in the Yamaha line up. It is 21’3” in length, can seat up to 10 passengers comfortably and features a Twin TR-1 High Output Yamaha engine.

This boat features innovative seating that maximizes space and comfort, plenty of storage space, and luxury features you would expect on a much more expensive model.

This boat offers a custom Bimini top for no additional charge and can even cover the boat from the console to the stern, but still leaving the bow open.

You can even get optional tables that can be assembled in the back lounge seating area.

Price: Starting at $43,199.00

Fishing Boats with Roofs

Fishing boats come in all shapes and sizes. Anything can be outfitted to be a fishing boat. The most common type of fishing boat that offers a roof would be a center console fishing boat.

Because of their size, it is less common to see an aluminum fishing boat with a roof, but they still do have some options for you.

Below I have listed different types of fishing boats that feature roofs.

3. Allheart Marine 5.8M Center Console-Pressed Hull (New)

The Allheard Marine 5.8 M Center Console measures at 5.8 meters or 19 feet in length.

This boat also comes with the option of a Bimini canopy that sits above the console and main bench.

Because this roof doesn’t cover the entire vessel you can fish in shaded comfort or sit out in the sun with this Bimini top option.

This boat was made for fishing and features a rod holder, comfortable chairs including a captain’s bench, windscreen, and navigation equipment.

Price: Starting price around $10,000.00

4. Cobia 220 Center Console (Used)

The Cobia 220 Center Console is 22 feet long and is powered by an engine that features 150 horsepower.

This boat is not very old, was taken care of, and looks like new.

This boat also comes with a T-Top roof. This hard roof is featured over the console and provides shade without shadowing the entire boat.

This boat is equipped with a live well, Garmin GPS with sonar, hydraulic steering, and other great features.

Price: $52,500.00

5. 1994 Sea Ray Laguna (Used)

The 1994 Sea Ray Laguna is a used center console boat with a 200 horsepower motor and is 23 feet long.

This boat comes with a trailer as well, so you do not need to worry about budgeting for a trailer.

This boat also features a hard T-Top roof that covers the center console.

If you do choose to purchase this boat, you will need to paint the hull with a fresh coat of paint before you go out on the water.

This boat is being sold for a very reasonable and affordable price with minimal maintenance needed.

Price: $5,900.00

Pontoon Boats with Roofs

Pontoon boats feature a couple roof options. They also have retractable Bimini tops like the other boats mentioned, or they feature hard top roofs as well.

Some examples of Pontoon boats with roofs are listed below.

6. Sun Tracker 32 Party Cruiser (Used)

The Sun Tracker 32 Party Cruiser was built in 1993 and has a power motor with only 408 engine hours on it. This boat is in good condition and is only being sold due to lack of use.

Ride in comfort and style with bench seating, available tables, and even a grill that is great for afternoons out on the water with friends and family.

This boat also features a hard top roof that creates a completely enclosed area for maximum comfort.

Price: $26,000.00

7. Regency 230 LE3 Sport (New)

This boat brings luxury and sophistication to their pontoon design in addition to speed that is great for watersports.

The seating on this boat provides all day comfort for up to 12 people to be comfortable for a long day out on the water.

This boat also features multiple roof options including a sport arch with a canopy or a powered Bimini top with controls mounted to the dash.

You can entertain your guests with a Bluetooth stereo, swim platform, changing lounge, and watersport towing equipment.

Price: $69,615.00

Pontoon Boats with Roof Decks

Pontoon boats do not only have roofs, they also offer roof deck options. This acts as both a roof and a second floor for your boat.

As mentioned above, these decks often come with waterslides or other options that give you more space to lie out in the sun or enjoy the water.

These roofs come installed on your pontoon and would not be something you could casually remove like a Bimini top.

8. 2017 Aloha Paradise 250 (Used)

The 2017 Aloha Paradise 250 is a tri-toon that was very well maintained and is loaded with additional features.

This pontoon features an upper deck lighting package and many other options.

This boat also has an upper deck that doubles as a roof and is complete with easy access ladder that is fixed to the swim platform on the back.

This boat is 25 feet long and has a strong 250 horsepower engine to help you get the speed you want.

Price: $63,900.00

9. Premier 310 Escalante (new)

The 2019 Premier 310 Escalante is a much more high-end option, but it was so interesting I felt the need to include it.

This Pontoon is 32’ in length and has a complete upper deck. This large vessel is powered by two outboard motors that have a total of 700 horsepower to get you anywhere you want to go.

This boat also featured a joystick control system that will allow you to confidently steer your engines through the water with a higher level of precision.

The first deck is able to be fully enclosed with a canvas and screen and even features a head onboard.

The boat offers a Bimini top cover for the upper-level deck in addition to the entirely enclosable cockpit.

You can also expect exterior and interior lights, underwater lights, refrigerated cup holder, fridge, wine cooler, Compass, Depth Sounder, GPS, Radio, and two touchscreens. There are also easy access stairs for the swim platform which is easier to use than the standard ladder that is most often offered.

This boat is loaded to the maximum and would be great to take out on the water for a luxurious experience.

Due to the additional options, size, and luxury features, this boat is more expensive than the other ones on the list.

Price: $167,950.00

Final Thoughts:

No matter what type of boat you are looking for, there is an option out there for you.

Even if you do not buy a boat that comes with a roof, there are also plenty of companies that will fit roofs or Bimini tops to your vessel after the fact.

You also have a few roof choices to choose from including Bimini top, T-Top, upper deck and many other options. If you are fitting a roof after you have purchased the boat, the company will be able to work with you to find the best option for you.

So if a roof for your marine vehicle is something you are interested in, you definitely have plenty of options!

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