9 Amazing RVs With Murphy Beds (With Pictures)

RVs and Murphy beds make great companions because they dramatically increase the amount of space during the daytime when the Murphy bed is folded away.

Let’s take a look at some of the BEST RVs with Murphy bed solutions!

Before We Get Started…

It’s a good idea to use good leveling blocks to make sure the RV is 100% level when you operate the Murphy bed.

You can find the leveling blocks we use (and recommend) as item #6 on this list of must-haves for RVers. It’s a great checklist to go through before you start RVing.

And also, if you want to see some of the best Murphy beds you can buy on a budget check out our post with 9 affordable Murphy beds found online.

9 Great RVs with Murphy Beds

Let’s start with one of the classics.

1) The Wonder Class C Camper with Murphy Bed

Wonder campervan with Murphy bed

The Wonder is a class C camper built comfortably for two.  It has a large bathroom in the rear of the motorhome with a stand-alone shower, sink, toilet, and linen closet.

Next to the bathroom is a kitchenette with a stove, sink, fridge, and microwave.  There are overhead cabinets for food storage.  Across from the stove is a large closet with room to hang clothes.

Moving past the kitchen you’ll find a nicely furnished living room with a couch that features a fold-down table.  People can push the center cushion away and sit facing each other as if the sofa was a dinette table.

Across from the couch are a large television and more storage.

At night, a Murphy bed folds down over the couch.  This murphy bed can actually go right over the table without having to even remove items from the table.

The Murphy bed also has space around each side so either occupant can get out of bed without disturbing the other occupant.  What I like most about this camper is the fact that the Murphy bed eliminates the need for slides while still offering up enough space for a large bathroom.

This motorhome is 24’9″ long and 7’10.5″ wide.  It has an exterior height of 10′ and an interior height of 6’5″.  The freshwater tank is 34 gallons the black water tank is 37 gallons and the gray water tank is 28 gallons.

The chassis is a Ford Transit and the fuel system is diesel.

You can buy this camper for around $115,000.00.

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2) The Airstream Atlas

This camper has swivel front driver and passenger seats that turn back towards a small table.  Next to this is a luxurious leather couch which also has a small table in front of it.  Across from this is an entertainment center with a television as well as a side-entry door.

A murphy bed folds down over the couch by the touch of a button!

Moving past the living room, you’ll find a small kitchen.  The kitchen does not have much counter space but it does have everything you need to cook a meal.

Once past the kitchen area, you’ll enter a large bathroom that rivals many apartment bathrooms.  It has a beautiful standing shower, a toilet, a sink, and a large closet.

This motorhome is built on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis.  It’s a diesel vehicle and it measures 24 feet long.  If you need to tow, you can haul up to 5,000 pounds which rivals many small trucks.

People looking for a motorhome with a high-end feel and the Airstream name might want to consider going with this camper.

The overall width of this camper is 8’3″ and the interior height is 6’6″.  The freshwater tank is 23 gallons, the gray water tank is 31 gallons and the black water tank is 23 gallons.

This motorhome starts out at $221,000.00.

3) The Winnebago Era 70M

Winnebago can with Murphy bed slide out

The Winnebago 70M is another motorhome built on a Mercedes chassis.  However, this camper is smaller and is actually a class B rather than a class C camper.

It is set up in a similar manner to the other two except its shower is a bit larger.  The shower pan is 24″x31″.

The kitchen also offers a bit more counter space as one of the counters can flip up and down for additional space.

This kitchen is also larger as the Murphy bed does not have to fold down laterally because it is located on a slide-out.

People searching for a smaller motorhome that maximizes the amount of interior space might want to consider the Winnebago Era.  This motorhome is much more nimble than the larger class C motorhomes and is easier to park and drive (Click here for our BEST RV driving tips!).

The length of this camper is 24’3″ and the exterior width with the slide-out closed is only 6’4″.  The freshwater tank is 44 gallons, the gray water tank is 25 gallons, and the black water tank is 22 gallons.

This camper costs around $118,000.00.

4) Tiffin Motorhomes Wayfarer 24 FW

Tiffin RV with Murphy bed with table mounted on back

This motorhome is set up much differently than the previous ones we talked about.

The bathroom is a bit more narrow as it is housed on one side of the camper.  This is accomplished through the use of a long slide-out on the other side.

The bathroom is still large however and offers a 32’x24″ shower pan, a toilet, and a separate sink.

Across from this bathroom is a murphy bed that folds into the wall. When it is folded up you have a rather big desk you can use for work or as a dining table.

Nothing is located underneath of this so you just gain additional space to do whatever you want with.  This space is large enough that you could realistically do calisthenics or stretches.  You could also use the space to store items while traveling.

I like this motorhome as it leaves the use of the additional space up to the owner.

Personally, I’d probably buy some fold-up office furniture and use the space as a mobile office while out on the road.  Someone else, however, could use the space to do crafts, to work out, or to do anything else that suits their fancy.

This motorhome is also built on a Mercedes chassis and it costs around $140,000.00.

4) The Gulf Stream Cruiser 23BHS

How the Murphy bed works inside the caravan

This travel trailer is different than the motorhomes we’ve been talking about as it sleeps up to 6 people.  In the rear, you’ll find a bathroom next to a set of bunk beds.

Past this is a small kitchen and closet facing a u-shaped dinette.  The dinette is located on a slideout and has a murphy bed that folds down over top of it.

The table is removable so you can put it outside for outside dining.

In front of this is a jack-knife sofa that converts into a Murphy bed.  With this camper, you get multiple sleeping areas as well as a living room and a dining room.

Murphy bed system up and down

The dry weight on this is surprisingly light at only 4,253 pounds.  The length is 26′ and the width is 7’6″.  The interior height is 83″ and the exterior height is 10’6″.

Freshwater tank capacity is 27 gallons while the black water and gray water tanks are both 33 gallons.  This camper prices out at around $30,000.00.

5) The Gulf Stream Vintage Cruiser 19MBS

This travel trailer has a large bathroom in the back with a nice kitchen and dinette in the center.  The kitchen features a modern stainless steel microwave and oven.  This is in contrast to the retro style of the dinette set.

In fact, when you step into the camper you feel as if you’re stepping into an old 1950s style diner.  People who view this model tend to either love it or hate it.  You really have to be into the vintage vibe to consider buying a camper with this type of styling.

Past the dining area is a sofa which faces the kitchen.  A Murphy bed comes down over this sofa and shirt closets sit beside each end of the bed.

The dry weight on this camper is only 3,192 pounds so technically you could tow it with your minivan.  It has a length of 23′, a width of 7’6″, and an exterior height of 10′.  The interior height is 83″.

The black and gray water tanks are 33 gallons and the freshwater tank is 27 gallons.  You’ll pay around $17,000.00 for this camper.

6) Forest River RV Rockwood Mini Lite 2511S

Rockwood RV with Wall bed installed on the back

This travel trailer has a rear bathroom with a separate shower, sink, toilet, and linen closet.  The entryway is next to this so when you enter you can go left to go to the bathroom or right to enter the kitchen.  The kitchen is spacious and features an oven, a pantry, a double sink, and an extended countertop.  Across from this is a slideout dinette.

Move past this area and you enter the bedroom which can also double as a living room as the sofa has a murphy bed located behind it.  The dinette converts to a bed so you can sleep four people in this camper.

Both the kitchen area and the bedroom/living area have televisions and there are optional satellite television options you can choose to add on.

The dry weight on this camper is 5,266 pounds so you’ll need a large SUV or small truck to tow it.  The exterior width is 8 feet and the exterior height is 11 feet.

Blackwater and gray water tanks are both 30 gallons and the freshwater tank is 43 gallons.

You’ll pay about $23,000.00 for this camper.

7) The Coachmen RV Apex Ultra-Lite 238MBS

Interior plan and outside of RV

This travel trailer has a rear entry with a ward located right next to the door.  This is great for taking off coats and storing shoes upon entry into the camper.  Past this is a medium-sized bathroom with stand-alone shower, toilet, and sink.

The kitchen area has a microwave a double sink and an oven.  The dinette slides out and can be turned into a bed for additional sleeping accommodations.

At the front is a sofa with a queen size murphy bed that folds down over top of it. 

Coackmen Murphy bed folded down

A television is located in front of this and it can swivel so that it can be watched from the dinette as well as from the sofa or bed.

The length of this camper is 25’6″ and its width is 8′.

The exterior height is almost 10′ and the dry weight is 4,569 pounds.  Gray and black water tank capacities are 35 gallons and there is a 50-gallon freshwater tank.

You’ll pay between $20,000.00 and $25,000.00 for this travel trailer.

8) The Coachmen RV Spirit Ultra Lite 2245BH

This camper was built with a pet in mind.  The entryway is towards the front of the camper where you’ll walk by a leather sofa that has a murphy bed behind it.

The Murphy bed folds down at the front end of the camper and saves you a lot of space during the day.

Immediately in front of this is an area to place food and water bowls.  Coachmen refer to this area as the pet center.

Make a left when you enter and you’ll walk into the kitchen and dining area.  This area has a double sink an oven with 3-burner stove, a microwave, and a fridge.

At the back of the camper is a room with two double bunks.  The lower bunk flips up so that it can be used for storage when not in use.  Next to this is a bathroom with a tub, a bathroom sink, and a toilet.

Head back outside and there is an outdoor camp kitchen with a sink and a stove.  There is also a dog leash clip so that you can keep your dogs close when you’re outside.

This camper is over 25′ long and it has an exterior height of 10’10”.  The weigh on the camper is 4,588 pounds.

The freshwater tank is 49 gallons and the black and gray water tanks are 33 gallons each.  You can expect to pay around $22,000.00 for this camper.

9) Forest River Rockwood GEO Pro G19FD (Toy Hauler)

Rockwood RV with murphy bed system

This toy hauler has a Murphy bed to save you space.

It is only 20 foot in length and 7’4″ in width.  The exterior height is 9’7″.  The dry weight on this is only 2,829 pounds so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to tow vehicles.

The entryway is towards the front where you’ll find a 73″ sofa and a full-size Murphy bed that folds down over it. 

Past this is a kitchen area with 3 burner stove and oven, sink, fridge, microwave, and dinette.

The entertainment center sits overtop of the dinette so you can view it from the sofa, the bed, or the other side of the dinette table.

Head past this area and you’ll find a bathroom with stand-alone tub, toilet, sink, and linen closet.

The freshwater tank on this camper is 37 gallons and the black and gray water tanks are both 30 gallons.

10) The Forest River Salem 280RT

This camper is a travel trailer and a toy hauler that takes advantage of all of its space.  The rear of the camper features a 90″ x 75″ ramp door that leads into a room with dimensions of 93″ in width and 135″ in length. The back ramp can also function as a patio

Two flip-out sofas and a free-standing table can be placed into this room to act as a dinette or living room area.  There is also a side door which leads out of this area.

Just past the garage area is a pass-through bathroom with the shower on one side and the toilet and sink on the other side.  The shower pan is 36″ x 24″ and the bathroom sink houses a linen closet next to it.

Head on through the bathroom and you’ll come out to a kitchen with a slideout dinette.

Keep going and you’ll walk into the sofa which has a murphy bed overtop of it. 

There is also another side door in this area and a 15-foot awning just outside of it.

The length on this toy hauler is 32’4″ and the width is 8′.  The dry weight is 5,608 pounds and it can hold an additional 2,152 pounds of cargo.  Freshwater capacity is 38 gallons and gray and black water capacity are 30 gallons each.

You’ll pay around $20,000.00 for this camper.

A Great Way To Add Additional Sleeping Spaces

It’s a great idea to bring a hammock in your camper. That way you can quickly make another sleeping area when you need to.

It’s nice to sleep in a hammock for a couple of days. That makes it great for guests who are visiting as well as smaller kids.

You can see the hammock we recommend as number #10 on this list with must-haves for RVers. It’s a great list to check before you leave!4 Reasons People Have Murphy Beds In RVs

  1. Murphy beds increase the amount of open space.
    Space is very limited in RVs. Often times an entire room in a camper must be devoted to a bed.
    With a Murphy bed, you don’t have this problem.
    The room can be used as a bedroom at night and can be something completely different during the day.
    This is especially true for toy haulers with murphy beds.  A toy hauler can be used to transport motorcycles, ATVs, kayaks and all sorts of toys while in transit and with the help of a Murphy bed it can become a bedroom at night.
  2. It saves time during the day
    One of the hassles of having a dinette that turns into a bed is that you have to make and re-make it every single day.  Sofa beds also have this problem.
    Murphy beds, on the other hand, can be folded up and down with the sheets on them.
  3. Murphy beds work mechanically and don’t need a lot of sophisticated hardware or technology to operate.
    I’ve seen many new campers with beds that are on motors that take them up and into the ceiling.  This may look great at first glance, but what happens when the motor dies and you can’t get your bed off of the ceiling?
  4. They are getting cheaper
    This is great whether you want to install on yourself or if you are getting an RV with a Murphy bed installed.

Now that you know why campers with murphy beds are so great, let’s take a look at some examples of campers with murphy beds.

In Summary

You can buy motorhomes, travel trailers, and even toy haulers with murphy beds.  These beds add an immense amount of additional space to the campers they are placed inside and are much easier to use when compared to more complicated sleeping arrangements like retractable beds.

If you’re looking to maximize the amount of space you get from your next RV purchase, it might be a good idea to consider an RV with a murphy bed.

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