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Doors solutions for tiny homes

In Furniture by Morten Storgaard

Having a tiny home and getting enough space requires smarter doors that will give you extra elbow room. Are you building a brand new home or renovating an existing one this article will provide you with concrete inspiration to include …

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Traveling Packing List (for light-travelling)

In RV living by Morten Storgaard

Here’s our packing list. We are light travelers, so we only bring our carry-on. Table of Contents Let’s start with the things we are most likely to forget.Clothes and toilet stuff – for menTips for super light traveling1) Bring a …

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7 tips to Downsize your capsule wardrobe

In Living small by Maria Fredgaard

Most people have much more clothes than they need or even use. I defined 7 tips to help you downsize your capsule wardrobe. Table of Contents Start by watching our video…1: Define your reason for downsizing your clothes2: Set a …