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Creative use of mirrors in small homes

In Apartments by Morten Storgaard

Mirrors can be used in many creative ways, and for small spaces and homes, to either create the illusion of a bigger space or to hide stuff. They can also be built into other pieces of furniture, like this genius little …

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The 8 Most Creative Folding Bikes Ever

In Living small by Morten Storgaard

Most bikes look more or less the same, but luckily there are a few brave designers who rethink how bikes should look, and what they should be capable of. We, therefore, asked Mads from Cykelvalg to find us some examples …

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VIDEO: Remodelling a 70’s camper

In RV living by Morten Storgaard

This is a project Maria has been wanting to do for a long time. We finally found a cheap vintage camper ($459), and in this video, you can see what it looks like today before we start. We don’t really …