21 Green Kids’ Rooms For Small Spaces

Is green your child’s favorite color?

Green is said to stimulate creativity and imagination, making it a perfect pick for a kid’s room!

Let’s dive into some cool ideas, from cozy spots to stash toys to clever storage hacks.

Tiny Bedroom with a Wide Window

bed with drawers

This bedroom has a sweet setup that encourages creativity and relaxation. I love the wide window that floods the space with natural light!

Next to the bed, there’s a built-in table with a comfy green bench, perfect for drawing and crafting activities.

You can introduce colors that complement the muted pink rug and green bench cushion. Consider shades like lavender, mint, or buttercup yellow for pillows, throws, and decorative accents.

Space-Efficient Room with a Display Shelf Above the Bed

Kids storage bed with vertical shelves

This bedroom features a display shelf above the bed, giving your child a spot to show off their favorite books and toys.

The bed has drawers built right in too, so you’ve got space for your child’s stuff without cluttering the floor.

The wallpaper, a soothing muted green, envelops the room in a calming hue, while wall paneling in a complementary wintergreen shade echoes the tones of the bookshelf and bed. This cohesive color palette creates a harmonious backdrop.

Cozy Rooms with Sleeping Alcoves

storage bed with side shelves

Check out this cool alcove setup! It’s got upper cabinets for storing all the stuff you need close by for your child—like bedding, clothes, and whatever else you want handy.

Underneath, there are drawers under the bed for stashing toys, books, and anything else you want to keep organized.

Plus, there’s a bedside desk paired with a comfy chair. It’s the ideal spot for reading, homework, or getting crafty. So versatile!

You can also check out my article here for 19 stunning small yellow bedrooms for kids.

storage bed on the corner with floating shelves

Does your child value comfort and privacy above all else? Here’s a snug sleeping nook to delight them.

There’s a black curtain that gives your little one some privacy and makes the nook super cozy. It’s like their own little hideaway where they can chill out after a long day or let their imagination run wild.

It’s best to pick out blackout curtains for added privacy and light control. You can get one in their favorite color!

bed nook with shelves

Here’s an alcove design that’s sure to thrill lovers of contemporary design.

The entryway to the alcove sets the tone for the room’s modern aesthetic, shaped like a half-ellipse for a distinctive look. The curved design makes it feel open and spacious, like there’s always something new to find around the corner.

The alcove’s also got shelves built right in, perfect for storing books, toys, and all your kid’s favorite stuff.

compact bed with headboard surface storage INSTAGRAM @theinteriorcollective

If your kid wants their room to look like a dreamy escape, this alcove is nestled into the wall like a secret hideaway.

Pendant night lights dangle overhead, casting a gentle glow for bedtime stories and quiet moments at night.

The pine branches fill the room with the earthy fragrance of the forest and add a hint of rustic charm.

You can switch out the pendant lights with soft lighting options such as string lights or fairy lights.

Kids’ Room with Bunk Beds

bunk bed with round shelf

This room has a lovely pistachio green bunk bed, giving off a relaxing ambiance while also bringing in some playful energy.

Beside the bed, you’ve got floor-to-ceiling cabinets painted in that same beautiful hue. There’s also a wall-mounted shelf with a cool circular design. It’s great at adding a bit of modern flair to the space.

Don’t forget to add personalized touches to the room with custom artwork, framed photos, or DIY crafts that reflect your child’s interests and personality.

space-optimized bunk bed

Here’s another room with a muted pistachio color scheme. Here, the bunk bed is also not just a place to sleep – it’s got a staircase with drawers for storage. Very neat!

I really love this unique hue – it reminds me of pistachio ice cream.

You can throw in some fun patterns like stripes, polka dots, or cool shapes to jazz up the room. You can add them using pillows, throw rugs, or even slap them on the walls with wallpaper.

house-shaped bunk bed INSTAGRAM @amystudebakerdesign

I wish I had this bunk bed when I was a little girl! With its cute peaked roof and little shuttered windows, it’s the perfect spot for dreaming up all kinds of fun stories.

The floral wallpaper adds to the charm of the room, with its soft colors and pretty floral pattern making the room feel super peaceful and cozy.

I also love that baby blue dresser. It’s a fun touch that brings in a burst of color and personality.

bunk bed by the window INSTAGRAM @theinteriorguidecom

Check out this elegant bunk bed! It’s got that classy asparagus green color that really stands out.

Next to the bed are huge windows that let in tons of natural light and give you a great view of the outside. They make the room feel so bright and open, like you’re part of nature.

Choose statement furniture items like a chic dresser, a comfy armchair, or decorative side table to elevate the room’s style and sophistication.

Dual-Toned Kids’ Nurseries

baby room with tall cabinet

The room is designed with soft-green wallpaper, with soothing stripes up top and a solid asparagus color below. The walls give the whole place a cozy and calming atmosphere.

Next to the crib, there’s this neat display shelf. It’s not just for show—it’s also handy for keeping stuff organized. You can store baby essentials there, like toys, books, and cute framed pictures.

It’s like a little mini gallery that adds a personal touch to the room.

pink and green bedroom INSTAGRAM @homemilk

This one isn’t actually a nursery as it looks more like a parent’s bedroom. Having the crib nearby means you can easily tend to your baby during late-night cuddle sessions or feedings.

I adore the color scheme of this room! I’ve always thought that green and pink go well together and you can clearly see how well the combo looks here.

You can also introduce accent colors such as creamy white, soft gray, or muted gold to complement the walls.

If you’re building a nursery, check out my article on 32 gorgeous wallpaper ideas for girl nurseries.

Space-Optimizing Rooms with Smart Shelving Solutions

green bedroom with floating shelves

Speaking of green and pink motifs, here’s another one that’s right up my alley. The pink floor adds a soft, playful touch to the soothing sea green hue of the walls and cabinetry.

It’s also great how this room has shelves mounted over the bed and cabinets. Your kid will always have enough space to store and display their favorite toys, books, and cherished keepsakes.

However, this room needs a bedside lamp to create a soothing ambiance at night.

Kids room with drawers bins INSTAGRAM @jochrobak

Here’s another way to introduce smart shelving to your kid’s room – a storage cabinet with pull-out bins.

The bins are great keeping toys and art supplies, and also encourage kids to tidy up.

Also, asparagus green is trendy these days as I’ve been seeing it in a lot of homes. I can understand why, it truly is a lovely neutral color! The color also works well in a small space and helps make the space seem larger.

Playful Kids’ Rooms

Kids room with storage and play area INSTAGRAM @playandgo.eu

This room features a unique half loft design, offering both sleeping and storage solutions in a compact layout.

The half loft has everything your kids need, with drawers, cabinets, and a staircase with open shelves. Plus, having everything organized like this helps kids learn to be responsible and independent.

I love how the upper bunk is enclosed with wooden panels, creating a cozy and private sleeping space for your child. Super comfy and private—it’s the best spot in the room!

Kids bed with wooden canopyINSTAGRAM @mrs_tunmore

This space features the iconic IKEA Kura bed, a versatile and stylish choice that sparks creativity and adventure in children.

The walls are decked out in mint green and white wallpaper, giving the room a fresh and lively vibe.

Notice that name up on the wall? Whether it’s in colorful letters or fancy writing, it adds a special touch that makes the room feel totally theirs. Try it out in your kid’s room too!

Trundle bed with storage headboard INSTAGRAM @roomstogokids

This girl’s room has a cool trundle bed that’s perfect for sleepovers and chilling out with friends.

Also, look at the headboard—it’s got shelves for storing all her favorite stuff, like books and toys. Super handy and stylish, right?

Those wall-mounted wicker baskets are also great for keeping things organized and adding a fun touch to the walls. Perfect for stashing away toys and other knick-knacks while keeping the room looking cute and clutter-free.

L-shaped kids bedINSTAGRAM @d.vision.interior

Here’s a whimsical space designed for double the fun! This playful room is bursting with charm and creativity, perfect for two little adventurers to explore and imagine together.

Dominating the room is an angular geometric wall cabinet positioned above the beds, adding a modern and dynamic element to the space.

Complete with under-cabinet lighting, the cabinet not only provides practical storage but also sets the mood at night.

Oh, and those owl pillows? They’re the cutest!

floating cubbies on green wall INSTAGRAM @anna.kai5a

The lime green wall of this room is a lively backdrop that energizes the room.

Also, how cool are those “Eat, Sleep, Mine” decals? They’re a fun nod to the popular Minecraft game that’s a hit with kids.

Floating box-shaped shelves adorn the walls, a stylish and practical display space for collectibles and favorite toys.

And those laundry hampers doubling as plushie storage? Genius! It’s a sneaky way to keep things tidy while adding a fun twist to the decor.

Attic Kids’ Rooms

green cabinet INSTAGRAM @wolfnoodle_

I love this mint green wall—it’s like a breath of fresh air!

Also, check out that bold pink chair and the classy green cabinet. They add pops of color and personality to the space.

You can hang a chalkboard or corkboard on the walls to create an interactive space where your children can doodle, display artwork, or leave messages. This feature encourages creativity and self-expression while adding a personal touch to the room.

green and white bedroom INSTAGRAM @wolfnoodle_

Last but definitely not the least on our list is this space-themed attic room, where every nook is like a new adventure waiting to be discovered!

The dual-toned wallpaper and wall art set the scene for epic space adventures, sparking your kid’s imagination and fueling all kinds of out-of-this-world fun.

I also love that small bedside table. With its unique locker design, it adds a splash of color and playfulness to the room.

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