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Minimalist Wardrobe – Men

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As some of you know I am currently trying out the 100 thing challenge, which also affects my wardrobe. I am really following in love with my minimalist lifestyle. I’ve found that things don’t really matter to me, so I …

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Storage beds

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There are so many different ways to store things under a bed. You can go with one of many designs for enclosed storage beds. Here is a short introduction to some of the design variations. Table of Contents Platform storage …

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100 things challenge rules

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This is a follow-up post. Read the original post here: 100 Things Challenge So now I have defined the rules of my personal 100 things challenge. I have some issues, I need to take into account. Like the fact that I …

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Pull out bed for kids

In Furniture by Maria Fredgaard2 Comments

If you have more than one kid and want to save space on the beds during the day, this could be a great solution for you. This is also a great bed for a kid who is always having sleep-overs:) …